Friday, October 5, 2012

How fast time flies. Liz has left us for a year and yet her smile, her vivaciousness, her life still remains. Her blog remains to me an important reminder of God's faithfulness, how He sustained her during her roughest moments and how He gave her strength when she was weakest.

My boys and I miss her deeply though we know she is now in a better place and we will see her again some day. This is a broken world with disease and sadness yet we hope for the day when ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Rev 21:4

For now, we live on with her memories firmly in our hearts and praying for all who may be suffering with cancer or any other critical illness out there in this broken world that they will also find God's comfort and strength the way Liz did.


  1. Hi Henry and the 2 children of Liz,

    I am Anthony Chia of Singapore. I too still remember Liz, and from time to time, I did share with others about the tenacity of faith of Liz (and Carolyn Quek) (Carolyn, also a lung cancer lady {in Singapore}, who had communicated with Liz and had followed Liz's journey and was deeply impacted by Liz's faith. Carolyn has since passed on, too).

    Although I had had not met Liz in person, it had been a great privilege and honor to have known her through the communications we had had over her journey, through her blog here, and the exchanges of emails.

    She once shared in an email to me, that she did NOT know why she was led to share of a certain matter in that email to me. It was strange to her, but I told her subsequently that it was because it was relevant to me, and it was the Spirit of God who had intended to affirm that He knew what was going on in my life then, and that His hand was bearing me up and along. Liz had touched lives in that journey she journalized somewhat, here.
    I had written an article on Romans 14:6, that whatever we do, it necessarily be done as unto the Lord, after an entry by Liz here. I still regularly remind myself of this, and I have continued to tell others of that need. Recently, a highly regarded prophet spoke into my life, and he said that too - to view what I do as being done as unto the Lord.

    Liz is looking on, from Heaven; yes, I believe it so, that Liz is in Heaven. Even as we remember her, and she smiles from Heaven, it is my prayer to God that He cares for you and the children, and journey ever so closely, with you, Henry, and the kids, while you continue on the Highway of Holiness, that all of us, believers, journey on, until the time the Lord takes us home.

    Hold fast to the redemptive works of Christ; be fully settled as to your spiritual redemption. Believe too, in physical or bodily redemption, even though it will NOT be full, in our mortal season of life; full redemption of the body is to be had, only when we have passed on, and are raised up to take on the incorruptible body. We can look to Divine Healing, but we still die the physical death at some point in time. May I encourage you, and even any others, to also, embrace the works redemption of the Lord’s sacrifice on the Cross. We are meant to serve the Lord; Adam and Eve was doing that before The Fall. So, in Jesus’ redemption of us, we are being redeemed concerning this area as well; so, endeavor to serve the Lord in some way with purity of motive. Liz exemplified that, in her journey, laboured to bless others. We should all do the same.
    May the grace of God be continually poured forth for you, Henry, and your children, I pray, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Anthony Chia, high.expressions

    1. Thanks Anthony for those words of encouragement.

      Will keep to heart. God bless you too!

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