Thursday, August 26, 2010

Be Strong In Spirit

After I heard God spoke to me this morning I was so excited, I tried calling Henry many times but he was just not around to pick up the phone! Shucks! This was really exciting! Finally, I did get through to him and told Him what God said "Be strong in spirit". At a glance, I suppose it is quite general and Henry wasn't as ecstatic as I was.

I had just finished my morning devotion and like a bunny, I have no set way of coming before God but at the end of it all, I closed my eyes with the bible on my chest and asked God for a word from Him and I sensed Him say "Be strong in spirit". It made sense after what I have been going through and to just rest in Him. So I asked God, "How do I be strong in spirit?" and I sensed Him saying "Ask the holy spirit to make you strong and sing praises". Alright. Then, I asked God, "Can you show me a verse from the bible. I don't know where but if I flip open the bible, can you show me the verse?" So I knelt down and randomly opened a page (I'm not saying it will work for you. God works differently all the time) and here's what I read...

Luke 1: 76-80:

“And you, my little son,
will be called the prophet of the Most High,
because you will prepare the way for the Lord.
You will tell his people how to find salvation
through forgiveness of their sins.
Because of God’s tender mercy,
the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us,
to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
and to guide us to the path of peace.”

John grew up and became strong in spirit.

I don't know about the prophet bit but when I came to verse 80, I was so delighted when I read that John became strong in spirit because God was with me when I prayed and He heard me and He answered me. That's what I am learning these past few days and although I have experienced this 11 years ago but to have this experience again with God is truly heaven sent. He is just next to me, in me, in my heart, in my room. He's not faraway up in heaven somewhere and we need not pray to saints in heaven to get in touch with Jesus. To do that is like that there is a barrier between us and God, like the same veil at the tabernacle. Jesus has torn that veil down. Jesus is in your heart if you allow Him to.

Father God, do not let me go, do not let this moment go. Let me grow deeper into You! I will obey and be strong in spirit with the power of the Holy Spirit and I will continually sing praises to You. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Trust the Power of God

1 Corinthians 2:5
“I did this so that you might trust the power of God rather than human wisdom”

Our home group just started on a new study book “The Father of Israel – Trusting God’s Promises” following a series of Marvin’s preaching in FBC a few months ago. Chapter 1 of this book made me recall what God spoke to me through the bible on the first night at the hospital to go and speak whatever He commands and for that calling I had to step out in faith in baby steps to overcome my fear of men. It has been a year since that calling and it’s so easy to revert to human wisdom, to shoot it down like He never spoke to me, like it was all in my mind but I know He did because His sheep hears His voice.

My dad visited me recently and brought me a July newspaper article in which Dr Ibrahim of Wijaya Hospital was interviewed regarding targeted therapy. Reading it, I sense that there is not much hope in the drug except maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. If I were to follow human wisdom, then I would perpetually be under the scourge from cancer and being sustained only by the drug. But THERE IS hope in God for God’s promise to me is that I would live to proclaim His wondrous works. He has continued to encourage me through His words from the bible, signs in the sky, visions of a soldier shooting the cancer down, dream of triumphant entry and many many more encouragements including words from God through friends and only yesterday, from a pastor from Glad Tidings. All these are supernatural for God is supernatural.

Often, I find that my human wisdom continues to tear down this hope I have in God UNLESS I pick up the bible and hear His words or when I spend time in quietness with Him and let Him speak to my spirit.

So, I received much consolation going through Abraham’s journey because he too faced fears, fear of not knowing where he was going next, fear of dying in a famine, fear of not being to feed his entire household that followed him, fear of losing his wife to the Pharoah and again to King Abimilech, fear of not knowing where his descendant would come from when both he and his wife were barren.

Yet, if only Abraham knew better, he would not make the mistakes he made and it is a reminder to me that God has spoken to me and His word to me is that I will live. That is His rhema to me. I met K on Monday who was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago and she said that while studying about the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead during BSF, she sensed God telling her that she too will not die but live to glorify God. That’s God’s rhema to her! Whoo hooo! I told her to just hold on to God’s promise to her, God has spoken, His sheep hears His voice and He would be faithful to her just like He was to Abraham.

Likewise, I too will stand on His word and His rhema to me and just rest in Him. I will trust the power of God rather than my own human wisdom. I walk by faith and not by sight. I will wait upon the Lord.

Calling Upon the Lord

It’s so good to be in God’s presence and also amongst a group of like minded believers trusting God for healing. Today I found such a group at Elpizo, DUMC, Dream Centre in Section 13, PJ started by Sherri Lim who wrote the book “There is Hope”. Actually, I have resisted going since I was attending Deeper Life Seminar. It just did not seem right to be so “kiasu” (scared to lose) and “kiasi” (scared to die). But still curiosity got the better of me and when Lai Ping invited me to go today, I decided to check it out.

It’s a bit like the Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting that I have attended but this is specially catered to those diagnosed with cancer and they also have a doctor on standby (well at least they had one today) and they introduce books and products (Sherri said she is not advertising just recommending products that she feels would be good given her experience with breast cancer twice) to help us along this journey. Today, Elpizo gave out lemongrass granules. Just when I am prompted to take lemongrass water! It started with my mum telling me to take lemongrass then Audrey actually came forward with bags of lemongrass tea, then my mum came over with fresh lemongrass and now this, I feel it is a sure sign from God to continue taking lemongrass water! (I found a lazy way to make the tea from fresh lemongrass. After washing and cutting them to smaller strips, I throw them in the blender with a big knob of tumeric with some water. Then I simply empty it out into a pot, add more water and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Saves me all the hammering and pounding with the back of the butcher’s knife!)

Back to Elpizo, they normally have a prayer session for each individual. Ps Julia Wong from Glad Tidings prayed with her gift of word of knowledge meaning when she prayed God gave her insights into our lives to encourage us.

1 Corinthians 12: 7,8
"Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit…"

This is the part everyone gets skeptical by the word/ message of knowledge but I guess only you yourself can tell whether it is genuine since the word speaks to you personally. And for me, it did today.

When pastor gave me a bible verse, it surprised me. It was John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Hey, that's what I just blogged last week (What Jesus Did For Us at the Cross) and she mentioned it again. She spoke life to me that I have life and have life more abundantly. She sees me floating in the river of life. She asked me to just rest in the Lord, enjoy His presence and flow with Him. The more I struggle, I will drown. She asked me to cast all my frustrations and disappointments to Him and just flow down the river with Him.

Interestingly; river, Jesus, His blood and I date back very far. To God, it was even before I was born but for me, it dates back to when I was about 7 years old. I had a dream that my standard one school mates and I crossed this bridge over a flowing river and we were very careful not to fall into it but I did! The river turned red and Jesus rose up from the river, picked me up and tickled me and I woke up! It was one of the scariest dream I ever had but now I know it means that He is always there for me to rescue me when I fall. It has turned into a consoling dream. So, for the pastor to share this vision of hers is really personal to me. I cried so much but when she told me to rest in Him, I just felt God’s peace flow through me. How awesome was the presence of God.

The Pastor also shared Jeremiah 33: 2,3

"This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name: 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Whenever I praise Him, I would normally break down and cry but it is only a few days back that I realized that this is the time to talk to God because here I am - in HIS presence, I am in heaven before His throne of grace with Jesus next to me and just this knowledge has made me pour out all my woes to Him even more and really calling out to the Lord. I am comforted by this passage that God WILL answer me and He has answered me. In my quiet time, I sense Him telling me, "Just stay close to me and believe". Today, He also tells me to rest in Him and not struggle, to just flow with Him for after all, He knows what is best for me. And all this time of waiting is a time of preparation for me for which He will show me new things.

Thank you Lord, for today’s visit to Elpizo and being with You and enjoying Your presence. You are indeed an awesome God. Your ways are higher than my ways. I will rest in You. Thank you for Your life that You have given me. Thank you for the assurance of Your river of life. I receive it fully. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What Jesus Did For Us at the Cross

This is so powerful. Since discovering the lexicon tool, I’ve been trying to understand the deeper meanings of His word. So today, I decided to try the lexicon on Isaiah 53 and you can try the same too.

Put your cursor over the words in Isaiah 53 and read the Hebrew meaning of the words. For example, I’ve always been wondering who is right and who is wrong about what Jesus bore on the cross. Is it just our forgiveness of sins? And if Jesus bore our infirmities did it just mean spiritual sickness? Here is what was revealed:

Isaiah 53:4
Surely he hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted

He bore our griefs (choli - disease, grief, is sickness)

And carried our sorrows (makob or makob or makobah - grief, pain, sorrow. Sometimes makcowb {mak-obe'}; also (feminine Isaiah 53:3) makfobah {mak-o-baw'}; from ka'ab; anguish or (figuratively) affliction -- grief, pain, sorrow.)

Isaiah 53:5
But he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are healed

He was wounded for our transgressions (rebellion, sin, transgression, trespass)

He was bruised for our iniquities (avon - fault, iniquity, mischief, punishment of iniquity, sin)

Our peace (shalom - well, favor, friend, great, good health, perfect, Or shalom {shaw-lome'}; from shalam; safe, i.e. (figuratively) well, happy, friendly; also (abstractly) welfare, i.e. Health, prosperity, peace -- X do, familiar, X fare, favour, + friend, X great, (good) health, (X perfect, such as be at) peace(-able, -ably), prosper(-ity, -ous), rest, safe(-ty), salute, welfare, (X all is, be) well, X wholly. )

And with His stripes we are healed (cure, cause to heal, physician, repair, thoroughly, make whole Or raphah {raw-faw'}; a primitive root; properly, to mend (by stitching), i.e. (figuratively) to cure -- cure, (cause to) heal, physician, repair, X thoroughly, make whole. See raphah.)

The above are the Hebrew words that expound on all He has done for us on the cross.He came to bear our disease, our grief, our sickness. He carried our grief, our pain, our sorrows, our anguish. He was pierced for our rebellion, our sins, our transgressions, our trespass and by His wounds we are healed. We have peace again. We are well again, we have God’s favor, we have a friend, we are great in God, we have good health, we are perfect in God, we have happiness, we are at peace, we are prosperous, we are at rest, we are safe in God, we are cured, healed, repaired, stitched, made whole. We are wholly well spiritually, mentally and physically. That covers those who are lost spiritually, those who are sick and those suffering from depression of all sorts.

Jesus came more than to give us forgiveness. He came to give us His life and that we can have it abundantly (John 10:10). That is God’s life, His eternal life to us, which is more than just human life. It is a quality of life with God through Jesus Christ here today that when He pours His love on us and when we receive it, we are quickened and we can live life victoriously as He said we would. That’s why we are more than conquerors.
John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.

Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

You are the Apple of My Eye

Just wanted to share God's encouragement for me last week. I sit by the window praising Him in the mornings and last Tuesday as I gazed out of the window I saw an EYE looking down at me. It had many creases. I was quite shocked at the detail and I just had to look at it again to be sure I am actually looking at an eye!

I felt God's love for me all over again and Him telling me "You're the apple of my eye" and "I am watching you". :) It's really awesome to have a God who loves us so much and if that wasn't enough I peered at the sky the next day and I saw a HEART! :) Yes! Father God sure does love me and YES, He sure loves all of you too! :)

It was really hot last week and I was beginning to feel God far away from me. I always feel God's shower of blessings when it rains and it had been about 7 days without any rain. The garden was very dry. Last Thursday was very hot and I had also missed my morning exercise. I told myself to exercise at 6pm instead.

By 5.30pm the sun was still up but I started to hear rolling thunder nearby. The sky was still blue and the sun was still glaring. There was an inner voice that said "You better go and exercise now before it rains" and so I did. I made small circles just in case it rained and then I decided to just do a big circle around the neighbourhood. I was jogging and enjoying my jog and as I made a full circle I wanted to make it a slightly further but an inner voice said "You better go home before it rains". And sure enough, it started to drizzle as soon as I turned into my road and bigger drizzles as I reached my gate and it poured as soon as I got into the house.

And I thought of all the people I passed when I jogged and whether they made it home just in the nic of time as well. I really felt God's favor upon me to allow me to exercise, He spared me of the rain and still blessed me with rain after the exercise, rain that I love so much!

Thank you O Lord for all your blessings, that you stay so close to me, your eye looking at me from above, you show your heart to me and you send down your showers of blessings. I love you Loooooorrrrd! :)

Day 40 of Seeking the Lord

Where o where is fishy?

Pigging out instead of exercising!

Looks like there's no fish today!

A few days after the last ct scan last month, I decided to dedicate 40 days of my life to Him and I started asking God again “What is it Lord? Give me your wisdom and your understanding. Show me your love. Let me experience more of you.” I broke out in battle cry and soon after, I felt the devil condemning me again ("You must do your battle cry everyday") and I realized what was happening. I was careful not to fall into a trap of “doing battle cry” to rid the devil and sought God’s love instead. But as soon as I tried to seek more of God, the cough returned with vengeance. I do realize it is part of the attack from the devil so I persevered in just gazing at Jesus.

Over the 40 days, He allowed me to cough again so that I can take more serai (lemon grass) water which is apparently good to cause the cancer cells to commit suicide. So what the devil meant for evil to discourage me, God meant it for good to bring health to my body. Praise the Lord! I also asked God to help me with exercise. Gee, it’s been one year and it’s been an average of about 15 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise the most per day. How pathetic! But since dedicating the exercise regime to God all over again, I am doing an average of 30 mins to 45 mins per session which includes stretching and jogging around the neighbourhood. This morning I woke up wanting to exercise rather than praying for God to drag me out of bed to exercise.
I saw the “Biggest Loser” today and there was this caption during the advertisement segment, “The more you exercise, the more the energy stored in the body is released and the more energetic you feel”. This morning I actually could relate to this caption! Praise the Lord! Because some days I feel like exercising twice a day!

Yesterday, was a new beginning for Ethan as we took him and the whole family to the park to exercise. Henry and I have been discussing ways to help Ethan lose weight by cutting off ice cream, diluting his milk, feeding lesser times of milk in a day and also exercise. Ethan and Nic started off with fishing and then eating and I thought “Oh no, looks like he’s going to put on more weight”. I got up to run up and down the hill 3 times and felt good sweating it out while the boys were at the stream. As the boys saw me run, they joined me and we began to sprint. We gave Ethan a handicap and soon the boys were working up a sweat too, Ethan more than Nic. We really praise God for a wonderful time at the park as the rain subsided in time for us to enjoy the park!

It’s been 3 nights since I haven’t coughed at night and I thank God for this. I still cough during the day but it’s become lighter. I will persevere with the serai water even though the cough subsides. I say, “Take that you cancer cell, commit suicide and die!” as I gulp down the water. But I don’t do that all the time. Most times, I thank God for healing me and that Jesus nailed my sickness, my infirmities, my sorrows, my sins on the cross 2000 years ago and I claim His promises to me that by His stripes I am healed! And to help me discern His body and what He did for me on the cross, I take holy communion (a simple cracker and a bit of my nutrient drink as His flesh and blood) at least once a day. I know it is only a matter of time that I will see and hear victory. :)

During the 40 days God has also given me a time to reach out to others to pray for them. I know there’s still so much I can learn in this area through His Holy Spirit. When I see God’s hand move, I myself am deeply encouraged. It’s true that He just wants us to pray so we can communicate with God and He with us and ultimately this will flow out in our love for our brothers and sisters as well.

And today, I start with Day 1 all over again dedicating the next 40 days of my life to Him. Father God, I thank you for teaching me much, showing me much, blessing me much in the last 40 days. I dedicate the next 40 days of my life to you. Show me more of you Lord that I may experience you more and more. Show me your wisdom and your knowledge and your love that I may grow deeper and deeper in love with you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nails and Grace

Yesterday morning, I was trying to understand grace all over again - how we are the righteousness of God in Christ. It was very hard for me to understand this earlier on in this journey because I did not understand what “righteousness” meant. Now, I know “made righteous” means that everything is alright between God and I because of Jesus’ blood.

I experience God's love for me when I realise that despite my fallen state and my sins, He still sees me as righteous.

Later in the evening, within minutes I had a prompting to go to Plaza Damas for a manicure partly because I was going to meet Henry and the kids anyway. I rarely go to a professional manicurist preferring to do it myself and even then, that is seldom. Imagine, Karen notices everytime I do put color on my face or nails!

I was having a manicure at Creative and it was cold and I started to cough. I was thinking ”Oh no! This is a bad idea!”. I was wondering how I was going to survive the whole hour and have no hands to cover my mouth! I had already worn a sweater to be prepared for the cold. I wanted some warm water but they didn’t look like they serve drinks. So what was I to do? I started thinking of grace all over again and kept repeating to myself “I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I am made righteous by Jesus’ blood” over and over again. I saw myself seated at the right hand of God in Christ.

Ephesians 2:6,7
For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus. So God can point to us in all future ages as examples of the incredible wealth of his grace and kindness toward us, as shown in all he has done for us who are united with Christ Jesus.

By Jesus’ blood, God now sees me as His child. Even sickness, this cough, cannot dwell in heaven and heaven is in my heart now! It has got to go. Then I stopped coughing and started taking deep breaths. I really began to relax and enjoy the manicure as I experienced God’s love, joy and peace. When the manucurist lathered my hands and arms with some coarse lotion to scrub away the dead cells I still kept repeating “I thank you Lord that I am the righteousness of God in Christ.” over and over again. I was so thankful that He gave me this idea of pampering and I felt it was a holy spirit directed activity.

This morning, I asked God, "How do I make this cough go away?" and I sensed Him saying “Read your bible”. Right. I asked “Which part, Lord?” and He impressed on me Ephesians and James. “Again?” I said. It has always been Ephesians and James since the beginning of this journey. "What revelation do You want to tell me from these books?" I thought to myself. I humbled myself and read slowly this time from the New Living Translation version. I discovered again God’s love for me and that He has blessed me with ALL spiritual blessings. The most beautiful part I received was this:

Ephesians 4:4
Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.

See how much God loves us? Even before He made the world, He loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in His eyes! He knew we were going to fall, yet He still created this world, this universe for us and He made us. Not only that, His plan to make us part of His family was always there through Jesus Christ and it gave Him great pleasure. Wow!

It just shows that each time we think about grace all over again, it gives Father God great pleasure! And there’s a promise too (another great one) for those who believe.

Ephesians 3:19
May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

When we experience God’s love through His son Jesus Christ, we are made complete in Him with His life and power that comes from God. No wonder I have been told that when we stop experiencing God’s love in our daily lives, we stop the flow of His life and power into our lives! How true! And how awesome is His power that flowed when I experienced God’s love while coughing in a nail parlour. God teaches us many things when we are down, when we rest to ponder upon His grace all over again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ting! Ting! Round 3!

It has been a week of miracles, of answered prayers and answered desires. It is truly wonderful to have Father God who loves his children so much and all he wants us to do is to rest in Him and receive all He has for us. It started with the beginning of last week when I was running out of serai and I could not meet Audrey who was going to pass some to me. Lo and behold my mum came over with 2 flasks of boiled serai tea and a whole bag of raw serai and turmeric. Praise the Lord! Thank you mummy! Mummies always know their children so well even though we don’t say anything. Father God knows our deepest desires. :)

Then came last Friday. I was recovering from cough slowly (over 3 weeks) but wham, Friday came and suddenly the cough became worse as Ethan and Henry was coughing as well. I started feeding Nic and Ethan with Noco and honey and Millenium and praise the Lord, they have recovered. I was binding and breaking the whole of Friday and when I woke up on Saturday, I could feel a relief in my chest as I spat out gunk of green phlegm. I knew I was healing but recovery had to start all over again. Worse still, I was feeling weak and by evening I had stabbing pain on my back.

I prayed to God and talked to him and showed Him all the passages of His promises and I even cried out to Him. That was Saturday night and Henry told me to sleep early but I kept coming downstairs because the pain just wouldn’t go away and I kept doing everything in the natural eg spray Deep Heat, take my nutrients, take serai water, keeping warm etc.

After 2 times of spending time with God that night I decided I needed prayers and went downstairs again for Henry to lay hands and pray for me. And as he prayed I knew in my heart it was a lying symptom just as Henry knew it too! Because here I am recovering from the cough and I get something else on my body to bring me down again. It can only be a lying symptom.

Then after Henry prayed for me, I said “Ting! Ting! Round 3!” as I ran upstairs and he asked why. I said I was praying to God. As I prayed one last time before I dozed off, I remembered I said, “Father God, if you would take away this pain, I know it is a miracle from You”.

At 4 am Sunday morning, I woke up and the back pain was no longer there! Praise the Lord! God showed his miracle once again. All glory to Him!

Today, the cough is still lingering but it has no power or dominance over me and it will end soon. It’s just disappointing that recovery has to start all over again from last Saturday. Praise God that He did send me more serai through Audrey! Thanks Audrey! Praise the Lord! Praise the name of Jesus who heals us. Thank you all who are praying for me for complete healing. I am truly grateful and I know Father God hears all our prayers.

Acts 3:16
It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.

Psalms 145:14-16
The LORD upholds all who fall, And raises up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look expectantly to You, And You give them their food in due season. You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update - Feeling Very Blessed

Last week and only last week I realised that the nightmare of my mum's house being burgled came true! I had the dream of the thief in September 2009. I remember my heart was beating very fast and I called my sister then to be careful because she was the one featured in my dream. It must be all the praying back then because by God's grace, my mum came home in time and the thief escaped through the backlane of my mum's house just like in my dream. Though things were stolen, it could have been worse and my mum said God gave her the grace not to be overwhelmed by the incident.

It made me realise that if this dream came true then my other very real dream about the bird parade and the elephant balloon will come true too and I rejoiced! Suddenly, when I started to recall the dream with a large variety of birds in the sky in 3 phases, I realised that I am now definitely in Phase 2. Phase 2 is the challenging part of my journey but I had told myself in the dream that I would be able to make it because I love classical music (in the dream). Now I realise that the "classical music" is Father God himself and the variety of birds represent "blessings of many kinds". These past few months alone, I have been so blessed from the Bali trip, the boys brigade fun fair, the Camerons trip, the tax refund for both Henry and I that paid back our Bali trip (including shopping), Ethan's birthday and the endless surprises at Get Crafty, Nic's boys brigade photo shoot that he did not miss, Nic's experience with the holy spirit, prayers by all of you and many many more. It's just blessings upon blessings, of every sort!

I just want to thank you again for walking this journey with me and experiencing with me the grace from God. He is truly a loving God who just wants the best for his children. The past week, I've been thinking about Jesus' righteousness transfered to us as our curse was transfered to Him. I wonder where is the scripture for this but I've heard it from several preachers now. I think it has something to do with the sacrifices of goats and bulls that God demanded long ago and during that time their righteousness only lasted a year before they became sin-conscious again. But today, Jesus has paid it all, once and for all and His righteousness rest on us forever! We are the righteousness of God in Christ all because of what Jesus did for us. I am so thankful to Jesus for this. All glory to God! Thank you Lord for the many blessings that you bestow upon me and my family AND for all who are believing! :)

Nic's First Award in Boys Brigade (Part 2)

A hot day....
Seems like such a long way more but very soon Nic will have to polish his very own shoes. :)
I enjoyed this worship session very much. There was a "glee" performance by the youths singing "Joyful Joyful we adore thee" which was beautifully performed and harmonised. Made me realise that Boys Brigade is a place where youths can channel their creative energy, their heart and soul to God and also learn discipline and how to survive in the world.
"Roar roar bold as a lion" Nic speaks life to himself daily so that one day he will do great things for God's kingdom.
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Happy Birthday Ethan!

I love those cheeks bursting forth!
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Nic's First Award in Boys Brigade (Part 1)

2nd Subang Jaya Boys' Brigade was formed in the year 2000. This year marking its 10th anniversary. This photo shoot with Nic in it is a miracle by itself. We weren't supposed to make it because Ethan celebrated his birthday party till lunch time at One Utama and it would be too rushed to get to the shoot at Subang Jaya on time. But by the grace of God, when we arrived, Nic managed to squat in the front, got his picture taken and it was a wrap - just like that! All praise to God who loves his children very much.
A new recruit in January this year, Nicholas Wong earned his first award on 31 July 2010

Wow! Look at that! That's a long way to go for Nic!

Nic eagerly waiting for his turn to receive his award. :)

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Ethan turns 4 - Get Crafty Birthday Party (Part 6)

More mummy power!

Little Isaac waiting for his cake

Godpa Tony masked

Mummy masked

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Ethan turns 4 - Get Crafty Birthday Party (Part 5)

I told you the surprises never end...wished I had a little ball to test the slide!
Marvin and Ern Peng had a massage while the kids played
Dennis attempting a "supershake" but finding difficulty to lift Ethan these days.
Little princess Mei Mei getting her tattoo too!
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ethan turns 4 - Get Crafty Birthday Party (Part 4)

The arch with never ending surprises - can you recognise which Ultraman these are?

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ultraman choc cake and rhubarb cup cakes! Do they actually sell rhubarb in Malaysia? Must check them out. Thanks Audrey! My mum and sis loved it too! :)

Ethan enjoying himself surrounded by all his mates. It's sure fun to be 4!

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Ethan turns 4 - Get Crafty Birthday Party (Part 3)

The boys were screaming "muscles and underwear". Little Ryan posing his 6 packs.

Interactive arch..helping the monster get back into prison

Giant birthday card in the shape of Ultraman

Nic and Steffi

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Ethan turns 4 - Get Crafty Birthday Party (Part 2)

Ivan the tiger

Nic as "chowder" eating dirty stuff (graon TV influence). It's actually one of the monster's hand breaking out from the prison wall. Amazing details!

Ultraman masks for boys and High School Musical make up desks for girls :)

Mummy power!

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Ethan turns 4 - Get Crafty Birthday Party (Part 1)

Ethan celebrated his 4th birthday at Get Crafty on the 2nd floor of One Utama's new wing (next to MPH). I asked Ethan what was his favourite part of the birthday and he said "It is my party". He has been eagerly waiting for his birthday since Nic turned 7 in February and wondered why August seemed to take forever to arrive. He's been attending birthday parties but never his turn. So, I guess that was the pride in him that it was finally his turn, his birthday party and my, Audrey from Get Crafty and her helpers had so many surprises up their sleeves and it was just a wonderful time for the children. Thanks Audrey!
We thought it would just be a time of arts and crafts for the kids but lo and behold a giant arch reading "Welcome to Ultraman World" awaited us, with helpers wearing ultraman masks on their heads and even one with a hand made Bhotan mask (one of the ultraman monsters). Ethan and Ryan had a really good time identifying the various ultramans and even spotted an ultraman girl.

You can see that even Marvin was in awe of the details surrounding the arch!

Ethan getting his transformer fix as a warm up.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Nic's first experience with the Holy Spirit

Last Sunday, I witnessed Nic being prompted by the holy spirit and good came out of his obedience. So, I used the opportunity to tell him that this is the holy spirit that I have been talking about.

I was getting a bit discouraged because of late Nic has been wondering why Christians have no idols. Even Psalm 115 reports how the people of old thought like this as well:

Psalm 115:2-8

"Why should the nations say,
"Where is their God?"
Our God is in the heavens;
he does all that he pleases.
Their idols are silver and gold,
the work of human hands...."

..or like Aaron who made the golden calf in Exodus 32:1-4

"When the people saw how long it was taking Moses to come back down the mountain, they gathered around Aaron. “Come on,” they said, “make us some gods who can lead us...So Aaron said, “Take the gold rings from the ears of your wives and sons and daughters, and bring them to me.” ...Then Aaron took the gold, melted it down, and molded it into the shape of a calf.”

Nic said that other people's gods can be seen even in shopping complexes (oh dear, is that so) but where is our God, why can't we see Him? He says "I want to go to heaven to see God" and I explained to him all over again about how heaven is already in our heart. See how quickly they forget?! Then, I tried to explain the tabernacle to him again and his mind just drifted away. Worse still, during bible study 2 weeks ago I saw him sitting in a yoga position doing his "ohm". Oh no! We are Christians, our God is the God of heaven and earth. We do not bow down to idols nor do we go "ohm" and empty our minds. Instead, we fill our minds with God's living word that brings life to us!

Anyway, it was in a lift in Bangsar Village when this wonderful thing happened. Ethan was given a chance to press "B3" because Nic has always been given the opportunity to press the lift buttons. To make Nic happy, we told him to press B3 as well although it had already been lit up. We told him NOT to press other numbers because we saw his finger going to other buttons.

Then, I saw his finger hovering between B2 and B3 and finally he pressed B2 despite being told otherwise. So, Nic received a twist in his ear for disobeying me. Then the lady who was in the lift suddenly realised she needed to get off. She was busy texting and had fogotten to press any button and when she looked up, she was so thankful that Nic had pressed B2. Now, what Nic told me after that was what surprised me. He said "I don't know why I pressed the button". Then, it hit me it was the working of the holy spirit. I kissed Nic and apologised and was proud that he obeyed the voice of the holy spirit over my instructions and as a result, this lady was blessed. I explained to Nic, he had experienced the holy spirit. Now, can we see the Holy Spirit or hear Him loud and clear? No, normally, we won't. It is just an impression. We know it in our heart. And that's how Father God speaks to us.

I was really touched. I told Nic this is one sharing that he can tell his friends because it is a true testimony of how God worked in his life.

Is is just a coincidence? Nothing is a coincidence in the Kingdom of God. I was also thrilled to witness that God loves us so much - even down to the smallest moment when the lady had forgotten to press the lift button, He sent a little boy to rescue her. That is our God, a Father's love for us. And He did more than that, He sent us Jesus to rescue us from the sins of the world. If only we comprehend the magnitude of that act.