Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Henry!

No prezzies for guessing who did not want to be in the picture.

Here's a little birthday surprise for youuuuuu....

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Lights in Singapore

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Ben 10 pix

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Ben 10 - The Power of the Omnitrix

It’s so fun to watch kids enjoy themselves. Last Saturday was Ethan and Nic’s day out to watch Ben 10 – The Power of the Omnitrix at the KLCC convention centre. Now, Ethan can act out Ben Tennyson’s reaction when the Omnitrix catches hold of him. He was glued to what was happening on stage. No Kenny Rogers muffins can woo him from his concentration.

The producers used a lot of computer animation as the back props, sound effects and lights to make the whole show come alive. Quite a good effort I must say except Gwen’s and grandpa max’s power shots were a bit off tangent making it less realistic. They also had aliens about 8 feet high and some acrobatic stunts with the use of wires.

I was quite afraid of catching a virus there as I had sniffles that morning and someone or rather seem to be coughing in the auditorium. So, I whipped out my power prayer and pleaded for the blood of Jesus to protect me and popped my nutrients. Amazingly, after that, my sniffles went away and I felt much better.

I wanted to share that I’ve learned in this journey that as Christians, we are God’s people, people set apart for God. So in return He will protect us and bless us. Even as the world faces more and more unknown strains of virus, we as God’s people need not be afraid. We only need to begin our journey with Him to discover again our inheritance in Christ. I sincerely believe that if we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit and pray in faith as our faith increases, we wouldn’t have to be worried of the H1N1 scare or any other diseases. Because a day will come when it will get much worse and we would automatically think to ourselves that it is logical to stay away but it will become increasingly difficult to.

The only way is through the blood of Christ who will protect us, deliver us and save us. Let us not be alarmed or be so easily afraid but to turn to Jesus as in Him lies the answer to all our needs.

Jesus - The Power of His Name

Day 1 - VBS Boomerang Express

Can you see the kangaroos hopping in?

Listening to rules to obey or be kissed with extra saliva by Aunty Sue

Uncle Tony below Down Under below hundreds or thousands of boomerangs

Principal Sue Shiew blowing the whistle upon arrival of the Boomerang Express!

Nic queing up to get on board

Choo Choo! Come Aboard Boomerang Express - Day 1

I think I was more enthusiastic than Nic and Gwen who went for their first day of their Vacation Bible School in First Baptist Church, PJ. So, I was quite discouraged when Nic was whining in the car saying he was afraid to go without me. I told him to pray for all the dark clouds to go away and to pray to be strong in Jesus. After all, this is the same Jesus who took away Nic’s pain in the head, his eye cut and the ulcer in his mouth at the blink of an eye! “Would you rather listen to Jesus who did all that or the devil saying you aren’t brave” I asked Nic. “Jesus” was his reply. With that he went to VBS and marched straight into the “Music Opera House”. Gwen joined him shortly carrying her heavy bible.

“Music Opera House” captured the delights of everything Australia, from blinking didgeridoos, a gigantic map of Australia comprising of hundreds of individually drawn boomerangs, silhouette of the Australian outback and what seemed like “life kangaroos” hopping onto stage to join the outbackers. How could anyone not fall in love with VBS?

So, amazingly, despite the chicken pies, crafts, “G’day mate”, Bondi beach and all, Nic could tell me that they learned about how Jesus called Simon to follow him - "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19) I was pleasantly surprised when he told me excitedly that Simon’s name was changed to Peter and now he is “the Rock”. Wow!
And from the back of the car came yells of “I want to obey Jesus”, “I want to love Jesus” from Nic and Gwen. Gwen was very excited that for the first time she gets to open her bible and look forward to read Matthew 4:18-20 and John 1.

Unfortunately, an hour after I dropped them off at home, Nic was crying non-stop for me. My mum-in-law was a bit agitated that we didn’t just leave him at the Super Duper Camp in school instead rather than to break the routine. There was not much I could do except to pray. I prayed against the work of darkness and all chaos to be removed in Jesus’ name and for angels to be around Nic to calm him down. Moments later I got a call that she noticed Nic had fallen asleep and she said it is very rare for him to sleep in the afternoons. Praise the Lord! I started to cry again because He demonstrated to me for the umpteenth time that He is a miracle answering God and a prayer answering God. Praise the Lord indeed!
The kidderidoos sure enjoyed themselves and this mummy wishes she could join them as a kid in class and hop aboard the Boomerang Express! Choo! Choo! See you tomorrow! Thanks Wee Lee for the great story telling. Thanks Fee and other teachers of Geelong Jellyfish for making the room come alive. Gwen’s exact words were “It was so fun!”.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Sacrifice For Our Sins Forever

This is a short message on youtube by a rabbi on “Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement” according to the Jewish laws (the old covenant).

But we now have a new covenant in Christ as shown in Hebrew 10. I’d never thought the day I hear a rabbi speak but these days I am more bold to hear and rely on the holy spirit to discern with God’s words.

Based on Leviticus 16:21 and Hebrew 9: 1-7, you can read for yourself how under the old covenant, the high priest, only ONCE a year would enter the second room which is “the holy of holies” and never without blood which he offers for himself and for the sins of the people committed in ignorance. In the earlier blog, I had highlighted the significance of Jesus death on the cross how He was the perfect lamb – unblemished, the fourth cup that He did not drink until His death on the cross, the significance of the hyssop, the timing of His death – all fulfilled prophecies and the demand of a perfect holy God. For what? Why did Jesus have to pay the price for us? Hear how the rabbi describes sin and how God gave a way out for His people under the old covenant. But in Hebrews 10:1 says that the law is only a SHADOW of the good thing to come and in verse 4 it says “For it is impossible for the blood of the bulls and goats to take away sins”.

If the blood of bulls and goats could take away sins, the high priest would not have to do it every year, over and over again. In Hebrews 10 verse 2, it is written “Otherwise, wouldn’t they have stopped being offered, since the worshippers once purified, would no longer have any consciousness of sins. But in the sacrifices there is a reminder of sins every year”. Just like the celebration of Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement” every year.

Jesus said in verse 5 “You did not want sacrifice and did not delight in whole burnt offerings and sin offerings, (which are offered under the law). He says in verse 7 “See, I have come to do your will”. What was God’s will? In verse 9, he says Jesus came to take away the first to establish the second. Jesus came to take away the old covenant to establish the new covenant. God came to take away the old covenant of LAW and established the new covenant of GRACE.

Jesus paid the price to take away my guilt and to take the punishment of my sins ON Him. On the cross, God remembered my sins past present and future and being a Holy God, punished Jesus for my sins.

But the best part is in verse 17 where God says “I will never again remember their sins and their lawless acts”. Wow! Being Holy, He acted and He punished Jesus for my sins and it is finished! He remembers no more. So, how is it that all along, I feel I have to search my heart for any sins, how is it I come to God unworthy of Him. How is it that I disagree with Him that I am made clean. That’s how most of us feel. How can we walk with God when we are not in agreement with Him.

How can we remind ourselves of our sin if God remembers our sins no more? We are still walking under the OLD covenant.

We are insulting God everytime we think His sacrifice for us is only good until our next sin. That we have to keep confessing. Have we forgotten what He has done for us? If only we really understand “JESUS PAID THE PRICE”. “ONE SACRIFICE FOR ALL MY SINS FOREVER”. That is GRACE. If we understand grace, we would cry buckets as I did yesterday, okay maybe some of you are not so melancholic..but we would fall in love with God all over again of how awesome He is. And if you don’t think that is awesome enough, here is what happened approximately the time Jesus died. This is the revelation of the day for me. J

During Yom kippur - Day of Atonement – the high priest takes 2 goats into the holy of holies (where the presence of God is), one goat representing the people of Israel. The goat is killed and blood is sprinkled on all the vessels of worship in the holy of holies for the forgiveness of sin. God examines the sacrificed goat. Everyone waits outside anticipatingly. Will God except the sacrifice? Will the high priest come out alive? If he does, the high priest comes out with hands lifted up with blessings to the people for the year ahead. But if he doesn’t come out, they will pull the dead high priest out with the rope tied round his leg and the people can expect curses and more curses for the year ahead. The high priest ties a red thread/sash round the scapegoat’s horn and goat is led through the people as far away from the temple signifying so far that the sin has been removed from them.

The scapegoat is led into the wilderness and if they look carefully, the red thread turns white as is written in Isaiah 1:18 “"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool”. Another red thread tied to the temple door also miraculously turns white. According to the Mishnah, even the rabbis and the sages admit that approximately when Jesus died this red thread STOPPED turning white. Their rabbi taught, during the last 40 years before the destruction of the temple the crimson colored strap stopped turning white. The temple was destroyed in 70 AD under the Roman empire. Even though it had stopped turning white, they had continued with the animal sacrifice till 70 AD until the temple was finally destroyed and animal sacrifices ceased then as well. Amazing fact right? And they should rightfully have ceased the sacrifices the moment it stopped turning white because that was when Jesus’ sacrifice was the perfect sacrifice for us.

So, let us stop insulting God when we keep burrowing in our sins as if we are not worthy for Him. If we do that it is good as saying our sin has GREATER power to offset the work that Jesus has done for us. But JESUS PAID THE PRICE. And He remembers our sins no more. That is how loving God is and that ought to make us fall in love with Him. Now, I also remember a verse from the bible that says, “If you love me, you will obey me”. That is obedience that naturally flows from grace. It’s not something we do but it’s something we are not aware we are doing. That is grace and obedience to a God who first loved us.

Every time we feel we have sinned let us say “ONE sacrifice for our sins forever” and lift our hands again and worship Him as He is worthy to be praised.


Thanks Chiew Hwa. I think some accountants like me fail to put their skills to practice. I finally figured out what went wrong in my accounts. Ha ha I transfered money OUT instead of adding money into the current accounts. So duh. At least I know I am not crazy but a human error. These online accounts aren't very good as it gets mixed up easily.

Have not still been in top form these few days since I started on the antibiotics. I still have thick pleghm though it is not green anymore. Praise the Lord! I am in this state of zombieness. Henry asked me what does that mean. I said last night "Like death creeping in". Then, I decided to reject that thought in Jesus' name. This morning I said "It's like a suppressed feeling, of not being to be totally alert in mind". Whatever it is, it is a discouraging feeling so I have been spending a lot of time with God, you know just seeking after Him, hearing sermons, singing songs, talking with Him, waiting all day long for a response. It was comforting to find a psalmist in that same state..waiting all day long! :) Last night's revelation lifted my spirit and today as I feel lousy, I just meditate on all the lashes he bore on the cross, knowing that each one He bore was for my healing, that I just have to thank Him for healing me.

I asked God if I could do away with the antibiotics. I asked Henry which he answered no no, I will have to finish its course. Sigh, so on I trudge, two more tablets to go. On Friday, this ordeal will end. Praise the Lord!

Come Holy Spirit Fall On Me Now

Have you ever woken up one morning and suddenly had lyrics and tune in your head to a new song that you have just heard? Well, yesterday was just like that. The tune came to my head and the best part I remembered the first two lines to the song "Come Holy Spirit". It helped me google the rest of the lyrics and I spent the whole devotion time singing this song. My home group first heard this song when Hamir introduced it to us. Cheng Yi tried googling but since he could not remember the lyrics it couldn't be googled just by typing "Come Holy Spirit". So, it was quite fascinating how yesterday, everything came together and I spent such a lovely time singing to the Holy Spirit. I really believe it was God inspired. It was as if, He was giving me a tool to worship. Great is our God and worthy to be worshipped!

Here is the song for you to enjoy.

Come holy spirit
fall on me now
I need your anointing
Come in your power
I love you holy spirit
You're captivating my soul
And every day i grow to love you more

I'm reaching for your heart
You hold my life in your hand
Drawing me closer to you
I feel your power renew
Nothing compares to this place
Where i can see you face to face
I worship you in spirit and in truth

God Forgave My Sins - Past Present Future

I just wept buckets just now upon another revelation received from God. That Jesus knew of my sins that were to come before my diagnosis. He knew of all the open doors that I was opening myself to, to allow the devil a foothold into my life causing me to be separated from God. He knew all that because on the cross 2000 years ago, He paid for my sins, past present and future. He knew that these sins of mine would lead to my disease because cancer is caused (amongst other reasons) by various stresses in life accumulated.

Yet, on the cross 2000 years ago, not only He paid for my sins - past present and future, He also bore my sickness which He knew would come after my sins. For that, I just wept, because now I know how much He loves me that He remembers my sins no more AND also He has healed me 2000 years ago (1 Peter 2:24 – By His wounds, we have been healed”). I only need to grasp this understanding and receive His grace. It occurred to me just now, how because of this understanding, I can have that faith that He will complete the healing in me. It is all part and parcel of that faith in what He has done for me. I just wept so hard just now and thanked Him for healing me. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for this understanding that makes me fall in love with you all over again and to have that increased faith in you to receive healing from You.

I am writing this despite the fact I have to sort out my accounts. My cheques bounced three times in the past 2 months! I finally kept a cash book and did a reconciliation after the second boo boo but despite that, I just had another occurrence of a bounced cheque! I can’t believe it! So I prayed for the holy spirit to guide me exactly where I went wrong so I won’t repeat it again. Then, this revelation hit me while driving home and I cried but despite the stress of sorting my accounts, I decided to jot down this revelation before I forget.

All glory to God for showing me His grace all over again. Thank you that you do not remember my sins anymore. Thank you that I do not have to pay because You paid the price for me on the cross. Thank you Lord for loving me THAT much.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sudden realisation - Curled Eye Lashes

Eating some greens and tea for dinner at some Jap fusion restaurant. I think God curled my eye lashes during this journey..serious... can't really notice. But I did! Praise God! Praise God! He gives me desires of my heart even though I did not ask for it!
Still sharp nose - unchanged he he

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Visit to Singapore 17 Nov 2009

Can u see a church in the far distance? View from our hotel room.

View of the sea from our floor. Very close to the Esplanade (Durian).

At the corner of Atrium (Orchard Rd). Just like the one in KLCC one year but this one, you can go inside as well! Genius!

Dazzling from the inside!
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After I googgled for a list of Christian shops in Singapore on 18 November 2009, I noticed there were 2 Christian bookshops in Suntec City Mall. So, off I went despite feeling a bit under the weather already. The Christian bookshop on level 2 of Suntec City Mall doesn’t exist anymore. There is no Mount Zion Bookshop anymore. I started looking for the “Rock” bookshop and was pleasantly surprised to find a huge Rock Auditorium next to a cinema on the third floor of the shopping mall. It was then that I realized it is a church and they rent out to all christian groups.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they sell cds sermons of Ps Joseph Prince! How come this church sells sermons of other pastors from other churches? I bought a few of his sermon cds.

Only much later when I was telling Henry of my little adventure that he said “Haiya! That is Ps Joseph Prince’s church lah!” Really! I was there at New Creation Church and I didn’t even know it. If it was a weekend, I would have probably visited his church. I find myself so blessed that God can know and give the desire of my heart even though I did not ask it. I did visit his church after all.

This is a man who taught me to understand God’s grace all over again and to live in God’s grace daily.

I think we should hear the sermons for ourselves and let the holy spirit help us discern. I believe no pastor can get a sermon totally right but it is the holy spirit that convicts us so that even if words are not said properly, the holy spirit will tell us accordingly and just let us hear the part we need to hear. It is the same for all speakers. Sometimes, we refuse to come to church on a Sunday when a particular pastor is preaching. If we only humble our hearts (and bind the spirit of pride within us), I tell you even in these sermons, we can learn a thing or two. It is the holy spirit that guides us to all truth. I felt Ps Yonggi Cho’s teachings are mostly right but I am uncomfortable about his explanations of the holy spirit and I have not read in depth that part of the book. There’s a sense of uneasiness, so I stop.

We just need to pray for teachable hearts, to constantly seek after God’s words because it is food to our soul, it feeds our innerman. Ps Joseph Prince teaches us about God's grace and he makes it easy for us to understand and the whole bible gels because of his explanations. God's grace is so beautiful, truly it reflects God’s heart, if only we just reach out and receive it.

We call ourselves Christians and yet, sometimes we don't understand or FORGET His grace which has been given to us freely. Amazing. Let the holy spirit teach us all over again.

Miracles for 6 year old Nic

How is it that Nicholas can receive 3 miracles in just over a week? It really blows my mind, it increases my faith that God truly loves us and He only has our best interest at heart. All praise and glory to God! God wants me to testify His goodness to everyone and that we have right standing with God when we believe that Jesus paid the price for us. An awesome revelation and I pray that all of us can just reach God and receive this grace from Him to continually receiving blessings in our lives everyday.

It all started on Friday evening (13 November 2009). Henry and I were making our way down to fetch the kids to Friday's home group meet. We heard from my mother in law that Nic was complaining of head pain. He's a kid. He normally doesn't have headache. So my mother in law was worried for him. We prayed in the car against all work of darkness working against us from going to our home group. I was so sure it is a spiritual attack. Usually happens of Fridays. When we arrived home, we found a happy cheery boy and he told us there's no more pain. Yes, my guess was right - spiritual attack.

On the way to Cheng Yi's house, Nic started complaining of head pain again. So I started praying by laying hands on him and also praying in tongues. I wasn't too conscious of Ethan or my maid looking at me because to me, this was real serious and I was using my authority in Christ to fight against the work of darkness. Soon after, Nic asked us to stop the car as he wanted to vomit. So, we did and I continued to pray for him. When we reached Cheng Yi's house, he vomited another round. This I was shaken. Was it really spiritual attack or is my son really sick? Hamir and Steven Lee was there to meet us as we had invited them to join our fellowship for that Friday. Hamir prayed for Nic outside Cheng Yi's house.

Henry then took Nic to the nearby clinic. Unfortunately, it was closed and took him instead to the emergency at Damansara Specialist Hospital. He took a queue number and Nic was crying lying down over several chairs complaining the whole time.

Meanwhile, we started our home group fellowship. About 30 to 40 minutes into our sharing, I received a call from Henry to say Nic is well and they were coming home. What?? What happened? Apparently Nic suddenly got up and said "Am free. No more pain". Then he asked Henry "What does free mean?". I was so delighted when I heard it because I knew he was free from the devil. Later, Steven confirmed that it was God that set Nic FREE. Nic doesn't use the word free in such context so I am doubly sure it is from God. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! I was right all along. It was a spiritual attack but even more beautiful is that God rescued Nicholas. Later, on the way home, Nic asked "Why does the devil want to bully me?" I said because the devil has ZERO love. Where God is love, devil is hate, where God is light, the devil is darkness. He was curious what a devil looked like. I told him that he should be more curious of the God that rescued him.

Ever since that day, Nic started asking for prayers even more and believing in prayers and I find it so touching that even a young boy who is beginning to understand God's grace can begin to see miracles in his life just like yesterday in church.

During sunday school yesterday (22 November 2009), Nic drank a glass of water and he told us that after he drank the water, his ulcer went away. That was the first miracle yesterday. Later, he was crying and yelling because a paper cut him in his eye and he asked Henry to pray for him. Immediately after prayers, he said the pain disappeared. second miracle for yesterday! How awesome is that! God's love for Nicholas. God wants to show himself so real in Nic's life so that Nic's faith would increase and he would rely on God more and more. And that should be the way...thanking God everyday for His grace upon us daily.


We got back from Singapore last Thursday night and ever since I have been recovering from phlegm. I finally went to see the doctor today and I had mild fever and was given some antibiotics. I rested a lot today. The doctor reckons it is the change in water. I reckon it is being couped up in a hotel for too long. Rest is good but rest without fresh air is not good indeed. I should have gotten out more often rather than be a chicken and stay indoors for fear of germs. Well, that's another article itself.

The next CT scan is scheduled for 3 December 2009, next Thursday morning, right smack in the heart of Vacation Bible School. Indeed, I will rejoice with all the VBS children on their concert night. Praise the Lord! Praise God for healing me as was written in the bible and God's words are the truth. He cannot lie and that is the security I have in God. All Glory to God!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unshaken - Part 2

I saw a mirror in my room and I thought it was a very clever idea that I could see the reflection of my front gate from the mirror in my room. Then I can always check for intruders by just looking at that mirror. Then, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. There's no way this large mirror can show a reflection of the front gate which is downstairs. This must be a dream then". Just as I said that, I felt a gush of wind as if it was pulling me into another world and the dream became so real.

Suddenly, I was downstairs and I saw Henry pointing towards the gate with great urgency. Immediately, a sense of deja vu hit me and it occured to me that the devil was again trying to attack me through my dreams. The familiarity of that gushing wind and the word "intruder" was all I needed to say to myself "Get up and cast the devil out". And so I tried to say "I cast you out in the name of Jesus" but I couldn't. Like the last bad dream, I couldn't shout out but I kept trying and finally I managed to open my eyes and shout out "YOU DEVIL! I cast you out in the name of Jesus. By the authority given to me by Jesus in Luke 10:19, I trample upon you serpents and scorpions". I pleaded for the blood of Jesus to cover me.

I was rattling so fast. I was trying to recall all the ammunition given to me against the devil and to shoot it down and to crush it! All this with my eyes closed after I shouted "You devil". I did not want to see the spiritual realm! I also said out aloud the entire Psalm 91 which I memorised by hard. Finally, I started to calm down and wondered why I was being disturbed again. After all at 2.30am, I had quiet time with God because I could not sleep (This dream happened on 12 November 2009 . See my blog article "Freedom In Christ: Love that Compels Us to Love Others "). And I had a wonderful time with God and he gave me revelation and I felt God's presence. (The last time I had a bad dream, my heart was beating fast, I was hyperventilating and pulled out my bible for verses to calm me down).

Then I realised that the Holy Spirit was warning me of the things to come. By being so close to the Holy Spirit I was able to discern I was dreaming. If not, because the dream was getting so real, I would have continued dreaming. The Holy Spirit rescued me from attack from the evil one. I don't know what the dream was about but I am very sure it is about a thief coming to kill, steal and destroy. That is the only agenda of the devil so I won't be surprised. But "He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world". You go back to where you belong - the pits of fire.

Thank You Lord for protecting me. You are great indeed! Thank you for helping me realise where I am in you - that I share all the inheritance with Christ Jesus and the authority he has given to me - that I need not fear the devil even though the spiritual realm is REAL and they will continue to disturb. But my hope and my strength is in Christ and I need not fear anymore. Praise God for this breakthrough. Praise God indeed!

Christian Bookstores In Singapore

I had a question before going to Singapore. Are there any big christian bookshops in Singapore? The last time I went to one in Great World City. It was big and had every thing from books to music to gifts! I wondered if it was still there. So here I am in Singapore now and wondering what the answer is. Someone asked the same question 2 years ago on Yahoo Answers, so here is the answer:

"Yes, there ARE so many of these Christian Shops around in Singapore's shopping malls. You can find them especially in big shopping centres such as: Suntec City Level 2, Century Square, China Square Central, Junction 8, Funan Digitalife Mall, Causeway Point, West Mall, Katong Shopping Centre, Eastpoint Mall, CentrePoint, Great World City, Far East Plaza etc."

So, I will check out Mount Zion Christian Books at Suntec City Mall which is just opposite the hotel that I am in.

The view of the city's sky line from the hotel room is pretty spectacular. I can even see CK Tang from this hotel (which is South of Singapore very close to the sea). It just shows how small Singapore is! I was contemplating visiting the National Singapore Museum this morning. I thought it would be a rare treat for me since the kids are not with me and I would get to enjoy reading in detail in peace! Still, I am torn between resting, christian bookshop, reading deuteronomy or museum. Looks like the bunny has big plans to hop everywhere. Unfortunately I woke up with green phlegm this morning and decided to take it real slow. As I entered the restaurant for breakfast, the man at the reception greeted me by my name! Wow! I hadn't even quoted my room number and there were so many people in the restaurant. I am amazed and how seriously they take their job and that should be the way. Still, he said I looked tired. I better be safe and rest more today. So museum, out you go from the bunny's list. But the christian bookshop stays..he he..

It's great to get out and about. Found out from the news that Singapore is facing private property homes sales contraction the third straight month in a row since August 2009. Also, Singapore has been ranked the world's 3rd least corrupt country! How different compared to back home! Still, there's so much consumerism here. Christmas lights are on display already. ION Orchard is new here. Their food court looks great, it feels like I am in a restaurant rather than in a food court. And the stationery here can leave me salivating. They even have a new stationery shop from Sweden (roll eyes) called kikki K. (Kristina Karlsson) A whole new lifestyle with stationery. Sigh.

Best Christian Blog Of the Week

Wow! I am almost in tears! God is awesome indeed. His words goes forth and it never returns to Him void. I was checking the comments on my blog whilst enjoying my stay in Singapore when I discovered a note from Cyberanger that I have been awarded best blog of the week. Praise the Lord! All Glory to God! I am so encouraged to know that there are people out there reading my blog, which is really God's blog because I've dedicated to Him. Thanks Cyberanger, I am humbled to receive this award. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Freedom In Christ: Love that Compels Us to Love Others

I shared in my previous blog article “Health through Holy Communion” that I heard a powerful sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince about holy communion. He talked about the word “confess” from the verse 1 John 1:9

”9If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

The primary Greek word for “confess” is homologeo which basically means “to say the same thing” and then “agree, admit, acknowledge. He explained that it means that we and God speak the same words and we agree with God. What does 1 John 1:9 say then? We agree we humans sinned and He forgives us completely!

So really, when we take the cup during communion, we should thank God that he has taken away all our sins – past present future by Jesus’ death on the cross and then drink up.
Isn’t it powerful? I used to think that He forgave my sins to the point we accepted Christ only and then we confess every now and then when we do sin. Upon accepting Christ, we are a new creation, so we actually should not sin anymore. I mean we can overcome it even if we do because we are not suppose to let our sin control us anymore because we have God’s spirit in us so we should follow the Holy Spirit instead. This is where our will comes in even if we are Christians. That’s why even Christians are hypocrites because many do not cooperate with the Holy Spirit even after accepting Christ. Ps Vernon Falls took 3 years after accepting Christ. He didn’t go to church, he didn’t like to hang out with Christians because he wanted to continue his party life which included drugs.

It just occurred to me last night (quiet time at 2.30am ha ha! couldn't sleep) that many of us do not grasp the impact of Jesus’ death on the cross, that actually, He has forgiven ALL our sins – past present and future! I mean I knew this but it did not sink in the impact of it. See, if He died for all our sins, we are basically FREE. FREEDOM IN CHRIST Free to do whatever we want because He paid the price for all our sins – past present future. That’s why Paul asked then “Do we sin more so that grace abounds”. I think I didn’t quite understand that line because firstly I didn’t digest He paid for ALL my sins and secondly, I had lost the understanding of God’s grace.

I can actually continue sinning because He has already paid the price. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! But in Galatians 5:13 Paul said, “do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature”. Cool, Paul can read my mind! He continued by saying “rather, serve one another in love”.

See, it is the latter that most sermons stress that we should then serve one another. It becomes another set of “do’s”. But if we can grasp how much Jesus loves us that He paid the price for us and forgave us all our sins – past present and future and that we can actually PARTY that it hits us “Hey, this man, this God did it all for me? Why? Why is he even bothered I go to heaven?” But He does. He is bothered. He loves us that much! And more importantly, by His death on the cross, we can jump into Father God’s lap (like King Wai puts it) and call him “Abba Father” which really means daddy.

Galatians 4:6
Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out “Abba Father”.

God totally loves us beyond what we can ever imagine. He did it all for us, sons of Adam who are disobedient, once objects of wrath, once with the Spirit of the ruler of the air in us. He put in His spirit and forgave us all our sins – past present future. We are now new creations in Christ, powerfully changes, accepted just the way we are, wonderfully loved.

It is this understanding of Christ' love that compels us to want to tell others about Jesus and cause us to love others.

Galatians 5:6
“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcission accomplishes anything, what matters is faith working through love”

So awesome. It’s true. Yesterday, Elaine and I ministered to Robert and Jane Lam at UH. Both of us are like chickens with a willing heart but both encouraging and spurring each other on. Ha ha. She was supposed to lead us to communion and I was supposed to pray. Elaine was actually relieved when Robert said he wanted to do it in Church because then, she needn’t have to talk as it is quite scary to lead communion the first time. And I didn’t get the opportunity to pray and lay hands on Robert and was wondering whether I should interrupt people’s conversations. But love of Christ compelled me to share Christ and my testimony of doing communion at home every day and receiving healing and so in the end, he agreed to it. And love compelled me to lay hands on him to pray when he felt another muscle pull on his chest. Truly, God’s love cast out all fears! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

So, the next time we sin again, know that He has already forgiven us on the cross 2,000 years ago. That will strike a chord in our hearts how much He loves us when He died on the cross for us.

We are a new creation now. The old self is gone. If we see ourselves still following the ways of the world (drinking, smoking, partying, intention to commit adultery, managing kids with anger, speaking rudely to our spouse, abusing our spouse, being rude to the maid or others, easily angered, sowing discord, talking bad about others etc) we should fall on our knees and talk to God and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us to teach us. Cast all our old ways unto Him and tell Him we do not want it anymore and ask the Holy Spirit to change us to be more and more like Jesus.

Then, it is the holy spirit that changes us and not by our self will. To give up smoking/drinking by the Holy Spirit and by your own strength are 2 completely different ways. In the former, your habit is completely removed because it is supernatural. The latter, you are only suppressing your desire and when temptation hits you, you might succumb and then the whole process of quitting will have to start again.

Cool revelation in the wee hours of the morning! Thank you holy spirit.

Health through Holy Communion

Thanks King Wai for sharing this with me about taking communion. I remember how earlier in this journey you asked if we could take communion together and I couldn't understand what is the urgency. The same when Elaine shared with Robert, his first reaction was that we can wait till we do it in church.

A lot of us have not received the real understanding of taking communion and it is quite difficult to explain because the half truth is so close to the truth. The truth that wasn't told to me is that Jesus' body on the cross was broken for my healing! How could we miss such an important fact. And it all ties in to 1 Peter 2:24 that " His wounds, you have been healed". He paid for my sins, so I can be unblemished before a Holy God. He took my sorrows, so I can be happy. He broke His body, bore my sickness (infirmities) so that I can be healthy! Thank You Jesus!

That is the victory on the cross! Jesus has won the victory and we are now overcomers, overcomers of sickness, overcomers of sins, overcomers of depression. The truth has really set me free. Ps Joseph Prince has a great way to explain how we should discern the body and blood of Christ when taking holy communion. The passage relates to 1 Corinthians 11: 23-32. Only then can we truly receive full blessings from God. Check it out at for Part 1 and Part 2. You musn't miss this one. It is really powerful.

God has provided us a way out from the fallen state of the world (dying,sicker every day). The Lord Supper was given to offset this process! We need not be condemned with the world with sickness and premature death. He chastens us through His Word. If only we had done our quiet time and "ate" every single word and listened to our Abba Father, we will be spared from all the diseases in the world. But it is not too late to come back to Him because His wrath is for a moment but His faithfulness for a life time.

Below is King Wai's sharing. Thanks King Wai for blessing me with this understanding. :)

"Hi Liz

Just thought I'd share with you what I've learnt about the communion emblem of the bread being broken. If you read the bible when Jesus held the first communion he said "this bread is my body broken for you", it referred to his body that was broken on our behalf so that we would receive his wholeness and completeness physically. The blood reflects the convenant or promise from God that our sins are forever washed away and that sin has no dominion over us and through his blood we have Jesus' righteouness, holiness, basically the inheritance of a child of God. So that is why we can go boldly into the throne room of God (the Holy of Holies) jump up on God's lap, snuggle up close under his chin, and whine, complain, fidget, sleep and just enjoy His awesome presence. Hope that helps with regards to the bread aspect of the communion. I will discuss with you another time about how some people get do not get the full benefits of the communion basically because they take the emblems like some ritualistic thingee and not truly understand that there is power in communion that can affect. "

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bread from Heaven

These are the verses which I have tabbed on the bible I found in church and been using this journey until recently when Dennis helped me buy a new one. I had planned to return it to Pastor Looi, the owner but he has given it to me. So, yesterday when visiting Robert and his wife Jane at UH, I brought is along and told them the story of the adventure the bible went through. They (even Elaine and Richard Gan) were all curious of the verses that people had given to me along the way. Some are those that God directly spoke to me. So, these verses may speak clearly to you in your situation but in your journey discovering the bible again, you might find others that speak more clearly to you. Just let the holy spirit guide you. I’ve not included the scripture itself so that you will use your bible which is really bread from Heaven......”Give us this day our daily bread”.

Exodus 23:25,26
Exodus 15:26
2 Chronicles 20:15-17
Psalm 16:11
Psalm 21
Psalm 30:5
Psalm 37:4,5
Psalm 55:22
Psalm 57:1
Psalm 91
Psalm 121
Psalm 118:17
Psalm 139:1-16
Proverbs 3
Proverbs 4: 20-22
Proverbs 16:3
Proverbs 18:21
Isaiah 41:13
Isaiah 43:1
Isaiah 44: 6-23
Isaiah 45:14-22
Isaiah 48:17-19
Isaiah 53:1-5
Isaiah 55:8,9
Isaiah 55:11
Isaiah 58:8,9
Jeremiah 1:4-10
Jeremiah 17:14
Jeremiah 29:11
Amos 5: 4,6
Matthew 8:14-17
Matthew 11:30
Mark 4:26
Mark 11:24,25
Luke 10:19
John 14:1
John 14:26,27
John 16:20
John 21:25
Acts 3:16
Acts 19:11
Romans 8:9-11
Romans 8:26-27
2 Corinthians 5:7
Habakuk 3:17-19
2 Corinthians 6:4-10
Ephesians 1:18-22
Ephesians 6: 10-19
Philippians 4:6,7
Philippians 4:13
Philippians 4:19
Hebrew 11:1
James 4:7
1 Peter 2:24
1 Peter 5:7
2 Timothy 1:7
I John 4:4-6
1 John 5:14,15

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks Fee! - No Miracle Drug

Thanks Fee for your sharing. It has really lifted my spirit knowing that it is God that worked through the drug and it is God that rescued me from out of the pit. Our dear brother Robert Lam will soon have to go through fact finding on melanoma skin cancer (Stage 4) after his biopsy comes out soon. I have also told him that whatever strategy we take, we must must must commit it to God because as Psalm 91 says "Because he loves me, I will rescue Him. Because he acknowledges me, I will protect Him". It is indeed supernatural and God is real and he can work miracles in our lives today when we surrender everything to Him.

Here is what Fee shared:

"hi healing bunny i didnt share with you this, but when you told me that you are taking tarceva, i spent a day googling abt the drug. dr Foo and you are right! this is NO MIRACLE DRUG. its god that is performing the miracle, not the drug.recently, a friend of my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. out of concern, kevin asked me what drug u r taking, i told him abt tarceva - it doesn't cure but hinder/stifle growth. he was surprised. Ultimately, its God who heals."

The best part is I feel very encouraged when I read Fee's blog at because here is a lady with normal daily trials experiencing miracles in her life and testifying God's goodness and grace. I think it is much greater to see the miracles in her life when most of us fail to see it because really, it is because we have lost focus on Him. But God is love and He is ever willing to take us in His arms again. Ah, but not at the end times, I must remind you. See Revelation 14:9-11

9A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: "If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, 10he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. 11And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name."

Yes, this is our God. A God of anger and wrath. A God who judges. This is part of His divine eternal character. Some of us believe God is too loving, too eternal to send us to eternal punishment but get real and get to know our God. He does not want us to earn our salvation. We will never be as holy as God. Jesus already paid the price for all our sins done in our entire lifetime. We only need to believe what Jesus did. It is that simple.

Understanding God’s grace, God’s holiness - Part 1 : Linked to Festival of Unleavened Bread

I am at the stage of rediscovering the bible and marveling at how powerfully God works throughout history, the parallels taken place, the significance of the things God demands and that He is always in control. The parallel that can be seen in the old testament and the same sacrifice that God commands shows how holy and perfect God He is. Alas, because no one on earth has the same holiness as He does, it is difficult for us to imagine. Holiness cannot be explained and cannot be defined. It can only be revealed. Many Christians then end up with a set of do’s and don’ts. But God is not holy because He has a set of rules to follow but because in essence everything about God is holy. So the only way to understand God’s holiness is to rediscover who our God is and what He is like in the bible.

Do you recall in Exodus 12:1-28, God commanded His people (the Israelites) to remember that He was the one that spared their firstborn in Egypt. Today the “Festival of Unleavened Bread/ Passover/Peschal” is still celebrated annually in Jewish households. Even Jesus in his time celebrated the Passover with His disciples.

It was only after I saw Mike Fulmer of New Roads, LA speaking on the significance of the 4 cups of wine during Passover that he helped me put two and two together and made me appreciate more about what Jesus had done for me on the cross.

Truly, if we understand God’s grace, we would really be taking communion everyday at home like how the disciples did during their time and be really thankful of Jesus’ death on the cross. Like how little Ethan thanked Jesus for dying on the cross last Sunday night. These days while taking my liquid nutrients I actually imagine it as the blood of Jesus as I thank Him for His blood shed for me that set me free, His blood shed for me that healed me and His death on the cross that gave me right standing with God again. I haven’t figured out the breaking of bread yet since I don’t take biscuits usually but I am sure I will get there when I find some healthy biscuits. So, I normally just use the liquid to represent the breaking of his body and the shedding of His blood. But then, if we just do it as a routine then it becomes legalism and back to works and not grace!

So here goes my little adventure through the bible:

1. What God did at the Passover in Egypt:

The first Passover is described in Exodus chapter 12:1-28: one lamb was slain for every household and the blood painted onto the lintels and doorposts. This was done in order that the angel of Death would not slay the first-born son of the Jewish households, but only those of Pharoah's people, whom God had warned He would judge. "When I see the blood, I will pass over you" the Lord told the children of Israel (Exodus 12:13). They were to eat the lamb, with unleavened bread and bitter herbs, in haste prior to their departure from Egypt. The eating of unleavened bread was to continue for seven days, as their sustenance to exit Egypt and escape Pharoah's slavery.

2. God’s commandment to hold the Passover as a reminder:

In Exodus 13:14 it is written, "And it shall be when your son asks you in time to come, saying, 'What is this?' then you shall say to him, 'With a powerful hand the LORD brought us out of Egypt, from the house of slavery".

God commanded that the children of Israel would commemorate the Passover every year to remember their deliverance, almost 3,450 years ago.

3. The significance of 4 cups of wine drank during the Passover/Pesach referenced to Exodus 6:6-7:

The passover meal and the four cups of wine primarily symbolizes the four distinct redemptions promised by God to the community of Israel as told in Exodus 6:6-7.

(1) "I will take you out of Egypt",
(2) "I will deliver you from Egyptian slavery",
(3) "I will redeem you with a demonstration of my power", and
(4) "I will acquire you as a nation".

During the Passover meal celebrated by the Jewish household, the 4 cups of wine symbolises:
1. Festival Blessing - Drink from 1st cup of wine
2. Passover Narrative and Little Hallel (Psalm 113) - Drink from 2nd cup of wine
3. Main Meal: Eat the roasted lamb, unleavened bread, and the bitter herbs and spices - Drink from the 3rd cup of wine (Cup of Blessing)
4. The Passover is completed with the singing of the Great Hallel (PSALMS 114-118), the drinking of the 4th cup of wine, and closed when the presiding priest or host says the phrase, “TEL TELESTI” which is interpreted as “IT IS FINISHED” or “IT IS CONSUMATED”.

Cool eh? I didn’t know all this!

4. Significance of not drinking 4th cup of wine linked to completion of passover

In the bible, after the breaking of bread (3rd cup i.e. cup of Blessing – see above Jewish custom), Jesus told His disciples in Mark 14:24-26 24 "He said to them, "This is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed for many. 25 Amen, I say to you, I shall not drink again the fruit of the vine until the day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God." 26 Then, after singing a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives."

He did not drink the fourth cup of wine (to signify that the Passover is complete) until at the cross. In John 19:28-30 it is written: 28 After this, aware that everything was now finished, in order that the scripture might be fulfilled, Jesus said, "I thirst." 29 There was a vessel filled with common wine. So they put a sponge soaked in wine on a sprig of hyssop and put it up to his mouth. 30When Jesus had taken the wine, he said, "It is finished." And bowing his head, he handed over the spirit.

The sprig of hyssop itself has its significance. In Exodus 12:22-24 it is written:

“22 Then take a bunch of hyssop, and dipping it in the blood that is in the basin, sprinkle the lintel and the two doorposts with this blood. But none of you shall go outdoors until morning. 23 For the LORD will go by, striking down the Egyptians. Seeing the blood on the lintel and the two doorposts, the LORD will pass over that door and not let the destroyer come into your houses to strike you down.”

Amazing how the sacrifice of Jesus’ on the cross followed what was written in Exodus 12. Even the type of sacrifice that God commands and timing of Jesus’ death. It was not just a passing event of a time in history but God’s command for a perfect sacrifice and fulfillment of prophecy.

In Exodus 12:5-8 5, it is written, " The lamb must be a year-old male and without blemish. You may take it from either the sheep or the goats. 6 You shall keep it until the fourteenth day of this month, and then, with the whole assembly of Israel present, it shall be slaughtered during the evening twilight."

Jesus was male and without blemish. He was sacrificed at 3pm which is twilight.

Luke 23:22
"22 Pilate addressed them a third time, "What evil has this man done? I found him guilty of no capital crime. Therefore I shall have him flogged and then release him.""

Luke 23:47 47
"The centurion who witnessed what had happened glorified God and said, "This man was innocent beyond doubt.""

Matthew 27:3-4 3
Then Judas, his betrayer, seeing that Jesus had been condemned, deeply regretted what he had done. He returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, 4 saying, "I have sinned in betraying innocent blood."

Luke 23:44 44
It was now about noon and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.

And most importantly, the significance of the blood of Jesus. As the blood of an unblemished male lamb covered the door, God’s wrath passed the Jewish community and spared their first born. So it is, when we believe what Jesus has done on the cross for us, His unblemished blood covers us, and we are spared of God’s wrath.

Amazing how the Jews can say “TEL TELESTI” which is interpreted as “IT IS FINISHED” after drinking the 4th cup of wine during Passover and miss God’s grace when Jesus himself said “It is finished” on the cross. Check out on youtube and hear for yourself that God is real by Jews themselves It brings a tear to my eye.

John 19:30
30When Jesus had taken the wine, he said, "It is finished." And bowing his head, he handed over the spirit.

By that one act, Jesus has reconciled all of us back to God and God’s wrath over us is spared, eternal life is ours for all those who believe. I pray that the Jews can see this great parallel and God’s action throughout history. It wasn’t a myth, it wasn’t just a is history for all to see and believe that He was always there for us since the beginning of time. Despite our disobedience, He made a way out for us. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace, a perfect lamb slain for us. Thank you Father God for your amazing love for us and thank you for reminding me that you are a holy God and demanded a perfect sacrifice so that your wrath passes over us. Thank you Jesus for paying the price and took away our sins, our infirmities and our sorrows. Thank you Lord for everything.

Boomerang Express - Vacation Bible School

The day after I sprained my back carrying Ethan, I cut out 6 boomerangs from carton boxes. Man, did it hurt. I had a target of 100 boomerangs but I gave up after having to bend forward to cut the carton boxes with a blade. Tzu Anne said it is easier to cut with a giant scissors. I reckon garden scissors would do well but I didn't try again. I encouraged Ethan and Nic to have a go at painting the boomerangs during one weekend but they didn't want to!
Last Friday, we had the kids at our home group color them with crayon. Some just drew one line, some colored without pictures and some drew butterfly, camera, kangaroo, koala and flowers. The next day Henry and I had to touch up the boomerangs to make the colors richer and delivered all 6 of them to the Vacation Bible School (VBS) booth on Sunday. There was a look of relief from the person receiving the boomerangs so I would really encourage all of you to painstakingly do the same so we will have more boomerangs for VBS.
By the way, the closing date is this Sunday, 15 November 2009. Just keep saying to yourself how God sees us "I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength!". To God be the glory. I told Ps Looi about VBS at First Baptist Church and invited him to view our sanctuary on the Sunday before VBS starts on 30 November. The church main sanctuary will be totally transformed into an Australian outback! Come and see it with your own eyes but first, please contribute the boomerangs. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ethan Whispered to Father God

I was so touched on Sunday night when Ethan started praying to God all by his own! It was bedtime and usually, Ethan would be very active with all his swashbuckling hand movements before he would just knock out quite immediately. But that night, things were a bit different. Nicholas was asking many questions about Jesus, why he had to die on the cross, why God would send us to hell if we say naughty things, who made naughty naughty sins. And all these questions were sparked off with the use of the "Evangecube". If you've never heard of it, you can check it out at the video bar. FBC gave out Evangecubes some time ago and I missed the training so I have been wondering how to use it and finally I found out it's on youtube!

Now, even Ethan is beginning to use the evangecube to tell the good news. "Jesus died in the cross. Then 2 guards guard the tomb. Tie tie tie (talking about how a big rock was bound to cover the tomb). Then he alive. Jesus is alive!" And then he breaks out into song "Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive shout Hosanna. Hosanna!"

Anyway, I explained to Nic how God will not stand our naughty naughty sins and not even naughty naughty words and we will go to hell if we did anything bad. He was wondering why is God so like that! I told him God is a perfect and Holy God, that's why. He asked who made naughty naughty sins. I told him about the garden of Eden how Adam disobeyed God and he and Eve got kicked out from the garden of Eden with 2 guards with blazing sword of fire guarding the entrance. And so now his children, and his children's children and now us are all with naughty naughty sins. He said "noooooooooooooooooooo, I don't want to be like that!". I said, we can thank Jesus now becauase when he died on the cross, he took away our naughty naughty sins so that now Father God sees us clean and now we can go to God, towards the light and be seated at the right hand of God with Jesus in heaven. So, every night, we must thank Jesus for dying on the cross for us so that God sees us clean and we can go to heaven.

After everyone slept, except for Ethan and myself (I was pretending to sleep while waiting for Ethan to finish swashbuckling and to knock off), I saw Ethan touching a little wound on his chin. Then, he started to pray to Father God (in a whisper), all by himself! He said "Father God, please heal my chin and make it better again. In Jesus' name. Amen". Then he continued "Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross". I was so touched that I was moved to tears. This is the first time I heard him pray without being asked to and I felt the whole room filled with angels for who in heaven would not hear a 3 year old boy's sincere prayer!

I thanked God for moving our children to ask questions about Jesus and I prayed that God will be so real in their lives that they wil turn to Him in everything. And I slept that night with angels encamped all around and about us.

Do check out the Evangecube at or click at the video bar on your right.

I found the owner of the Bible left behind!

I met the owner of the bible I found in church (see my blog “Dear Stephen”) yesterday morning! Praise God! He turned out to be PASTOR of his own church in Living Word Church in Sg Dua, Penang opposite University Sains Malaysia.

I had a good time of fellowship with Ps Looi Eng Seng and Min Yi also had the opportunity to meet him as she was in FBC picking up her son Isaac from Jack and Jill Kindergarden. She told us that normally she would not come to school so early to wait for Isaac. Reflecting back, this was not a chance meeting and that even Min Yi got ministered to. Min Yi has been struggling for a long time how to address Isaac’s condition of ADHD and by God’s grace, He sent Ps Looi to minister to her because his son once had ADHD. He said that he and his wife would lay hands on his head and pray for healing daily. They treated his son as normal, encouraged his son to do the best he can. His wife had wanted to quit her job to focus on her son but Ps Looi asked her to reconsider as their focus should be on God more than the son. And so she continued to work and they continued to lay hands on their son and pray and today, he is a normal boy and can score maths up to 70%! Both Min Yi and I were very encouraged to hear his testimony and he also had the opportunity to meet Isaac and lay hands on his head and prayed for Isaac. Interestingly, before Ps Looi begun, Isaac had started to pray and we all said a big Amen before Ps Looi continued with his prayer!

I was very happy to meet Ps Looi and to listen to his sharing as to how he opened his church in Penang and how he plans to open 2 more churches in Sri Damansara and Subang Jaya. Praise God for servants of God like him. His word for me to continue in what I am doing is from 2 Corinthians 1:3-5:

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.”

Yes, in "2nd chance" ministry ("), I will have the opportunity to give hope and comfort those diagnosed with cancer. I pray God will use me and the Holy Spirit will guide me to help them know Jesus, to find hope in Jesus and receive healing from Jesus. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Thank you Ps Looi for coming all the way from Penang to meet me and Min Yi. Thank you for giving me your bible. I will treasure it and remember how I returned to quiet time with God through your bible left behind. :) Thank you for your sharing that encouraged us so. I pray that God will you use you mightily to share God’s word and God’s love to the people in Klang Valley and that His guiding hand be upon you, your family and your ministry.

Update and Remembering 2 Instantaneous Miracles

I am really sorry for not updating on my status and worrying you unnecessarily. The days since last Thursday have passed so quickly with my hospital visit and graduation from the Deeper Life Seminar all on Thursday, attending Aunty Beverly’s funeral (she went home to be with the Lord on 4 November 2009) and visiting Robert Lam at University Hospital and bible study at home group all on Friday, a busy weekend as usual with family and yesterday, meeting Looi Eng Seng, the owner of the bible that I found in church (see my blog “Dear Stephen”)! He turned out to be a pastor who has his own church in Penang called the Living Word Church.

On 5 November 2009 last Thursday morning I went for my check up at SJMC. Did the usual x ray and once the report came out, Henry quickly fished out the report before the doctor read it. So, we were really happy to read that the nodes are shrinking and more disappearing! The last one which I reported was a 1.4cm node which has further shrunk to 1 cm! Praise the Lord! All Glory to God!

Of course there are many other nodes at the beginning which I termed them “machine gun” – too many too even operate on. The doctor has always been concerned on the primary one which was as large as 3 cm at the beginning. Now, I reckon that there are lesser nodes to see and report on, they are now zooming in on the other smaller nodes which. Therefore when they mention about the 4mm node that disappeared (Halleujah!!!) and a dot at the upper left node that is still there, this is all new to me because I didn’t know they existed before. I mean that I know many existed before but I don’t not know the exact locations of them. In fact, I told Henry he should not have told me. But on the other hand it is good to know so you can help me pray to destroy it in Jesus’ name!

Doctor Foo Yoke Ching wanted a ct scan to check on the “dot” at the upper lobe further because she says it seems to be clearer now but assured that x rays are not accurate. She says that the rest are shrinking so she wonders why this is clearer and wanted me to go for CT scan in a week or 2 week’s time. But we will be in Singapore in a week’s time and after checking the calendar and all, finally the next check up is still in a month’s time!

Next month’s check up on 3 December 2009 will include a ct scan because by routine, she had wanted me to do one every 3 months. So, after much hoo hah, everything is still back to routine. Praise the Lord! His hand is upon me!

Now, about the challenge that I sent out to you by sms to pray in faith believing you have received it the moment you pray for the node in the upper left lobe and the 1 cm node to be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

You see, before the miracle rally my team leader Angeline Sung gave me a word from God to be bold and courageous and to remind the devil the authority that I have in Jesus Christ and that it is under my feet. I didn’t think much of it then because that’s what I have been doing so far. The night before the hospital visit I prayed to God to show me a miracle so powerful that I will not doubt Him again because I did not want any hindrance in locking with Jesus 100%. You see, since the miracle He has done in me is bit by bit, it often discourages me when people comment that they are glad that the medicine is working as if God had no part to play in it. It is when I acknowledge God first and Henry and I have together submitted our strategy to God first that he has worked a miracle through the drug. So, I wanted Him to demonstrate His power to those who comment like this. So, when I heard this piece of news that there were other nodes, at first I was discouraged. But while I was being administered the zumita drug to reinforce my bones after the x ray, I received a call from Hamir. During our conversation, he said he has received this word from God for me and asked if I was ready and to listen carefully…”BELIEVE IN YOUR PRAYERS!”. He continued to say that it is the lies and doubts thrown by the devil that discourages me to think otherwise (just like what I have been facing) and everytime I allow the devil a foothold, the devil will bring me a rung lower and God will have to start all over again in me to pull me out from the pit.

Hamir shared with me a testimony of a Christian who was facing problems with his teenage daughter. Hamir was really angry with the man because though the man prayed he did not have faith in God. Hamir said “Are you calling my God a liar?!”. Hamir told the man that if he believed in his prayers, God will rescue him and Hamir made a pact with the man to pray WITH him daily. After praying for a few days, the man’s daughter ran away! And the man was so discouraged but Hamir said “Hallelujah!” “She will return!”. The man looked at Hamir and said “Are you crazy? She just ran away!”. Hamir laughed cryingly and said “No, that’s how it works. She will return” And indeed she did and things are much better for the man in his household. They prayed that she will come to realize that she is mixing with wrong company and indeed, she has decided by herself not to mix with her “friends” anymore.

I cried so much because that is what I am going through. Being discouraged and allowing the devil a foothold. So, I challenge you too, to pray in faith to a prayer answering God, a miracle working God. Went I went home, I then remembered 2 distinct miracles that happened to me leaving no room of doubt that he is a miracle working God:

Iritating Cough Disappeared After Confession
1. In early July 2009, after returning from the hospital and after sharing with cousin Tammy, I went upstairs to sleep but could not because I kept coughing each time I laid down. Normally, I do not cough at night and I was wondering whether I was getting worst. I could not sleep because of the irritating cough so I decided to pray and confess my sin of using fear as an excuse for not serving Him all these years. It was Tammy that opened my eyes to realize this when she shared the word from 2 Timothy 1:7 that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. When I confessed to God my sin, switched off the lights and laid down to sleep, I felt that I did not feel like coughing anymore. I wasn’t sure whether it was a miracle so I decided I would move my body to left and right but still, no cough and I closed my eyes that night with a big smile on my face and I couldn’t wait to share with everyone the next day of this miracle I experienced! It is my first experience of a miracle and from that day forth I knew I was in for an adventure with Jesus Christ!

It Only Took One Tarceva Tablet
2. The other distinct miracle was the popping of the ONE tarceva tablet. I was afraid to take the tarceva tablet (chemo tablet) because I have heard of all the horror stories of the immune system being destroyed, hair falling off, body in pain etc. By then, I was already in 2nd day of pain and had resorted to pain killers which I was not keen to take it. So, I left the tablet till the very last moment at bed time. Before I took it I said a prayer, that God will protect me from the harm of the tarceva tablet and to heal me and then I popped it and went straight to bed. Lo and behold! The next morning, all achy pains left my body! I was more alert because there was no pain in my body. My mum said to me that morning “Girl, you look happier today” and I replied “But mummy, I am happy all the time!” But only mummy can tell the change and overnight too! The most distinct pain was the pain of the pelvic bone and that disappeared that morning! I didn’t think it was a miracle until I told the doctor how powerful her drug was and she said “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH ONE TARCEVA TABLET”. I said “God heals” and she turned to walk away and turned back to say “It is magic”. Praise the Lord! It hit me then that it is God’s miracle on me. Praise the Lord!

I just want to share that miracles can comes instantaneous or bit by bit like mine. Sometimes I feel like an Israelite in the dessert for 40 years before reaching the promised Land. They witnessed so many miracles and yet still complained to God. I remind myself today not to be like them but to give thanks to God each day for daily miracles. The drug may have helped, the nutrition may have helped but it is only when a strategy (the type of drug to take) is committed to God first i.e. to acknowledge Him first that he will rescue us and deliver us instantaneously or through the drug and nutrients.

Also, I pray that you too will believe in your prayers to a prayer answering God and a miracle working God. Faith is now (“NOW, faith is…[Hebrews 11:1]), hope is in the future. Faith is what will make your hope a reality. Most importantly, do not be easily discouraged knowing that the devil is at work against us. Remind the devil where he stands – under our feet. Rebuke the devil. Use our authority given to us by Chirst Jesus in Luke 10:19 to trample on all scorpions and serpents. Then, we will see breakthrough like what cousin Tammy said. Thank you for joining me in this adventure and praying with me and for me.

Thank you Lord for demonstrating the two instantaneous miracles in my journey. I will hold on to your word and will not be easily discouraged. I thank you for all the other miracles you have shown in my life even though they are bit by bit for you alone are God, you alone worked all these miracles. Apart from You, the drug will not heal me. Forgive me Lord, for being discouraged. I will stand firm. I rebuke the devil working against me and cast it out in Jesus' name. I rebuke this dot in the upper left lobe and I rebuke the remaining 1cm and that you Spirit of cancer will be totally destroyed in Jesus' name! You have no power over me. You no authority over me. You bow down to your King and go back to the pits of fire where you belong! I am a child of God and He who is in me is greater than you in the world! I pray all this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Update and Miracle Rally

Last Sunday was the first time that we as a family went with Nic for his music class. Since the diagnosis, Henry has been taking Nic for his piano class instead of me. When, Henry asked after church whether I was up to it I said “Yes, I feel strong enough”. Even though we finally got back home at 8 pm, I was still feeling strong with no achy bones. I felt a little voice tell me “You don’t have to take your tarceva now. You are free now”. Tarceva is the chemo pill that I have been on for about 3 and a half months now. Hmmm, I wasn’t sure whether it was from the devil or the holy spirit. Anyway, Ethan woke up from his sleep and vomited and he could not sleep after that. So, since we were all downstairs, I did take my tarceva and all my nutrients in the end.

So, really, it does take a while to fully catch whether it is the holy spirit and I suppose circumstances will also lead to confirmation. I didn’t want to go downstairs earlier because I was starting to feel sleepy and decided to hit the sack with Ethan. But since he didn’t, I did my usual stuff which was to take the tarceva and nutrient pills before bedtime.

Last night, Ps Sasha felt my hands and said “Hey, you feel different today”. I know it is good news but she could not express in words what she felt but I just claimed it in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord!

I used to get tingly sensation on the left back of my spine slightly above the waist. I did not share because I did not want it to dominate my mind but I did share with Henry to pray for me. It occurred to me to google it but still I stood firm and just prayed for healing. I just realized yesterday, I don’t have that sensation anymore! Praise the Lord! All Glory to God!

All this has happened after the Miracle Rally last Saturday, 31 October 2009. Henry reckons that it is not as charismatic as one should think. Ah, such a waste, you guys should have come. Henry says it is very well organized and he was very impressed with a young boy’s dance movements in the “Miracle Healing Dance”. I saw my dad clapping after he heard the testimony of an old man who was previously deaf and now he can hear again. I think it was a really good experience for daddy to see God in action! It is such a miracle itself that he agreed to go to this rally in the first place. All glory to God!

Even Aunty Sandra had her shawl prayed over. This was a new thing to me but Ps Vernon said in Acts 19:11, it is written “11God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, 12so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.”

Ps Vernon said he was anointed in 1980 that whenever he prayed over the cloth, people who touched the cloth receive healing. This is one of the many ways that God heals. He said to take the cloth to the sick person, have them read Acts 19:11 and then get them to say thank you seven times. Sometimes, we cannot understand why such specifics are mentioned as it is not written in the bible. But he is merely obeying what the Holy Spirit tells him to do. He quoted Namman’s experience in 2 Kings 5:10-14. Naaman was abhorred that he had to soak himself in the dirty river Jordan 7 times when God who is all powerful and mighty can just wave his hand and heal him from leprosy. God wants us to obey him and it starts with simple obedience.

By the way that old man was one of the “Wall of Fire” team member's dad and I knew she had brought her father for healing. I turned in amazement to my team leader to hear that he is healed now and she looked at me calmly and just nodded as if to say “Yes, after all this is a miracle rally”. Ps Vernon personally laid his hands on all who came forward to receive healing. Before that he said that while he prayed, we will start to experience the miracle and true enough my mum’s stiff neck was healed and this lady’s eye cleared up and she could see well again. There were many other testimonies, even an lady suffering from alzheimers who could do a big turn without falling down, a young man who could walk again after an accident, a young lady free from feeling depressed, a man suffering from rheumatoid healed from leg and back pain and many many more! Praise to the Lord! All Glory to God! 100 souls were saved that night as they came forward to receive Christ and to say the sinners’ prayers. Praise be to God! The angels sing.

The holy spirit would prompt Ps Vernon the sickness to be called out and one by one all of us received healing. I heard “lung cancer” and I just received the healing, crying all the time. None of the students were allowed to come forward for healing as we were all on duty. I was in the "Wall of Fire" team praying in the spirit the whole time. Ps Vernon ministered to the students one by one after the public left and I was slain again crying the whole time receiving healing. Even my pink shawl was prayed over and I had wanted to bring it over to Aunty Beverly but it is not to be.

All who came to be healed and believed received healing, even non Christians. That is the beauty of God’s love. He was there to show His power, might and love and to just reach out to those who have yet to know Him. I pray you will reach out your hand too and receive Him as your Lord and Saviour.

To live is Christ, to die is gain

I want to share with you a poem shared by Marvin.

Philippians 1:21 - 'To live is Christ, to die is gain.'
A prayer from the 17th century Puritans (Earth and Heaven).

O Lord, I live here as a fish in a vessel of water,
only deep enough to keep me alive,
but in heaven I shall swim in the ocean.
Here I have a little air in me to keep me breathing,
but there I shall have sweet and fresh gales;
Here I have a beam of sun to lighten my darkness,
a warm ray to keep me from freezing;
yonder I shall live in light and warmth for ever.
My natural desires are corrupt and misguided,
and it is thy mercy to destroy them;
My spiritual longings are thy planting,
and thou wilt water and increase them;
Quicken my hunger and thirst after the realm above.
Here I can have the world,
there I shall have thee in Christ;
Here is a life of longing and prayer,
there is assurance without suspicion,
asking without refusal;
Here are gross comforts,
more burden than benefit,
there is joy without sorrow,comfort without suffering,
love without inconsistency,rest without weariness.
Give me to know that heaven is all love,
where the eye affects the heart,
and the continual viewing of thy beauty
keeps the soul in continual transports of delight.
Give me to know that heaven is all peace,
where error, pride, rebellion, passion raise no head.
Give me to know that heaven is all joy,
the end of believing, fasting, praying,
mourning, humbling, watching, fearing, repining;
And lead me to it soon.

Holy Spirit - "Do nothing/ teachings /Dennis/ Aunty Beverly

These days the voice of the holy spirit is stronger. The other day while driving on my way to see my colleagues at Brickfields I sensed a strong message “DO NOTHING”. I said “What Lord. I want to buy my friends doughnuts. Are you saying not to buy them doughnuts?” I did not hear anything else so I purchased the doughnuts from Mid Valley. As I drove out he said “Just rest in the Lord. Do nothing”. Oh I see. I understand Lord.

I used to have this sense of self pity that even my colleagues are not interested in my state of affairs. I know it’s not true because of my sound mind but now I realize it is a condemnation from the devil. It is such freedom to know this truth and to just stand firm on what God says about me and that is sufficient for me. I had a good time with my colleagues free from any negative impressions and even managed to testify to one of my colleagues. We were out having lunch and suddenly I was worried I would get a fine for double parking. She told me “You pray to your Godlah”. So I did. And I also remembered he said “Just rest in the Lord. Do nothing”. So after praying, I continued chatting till lunch was over and when we both reached the car, there was no parking fine. Whew! Praise the Lord! Such are little lessons for me daily to just go with the flow and to listen for His voice.

I learned from Deeper Life Seminar which was like a refresher course for me for what I learned in CCF many years ago about the Holy Spirit. So, I wanted to share with you to refresh your memory and also to check up the bible verses during your quiet time.

The holy spirit:

- Is a distinct person (Matthew 28:18), NOT a force like “The force be with you”

- Is not tongues (some groups may believe so). He gives the ability to speak in tongues but is not tongues

- Is not a part of God. He is God but there are no 3 Gods. They are 3 in one.

- He is to be treated as God (Acts 5:3,4)

- He lives in us (1 Corinthians 3:16)

- He is everywhere. In Psalm 139:7 it is written “Where can I go from your spirit”. God is omnipresent. He is everywhere the same time. The devil is not omnipresent though he wants you to think so. He makes his little demons to run around.

God is ominipotent. In Luke 1:37, it is written “For nothing is impossible for God”. He is all powerful, unlimited in power and ability. “I can do all things IN CHRIST who gives me strength”. In Acts 10:38 it is written, “how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.”

That same power is within us which we must learn to exercise our authority. We have the holy spirit in us and we have the ability to cast out demons and put it under our feet. This is really important for us to take home because most of the time we play down the spiritual realm and when we feel afraid or angry or in habitual sin, we just carry on doing so and think it is just human nature and try picking ourselves up on our own strength. I does not work that way once we are Christians. We can discern our weakness and what the bible says we are. We can discern our weaknesses and the thoughts injected into our minds form the evil one and we can cast it out in the name of Jesus.

Once we understand we have the following, we can live a new life and the old self will just have to go (and we DON'T even have to make an effort to change):

- God’s omnipotence in us (more powerful than the devil for “He who is in us in greater than He who is in the world”)
- The Name of Jesus
- The Word of God

I have heard people say I have changed but I don’t realize it or I can’t quite grasp what I have done because I didn’t do anything. To me, I am just seeking Him and growing in the Lord with the least of effort because I know the Holy Spirit is in me guiding me. John 16:13 “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.”

Interestingly, in 1 John 2:27 it says “ do not need anyone to teach you”. This is so true at the beginning of my journey because the holy spirit gives me revelation, opens my eyes to give me knowledge from the bible, from sermons, from friends and family. But Margaret Falls says there is also a time of learning from outside in seminars, church etc as some saints (Christians) have been given gifts to teach- to equip other saints.

Ephesians 4:11-12
”It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.”

For example, William Fay who equips Christians with his teaching on how to “Share Jesus without Fear”. Our homegroup has just started with his book and cd and it is really powerful yet simple. We were very blessed by Dennis’ sharing and teaching last Friday. We are learning from Dennis as he is a living example of evangelism as a lifestyle. We are really so happy to have him back in the Lord free from discouragement, his soul arise! Praise the Lord!

Yesterday, during quiet time after still claiming healing for Aunty Beverly and casting out the spirit of death, fear and pain, I sensed the holy spirit prompting me to give her a call to lay hands on her to pray a prayer of healing for her. I know she is at her last moments from the sms received so it was a bit awkward to ask Uncle Tet Shin. But I felt I had to because I have to obey. So I did. Then, I heard from Uncle Tet Shin that she is mostly unconscious, that they hear God’s prompting that this is His sovereign will and they must obey. That there is a time and place for everything and to pray for her comfort. If they hear God’s rhema to them, then I have to let go and I started to cry. Ps Sasha, Ps Chris and Elaine prayed for me after class to be free from any guilt or condemnation, for the holy spirit to comfort me (Acts 9:31). And on the way home, I prayed for the holy spirit to comfort Aunty Beverly and to take away all her pain.

As Charles Spurgeon wrote:

"God the Holy Ghost is a very loving Comforter. I am in distress, and want consolation. Some passer-by hears of my sorrow, and he steps within, sits down and essays to cheer me; he speaks soothing words; but he loves me not, he is a stranger, he knows me not at all, he has only come in to try his skill; and what is the consequence? His words run o'er me like oil upon a slab of marble—they are like the pattering rain upon the rock; they do not break my grief; it stands unmoved as adamant, because he has no love for me. But let someone who loves me dearly as his own life come and plead with me, then truly his words are music; they taste like honey; he knows the password of the doors of my heart, and my ear is attentive to every word; I catch the intonation of each syllable as it falls, for it is like the harmony of the harps of heaven. Oh, there is a voice in love, it speaks a language which is its own, it is an idiom and an accent which none can mimic; wisdom cannot imitate it; oratory cannot attain unto it; it is love alone which can reach the mourning heart; love is the only handkerchief which can wipe the mourner's tears away. And is not the Holy Ghost a loving Comforter? Dost thou know, O saint, how much the Holy Spirit loves thee? Canst thou measure the love of the Spirit? Dost thou know how great is the affection of His soul towards thee? Go, measure heaven with thy span; go, weigh the mountians in the scales; go, take the ocean's water, and tell each drop; go, count the sand upon the seals wide shore; and when thou hast accomplished this, thou canst tell how much He loveth thee. He has loved thee long; He has loved thee well; He loved thee ever; and He still shall love thee. Surely He is the person to comfort thee, because He loves. Admit Him, then, to your heart, O Christian that He may comfort you in your distress. "

The Holy Spirit loves us very much. Admit Him then into your heart.