Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Someone I know just called me and said her sis had her womb removed and found cancer. I gave her a guide to what I eat, so thought I'd share it with all of you too so you can pass on to those who might need it. If they are very disciplined they can go on Gerzhen diet which requires consumption of 13 fruit juices a day. So tiring. I won't have time for God! Praise God that this diet works for me. All glory to God! I have started taking fish since 3 weeks ago. Cod only and only once a week. :)

No salt, no oil during cooking, no sugar, no dairy except yoghurt, no eggs

Juicing twice a day (carrot + apple + flax seed + nuts if u like), (celery + apple + flax seed), (strawberries/blueberries + banana +lettuce + yoghurt) The idea is more vege for fibre.
Try not to buy to ripe fruits eg banana buy when green and just as it gets ripe, use it.
Green apples - get rid of any brown parts which has bacteria

Early morning - drink a glass of water w lemon 30 mins before any breakfast. Helps detox.

- Juicing (always drink juice first before food else fruit will rot on top of food)
- rest 30 mins
- rolled oats (organis shop) + soya powder (irganic shop) and warm water + raisins/chopped fruits
- toast bread (Adventis bread from cold storage) w fruit jam (no sugar)

- brown rice (5 grain rice or 10 grain rice from organic shop) + leafy vege cooked in a bit of water n garlic. Dash some olive oil/flax seed oil on top of vege
- any organic noodles (very wide choice) + (soup stock cooked with onions, cut carrots, mushrooms, kei chi, dates, leafy vege)

Juicing before dinner

quinoa (grain from organic shop (2 water:1 quinoa) + salad (mixed leaves) (salad dressing: lemon, olive oil, a bit of honey (manuka active/ 100% honey make sure no sugar)
add quinoa w onions, cut carrots, mushrooms, kei chi, dates, leafy vege and water and eat it soupy

Snacks - dried fruits eg apricot, figs, all sorts of nuts

E Excel Products. I take a lot of E Excel Products eg milenium (cactus juice n ginseng), nutriact (polysacharides), noco (respiratory), act (action), art (bones), circle (heart), lidan (for liver), nutrifresh (20 fruits n vege), herba (circulation)

It is good to take minimum milenium for recovery and nutriact to kill the cancer cells (32 times more powerful)

I think there should be E Excel distributors around to provide you with information and cds to listen to how immunology helps boost your immune system to generate T cells to fight the cancer cells.

If you can't find any, I can help find you one to contact you.

There were many people who recommended me products but i chose E excel because behind E excel is a Taiwanese doctor (Dr Chen) whose life long goal is to prevent cancer through immunology. Much research has gone into the potency of the product so we won't have to consume so much to reach that same potency required.

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