Friday, March 11, 2011

Ethan prays for mummy

Ethan prays for mummy

During bedtime on Monday, Ethan suddenly said his battery was low and then said "Mummy, your battery is low too because you cough, cough, cough. Your battery will go down, down, down". I told Ethan he should pray for me. Ethan prayed "Father God, please take mummy's cough away. In Jesus' name. Amen". Then he adds "Now, your battery is up, up, up!". So, Henry and I both claimed healing!

The next morning, I received a sms from Maria of Elpizo (one of the committee members) saying God burdened her heart to pray for me on Monday night as well as the following morning! 

The above came about soon after I have been crying out to God to ease this cough and take away the soreness in the chest area. I know nothing is a coincidence with God. It is like communicating to God spirit to spirit and this is how He responded. The next morning, I went to Elpizo and as I thanked Maria for praying for me, she said that when she senses God asking her to pray for someone specific, she will drop praying for others and just focus prayer for that someone. She set aside praying for the other cancer overcomers as well as Malaysia just to pray for me! I was nearly in tears when she told me this. 

Helen called me this afternoon to check how I am doing after taking  the stem tech pills. I told her about the soreness at the chest area and she said it could be a healing crisis. I pray it is so. Last month, shortly after taking the stem tech pills I had ultra painful menses experience like those during teenage time! But I have overcome that now and this month's is smooth sailing.

Last night, Henry showed me a little note from a man whose wife was diagnosed with lung cancer 28 months ago had her last scan on 9 March 2011 showing her tumor is now gone from taking low dose naltrexone. Henry said "Read it and be encouraged." I pray you will be too.

Praise the Lord! He heard my cries and He answered me! He loves me and gets others to pray for me, gives me information to encourage me. Thank you Jesus! I thank you all for praying for me.

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