Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Thank you Aunty Kiki for providing me monthly with Amway's Double X and Nutrilite Nutri Bifidus. Thank you Pantai Baptist Church for your blessings through financial assistance. Thank you Siew Har for the E excel balm to ease the soreness around the chest area! Praise the Lord for your many blessings and prayers!

Half of the right sde of my head was in mild headache for the past week. I kept applying balm to relieve the headache and finally, after the past two days of self "guasa" to just scrape the head and cause the blood to flow again, the pain finally left me. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus for good idea.

I am still coughing. The soreness in the chest area seems to have gone down a little. I really believe it is a battle of the mind that I am facing and I received a confirmation by word of knowledge from Ps Inky at Elpizo when she held my hands and saw a beautiful princess with hair all prettily done up sitting on a beautiful throne, legs together, hands neatly together but dressed in beggar's clothing. It is as if something is robbing me of the victory I have in Jesus and I know she meant all the different symptoms that are pulling me down and discouraging me eg cough, soreness in chest and then the headache. It is so wonderful to know that it is not only I who see it as a battle of the mind but also this pastor who does not know me.

She started pulling out all these evil spirits that is holding me back from the victory in Christ, from preventing me to wear "beautiful clothes" because that is my heritage in Christ!

My faith just rose and my spirit encouraged when Ps Inky prayed that prayer over my life. Sometimes, the evil spirits can be so discouraging, I feel I have lost my voice to praise and sing to Him or even pray in tongues but my mind is renewed now and I am going to pray in tongues even more now with the help of the holy spirit!

Please pray that God will strengthen me by the power of the holy spirit in my inner man.

Ps Inky gave us 4 points to take home today:
1. Choose to understand that God knows our situation by depending on the holy spirit. Choose to have an appetite for God and your joy will be restored.

2. Accept your destiny. Not in the sense to be become mellow and expect to die but to accept your destiny and fight the battle. We prepare our spirit to be strong and vigilant. Our faith level will arise as the holy spirit is in us. As we walk the journey with victory our transformed lives will be a testimony to others to God's glory.

3. Arise to go the extra mile to care for others even when we don't feel like it. As we help others, even our energy level and our faith level will arise.

4. Forgiveness. Choose to forgive. Ask God to help us to articulate it out.

I asked Philson how he is doing after taking the low dose naltrexone He said he has been taking only for a week and he showed me thumbs up! He said he is feeling good and sleeping like a babe! Praise the Lord!

As for me, my energy level is up except I still cough. I no longer have any nerve pain. Praise the Lord! In Jesus name, I pray for your healing power to flow through the naltrexone, stem tech pills and all the nutrients I am taking to just boost up my immune system and cause all the natural killer cells to arise to hunt down and destroy all the cancer cells. I curse the seed and the root of all the cancer cells within me. I command all inflamation in my bronchi to die down in Jesus' name. I bind and break all spirit of affliction and spirit of cancer and cast them into the deepest depths of the sea in Jesus' name. Father God, let your abundant life flow through me with every breathe I take in Jesus' name. Holy spirit, quicken my mortal body. I believe that by Jesus' stripes I am healed and made whole. In Jesus' name I pray Amen.


  1. Hi Liz, will try to pass the tea to you on Monday...God Bless

  2. Hi Audrey! Greeeeeeeattttttt! Drinking white tea meanwhile. :)