Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update - Psalm 92

This morning I could sing! Normally, the first words spoken are the worse in the morning. I will sing and cough, sing and cough. I notice I don't cough so much in church or in bible study during worship. I think it is because so many of us are there praising God together, we are encouraging each other in singing and God inhabits the praises of His people. So, amazingly, my voice is strong and I can praise aloud. So, I praise God this morning because I could sing in understanding and also in the spirit.

Psalm 92:1-2
"It is good to praise the LORD 
   and make music to your name, O Most High, 
proclaiming your love in the morning..."

Psalm 92:4
"For you make me glad by your deeds, LORD; 
   I sing for joy at what your hands have done."

I thanked God for Marvin's sermon yesterday. Only the day before, Nic asked why he still had bad dreams even though Henry prayed for him. Nic said innocently "Is it because Father God was busy?". Father God is never too busy, He never sleeps. We told him it is because he didn't believe in the prayer. He uses prayer like a talisman rather than actually believing in God to deliver him. I understand from the sermon that it is also because we give up too easily. We are too pray boldly, pressing in, foot at the door, manfully, with perseverance. I am not sure whether Nic understood me so I asked him to repeat and he said "to keep praying and not give up".

I believe it is the same when asking God for healing. We are to press on, never giving up because God's promises are true because God cannot lie. We are to persevere manfully and not take it lying down and wait and see whether it is His will to heal ie passive. The bible shows that all who came to Jesus was healed. What Paul faced (the thorn in the flesh in 2 Corinthians 12:7) I believe was not sickness but an affliction by a messenger of Satan to torment him and God allowed it to keep him humble. I say this so that my reading of the bible makes sense else in every part of the bible. Maybe one day I will have a clearer understanding.

Psalm 92:5
How great are your works, LORD, 
   how profound your thoughts!"

I also thank God that my cough has reduced since yesterday. Nic noticed I didn't cough in the morning. Although, I did cough later, it is much lesser. I do notice that when I sweat and I get a chill, I start to cough non stop. So, I have to wipe dry, drink some hot water and keep warm. 

I had so much energy yesterday, I could host dinner for Helen and her family. I whipped out some Jamie Oliver burgers from his book "jamie's dinners". Little Ethan helped prepare the hors d'œuvre. First, he laid out the Kraft Ritz biscuits on a tray. Then, he placed a teaspoon of tuna mix and  arranged crisscross strips of cucumber on top of each biscuit. When our guests came, they did not touch the hors d'œuvre. He noticed it remained untouched after dinner so he said "Why no one eat the biscuits?". We were all so amused at his reaction, we started gulping down his creation and watched him cheer up.

Little Ethan also helped me with the mashed potato because he asked me "Is there any more work for me?" When his brother came back from English class, Ethan told his brother "kor kor, I mashed the potatoes!".

So, I lift my hands today for a wonderful day yesterday and for new healing - the first signs of reduction of cough. Although, we do not need good food for God to heal us because His one spoken word would do, I thank God that He used the low dose naltrexone and the stem tech pills (I am into my 6th bottle) to strengthen my immune system. Thank you so much to all of you for praying for my cough to go away.

Psalm 92:10-11
" You have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox; 
   fine oils have been poured on me. 
My eyes have seen the defeat of my adversaries; 
   my ears have heard the rout of my wicked foes."

Yes, you cancer, you cough, you are defeated adversaries and God has routed you in Jesus' name! To God be the glory!

Psalm 92:8

", LORD, are forever exalted."

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  1. Hi Liz,

    If not compassion, grace. Regardless, sickness or other affliction, 2 Cor 12:9's "My grace is sufficient for you" holds true. Wait in grace for the compassion, continue to trust Him (faith), continue to serve Him (love), and continue to hope in Him (hope).

    PS: I have an article written, "Grace means this, too! I will put it up on my blog in 2 - 3 days time. Watch out for it.