Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update - Feeling Very Blessed

Last week and only last week I realised that the nightmare of my mum's house being burgled came true! I had the dream of the thief in September 2009. I remember my heart was beating very fast and I called my sister then to be careful because she was the one featured in my dream. It must be all the praying back then because by God's grace, my mum came home in time and the thief escaped through the backlane of my mum's house just like in my dream. Though things were stolen, it could have been worse and my mum said God gave her the grace not to be overwhelmed by the incident.

It made me realise that if this dream came true then my other very real dream about the bird parade and the elephant balloon will come true too and I rejoiced! Suddenly, when I started to recall the dream with a large variety of birds in the sky in 3 phases, I realised that I am now definitely in Phase 2. Phase 2 is the challenging part of my journey but I had told myself in the dream that I would be able to make it because I love classical music (in the dream). Now I realise that the "classical music" is Father God himself and the variety of birds represent "blessings of many kinds". These past few months alone, I have been so blessed from the Bali trip, the boys brigade fun fair, the Camerons trip, the tax refund for both Henry and I that paid back our Bali trip (including shopping), Ethan's birthday and the endless surprises at Get Crafty, Nic's boys brigade photo shoot that he did not miss, Nic's experience with the holy spirit, prayers by all of you and many many more. It's just blessings upon blessings, of every sort!

I just want to thank you again for walking this journey with me and experiencing with me the grace from God. He is truly a loving God who just wants the best for his children. The past week, I've been thinking about Jesus' righteousness transfered to us as our curse was transfered to Him. I wonder where is the scripture for this but I've heard it from several preachers now. I think it has something to do with the sacrifices of goats and bulls that God demanded long ago and during that time their righteousness only lasted a year before they became sin-conscious again. But today, Jesus has paid it all, once and for all and His righteousness rest on us forever! We are the righteousness of God in Christ all because of what Jesus did for us. I am so thankful to Jesus for this. All glory to God! Thank you Lord for the many blessings that you bestow upon me and my family AND for all who are believing! :)

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