Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trust the Power of God

1 Corinthians 2:5
“I did this so that you might trust the power of God rather than human wisdom”

Our home group just started on a new study book “The Father of Israel – Trusting God’s Promises” following a series of Marvin’s preaching in FBC a few months ago. Chapter 1 of this book made me recall what God spoke to me through the bible on the first night at the hospital to go and speak whatever He commands and for that calling I had to step out in faith in baby steps to overcome my fear of men. It has been a year since that calling and it’s so easy to revert to human wisdom, to shoot it down like He never spoke to me, like it was all in my mind but I know He did because His sheep hears His voice.

My dad visited me recently and brought me a July newspaper article in which Dr Ibrahim of Wijaya Hospital was interviewed regarding targeted therapy. Reading it, I sense that there is not much hope in the drug except maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. If I were to follow human wisdom, then I would perpetually be under the scourge from cancer and being sustained only by the drug. But THERE IS hope in God for God’s promise to me is that I would live to proclaim His wondrous works. He has continued to encourage me through His words from the bible, signs in the sky, visions of a soldier shooting the cancer down, dream of triumphant entry and many many more encouragements including words from God through friends and only yesterday, from a pastor from Glad Tidings. All these are supernatural for God is supernatural.

Often, I find that my human wisdom continues to tear down this hope I have in God UNLESS I pick up the bible and hear His words or when I spend time in quietness with Him and let Him speak to my spirit.

So, I received much consolation going through Abraham’s journey because he too faced fears, fear of not knowing where he was going next, fear of dying in a famine, fear of not being to feed his entire household that followed him, fear of losing his wife to the Pharoah and again to King Abimilech, fear of not knowing where his descendant would come from when both he and his wife were barren.

Yet, if only Abraham knew better, he would not make the mistakes he made and it is a reminder to me that God has spoken to me and His word to me is that I will live. That is His rhema to me. I met K on Monday who was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago and she said that while studying about the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead during BSF, she sensed God telling her that she too will not die but live to glorify God. That’s God’s rhema to her! Whoo hooo! I told her to just hold on to God’s promise to her, God has spoken, His sheep hears His voice and He would be faithful to her just like He was to Abraham.

Likewise, I too will stand on His word and His rhema to me and just rest in Him. I will trust the power of God rather than my own human wisdom. I walk by faith and not by sight. I will wait upon the Lord.

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