Monday, August 2, 2010

Nic's first experience with the Holy Spirit

Last Sunday, I witnessed Nic being prompted by the holy spirit and good came out of his obedience. So, I used the opportunity to tell him that this is the holy spirit that I have been talking about.

I was getting a bit discouraged because of late Nic has been wondering why Christians have no idols. Even Psalm 115 reports how the people of old thought like this as well:

Psalm 115:2-8

"Why should the nations say,
"Where is their God?"
Our God is in the heavens;
he does all that he pleases.
Their idols are silver and gold,
the work of human hands...."

..or like Aaron who made the golden calf in Exodus 32:1-4

"When the people saw how long it was taking Moses to come back down the mountain, they gathered around Aaron. “Come on,” they said, “make us some gods who can lead us...So Aaron said, “Take the gold rings from the ears of your wives and sons and daughters, and bring them to me.” ...Then Aaron took the gold, melted it down, and molded it into the shape of a calf.”

Nic said that other people's gods can be seen even in shopping complexes (oh dear, is that so) but where is our God, why can't we see Him? He says "I want to go to heaven to see God" and I explained to him all over again about how heaven is already in our heart. See how quickly they forget?! Then, I tried to explain the tabernacle to him again and his mind just drifted away. Worse still, during bible study 2 weeks ago I saw him sitting in a yoga position doing his "ohm". Oh no! We are Christians, our God is the God of heaven and earth. We do not bow down to idols nor do we go "ohm" and empty our minds. Instead, we fill our minds with God's living word that brings life to us!

Anyway, it was in a lift in Bangsar Village when this wonderful thing happened. Ethan was given a chance to press "B3" because Nic has always been given the opportunity to press the lift buttons. To make Nic happy, we told him to press B3 as well although it had already been lit up. We told him NOT to press other numbers because we saw his finger going to other buttons.

Then, I saw his finger hovering between B2 and B3 and finally he pressed B2 despite being told otherwise. So, Nic received a twist in his ear for disobeying me. Then the lady who was in the lift suddenly realised she needed to get off. She was busy texting and had fogotten to press any button and when she looked up, she was so thankful that Nic had pressed B2. Now, what Nic told me after that was what surprised me. He said "I don't know why I pressed the button". Then, it hit me it was the working of the holy spirit. I kissed Nic and apologised and was proud that he obeyed the voice of the holy spirit over my instructions and as a result, this lady was blessed. I explained to Nic, he had experienced the holy spirit. Now, can we see the Holy Spirit or hear Him loud and clear? No, normally, we won't. It is just an impression. We know it in our heart. And that's how Father God speaks to us.

I was really touched. I told Nic this is one sharing that he can tell his friends because it is a true testimony of how God worked in his life.

Is is just a coincidence? Nothing is a coincidence in the Kingdom of God. I was also thrilled to witness that God loves us so much - even down to the smallest moment when the lady had forgotten to press the lift button, He sent a little boy to rescue her. That is our God, a Father's love for us. And He did more than that, He sent us Jesus to rescue us from the sins of the world. If only we comprehend the magnitude of that act.

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