Monday, February 28, 2011

Nic's 8th Birthday at Get Crafty- Part 7

Nic gave us a pleasant surprise last night when he said aloud "I am trying my best" when asked why he was taking so long to answer a question during his homework session. His normal reaction would be to give a loud wailing whiny noise so we really praise God for another growth spurt after Nic turned 8. We encouraged him to continue to think that way rather than giving up and whining. When Nic starts to speak life that way, it will renew his mind too. Father God truly has "ephphatha" his brain since we prayed according to Mark 7:34-35. Nic complained that his christian friends have not even heard that term before and neither have some adults. I showed him Mark 7:34-35

"He (Jesus) looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, "Ephphatha" (which means "Be opened"). At this, the man's ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he begun to speak plainly."

It may not be that following the way Jesus healed works all the time but to us it is about believing everything that the bible says, the words that God gave us, the power of His words to those who believe. We draw so much comfort that God is fully in control when we follow Him and what he says about us.

Nic celebrated his 8th burthday recently at Get Crafty, One Utama. The pirate themed party was inspired by one of Nic's earlier phone games - Monkey Island. Shortly after we fixed the theme, Nic discovered a new love for Smurfs. That would be an interesting theme wouldn"t it? The party decorations at Get Crafty were so well done. They were like little stage props and the children had fun playing around the coconut trees, disguising as pirates and travelling in a little boat around the shop. Tea time snacks of croquette, egg and sardine sandwiches, fired mee hoon, chocolate eclairs, pizza squares, siew paus were served on nice big white dishes and all prepared by LAVA, a little tiny cafe downstairs near the Cold Storage supermarket. LAVA even baked Nic a lovely treasure box cake overflowing with treasures!

Nic's favourite cousin, Gwen

Happy Birthday Nic! We love you very much!
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