Monday, February 21, 2011

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Last Wednesday, Elaine taught me to make my first pair of earrings. It is actually very easy once you have all the beads and tools at hand. I can imagine Elaine preparing for dinner and saying to herself "Oooo, what earrings shall I make for myself today?" and then just string them up and pop on the ear hooks! Voila!

I've always wanted to make jewelry. During the CCF fun fair ages ago, our stall allowed men to make pendant necklaces for their girlfriends for RM5. That was such a funny sight for men's fingers are much bigger and watching them fumble with pliers and hooks was so hilarious.

So, thank you Elaine for taking me to new heights with jewelry making. I can't wait to sink in to bracelet making. :)

Later, Pastor Chris and Pastor Sasha and Goh arrived at her house for bible study and they ended up praying for healing for me. I remember I was feeling slightly unwell and cold at 4pm when we started singing. Even Ps Sasha shared later that she felt something was disrupting our worship earlier. They sat in a circle around me as they prayed and I remember Ps Sasha claiming that this perfect circle of love is what will hold us together in Him - that no enemy will be able to break through.

I think what Ps Sasha is saying where there is love between friends, between husband and wife, within community, it is more difficult for the devil to work its way in compared to if there is strife, anger or hurt in relationships, the devil will help fuel our minds with bad thoughts of the other person. So, the next time someone gossips of another person especially in church, remember not to participate but to pray instead for the person for where there is strife, lies every evil spirit!

Anyway, Ps Chris felt God's love, His compassion and mercy for me. He said he knows it is hard for us to understand how deep, how high, how wide is His love for us but He does love me (us) so much. I did for the longest time just know God's love only in my head. It is certainly true that each time I receive revelation of God's love, my faith in Him grows.

Last Friday, during bible study, Henry encouraged us to imagine Jesus sitting on a chair next to us rather than picturing Him in heaven faraway. Today, I watched Brother Leong Po Lye's testimony cd how a lady with stage 3B stomach cancer was told by Bro Leong to picture Jesus standing in front of her. In her quiet time she did and she saw Jesus in mediteranian clothing standing in front of her and she fell to His feet crying for a long time and she felt Jesus hand on her head. She saw scars on her hands. She told Jesus that this did not belong to her but to Jesus and Jesus said to her that He did it so she would know how much He loved her (that He died for her sins). That was her encounter with Jesus and from that day on she just got better and better until her cancer marker went back to normal range within the next few months. It always starts with a revelation of God's love for us and we can only do that if we spend time with Jesus. And sometimes, I would deliberately switch off the TV! Every time I lie down and start to speak God's words aloud, I feel all the uneasiness around my chest area just go away and my breathing starts to ease up and I become more relaxed in Him.

What Ps Chris said to me touched me. He said God loved me so much and He has seen my desire for healing and He will grant the desires of my heart for healing. That just made me cry because I love God so much too. The night before, I asked God "What work would you like me to do?". I shared it with the group because so happens that was going to be their study for next week. As they prayed for me, Ps Sasha said the first word she received was 1 Corinthians 14:1 and she told me to pray about it.

1 Corinthians 14:1
"Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy"

Ps Shirley Cash said the same about me during the Deeper life Seminar last October. She said I may be afraid to say it at first if God were to tell me something but she told me not to be afraid and just be obedient. I am not sure how all this works but I just ask God to show me and help me understand all this.

I felt so good after the healing prayer. I felt stronger and even though that night I dreaded to take Nic out for music class for I wasn't feeling too well earlier, I actually had stamina to last the entire night until Henry came home. I even took the kids for a night cap at Coffee Bean and Ethan who was so hungry then was so thankful, he gave me a kiss and a hug. Kids really make my heart melt. Praise the Lord! I thank you for completely healing me. I thank you for the victory won! Thank you Jesus! There is no one else like You!

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