Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update - Feeling stronger and stronger

Update- Feeling stronger and stronger

Chinese New Year's eve has passed today and it was a good day. :) Thank you Jesus! For Henry's family, the celebration starts during the day and I was wondering whether I would survive it all knowing that my body needs rest. So, I had to plan bringing down all my supplements, health drinks, lunch, tea and dinner change of clothes etc on top of the boy's stuff. Even my mum was a bit flustered in the morning and when all the preparation was over she was relieved that she finally got to sit down. Ha ha. I was thinking of saying "welcome to the bunny's world!" Gee, it felt like we were going on a holiday but it was only to Henry's grandma's place. Henry's grandma is 98 years old, still going strong mentally and our kids are so blessed to still have their great grandma to kiss and hug.

At the reunion, the only food I miss is the family's renown pork balls. At a glance, all their food is different shades of brown with no green vege at sight! So, I am glad I am eating healthy. :)

Then, I had a good rest at my mother in law's house while the kids continued to play with their cousins. During the night reunion, we got to chat up with Henry's cousins whom we've not met a long time. One even brought home his Spanish girlfriend! Ole! No culture barrier, I saw her gambling with the more senior folks!

It's amazing. I really feel stronger and stronger everyday. The measly cough is still there but if I keep warm and drink my hot serai tea wherever I go, I notice I don't cough as much. I absolutely have no more aches and pains anywhere today. Praise the Lord! I had a bit of pain on my left rib for awhile, headache of the right side of my head but after lots of binding and breaking, prayers and fifth day of low dose naltrexone, the pain has gone! Henry said headache is another side effects of the drug.

So, it is a good day today. I just had a really good rest but suddenly woke up at 1 am. Might as well give thanks to Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for taking ALL my pain away. Thank you for a lovely reunion dinner with Henry's family. Thank you for my mum who prepared much for me this morning. Thank you for strength. Thank you for my family! Thank you for fireworks in the air! Thank you Lord for everything! Amen!


  1. And I thank you Lord for Liz....for being a shining light reflecting God's love, faithfulness and joy....HUGS!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Gong xi fa xai to u and your family! :)

    Love n hugs,
    Liz Henry Nic n Ethan

  3. so glad to know that the medication is working and God is of course working too! now that the reunion is over, hope that you would have a good time resting! :)