Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overcoming Spiritual Attack

Overcoming spiritual attack

Of late and really ever since the our maid's episode, Henry and I have discovered the power of prayer in agreement based on Matthew 18:19. I just want to share with you another recent testimony of how not only is prayer more powerful when two on earth agree about anything we ask for that it will be done by God, but also prayer from our spouse is very powerful because it is heartfelt and in Henry's case, he means business against the evil forces!

Last Sunday, I was feeling a bit of pain on my right rib and sometimes I think it is all in the head so I decided to press the rib to see where the pain is and I found it. Every now and then I would check it again and it is still there. Sigh. I prayed against it. I read God's words to overcome it but the pain is still there. 

Henry saw me pressing my rib and he asked what is the matter. I told him this slight pain on the rib just started that day. I asked Henry to pray for me and so he laid hands on my rib and he started to bind and break the spirit of affliction that it will have no hold over me for I am a temple of God etc and we both said Amen in agreement.

Within the next 30 minutes to an hour, there was no more pain even though I pressed on the same spot! Then Henry said "It's an attack againlah". "What attack?" I asked. "It is a spiritual attack again" he said. It really was. Even though the pain is real, it was all just a lie from the enemy to cast doubts in the victory I already have in Him. In that way, the battle against disease can sometimes be difficult because the pain is real but when we are children of God - even pain, sickness, fear and death have no power, no dominion over us for God who is in us is greater than the devil in the world!

Be encouraged my friends. :)

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