Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update- Admitted to Sg Buloh Hospital on 12/9/11 at 1.30 am

Update - admitted to Sg Buloh Hospital on 12/9/11  at 1.30 am

It was an interesting ordeal for me since it never happened to me before and I could not remember the main crisis part so it wasn't scary for me. I had to interview Henry and my mum to fill in the blanks. I can imagine it was a really scary and anxious time for Henry and my mum. So, here is recalling (with some help) what happened.

12/9/11 at 12.45 am

Henry told me I asked him to take me to toilet (even this I can't remember!) When I returned to bed, I got into a fit for few minutes -  my eyes rolled up and I clenched my hands to my side.

My mum said I fainted for a while and my eyes opened to look around but I was not responding to any of them. They called the ambulance and the men came to our room to take me into the ambulance. Apparently as I was so uncomfortable on the cold  stretcher, it was cold metal that I screamed "Dear, help me, help me! I am so cold! and there was adrenaline rush, I was so strong that I sat up! They brought along my quilt. :)

It was only at the Sg Buloh hospital at 2 am that I first recalled when I opened my eyes and i was wondering why I was in the hospital and which hospital. Henry and I were in the Accident and Emergency Ward (A & E Ward) when they finally placed me in ward 4D at 6 pm after 16 hours. It did turn out that A & E ward was better coz it was air conditioned, the service was better coz there were more staff in a smaller section. It was still comfortable in ward 4D coz we each had a ceiling fan over every bed. God poured rain everyday, His showers of blessings to cool the weather each day! Praise the Lord!

They first put oxygen as soon as I was in the ambulance and I kept fighting against it until about 2 am. They continued with oxygen when I was in A & E and they gave me saline and sodium drip as soon as the doc diagnosed me for low in sodium.

Day 2 - 13/9/11

Still groggy but better appetite today. Still on drip for more saline.

Day 3 - 14/9/11

I found out the doctor was going to withdraw fluid from my lungs even though we didn't suggest. Now that is really scary for me. I always thought withdrawing was from the lungs itself but apparently not! The fluid is outside the lungs and pushing the lungs so that it is difficult to expand. He poked a tiny needle in on my ride side of the ribcage after local anesthesia onto the spot and he managed to suck out 1.2 liters of straw fluid with a bit of blood stain. 

Doc still insist I stay an additional night because my sodium level was only 1.26 and not hit the recommended 1.30 level yet. I was immediately put back on the drip. 

I had some aches on my bum coz of so much rest and difficulty sleeping so guess what I received? 5 ml of morphine! It taste like bitter 7 up ha ha! They had no codeine DF118, only morphine. Interesting.

Day 4  - 15/9/11

After another bag of sodium in saline, I finally hit the sodium level of 130! praise the Lord! I was finally discharged at 12.30 pm and the timing was very good as we had time to go home to freshen up, rest and make our way to Heartscan Bangsar to meet Dr Beh for the Gendicine treatment which must take place every 3 to 4 days. 

The blessed experience from the few minutes of fit which I do not remember suffering was my sodium level was pumped up and the fluid was withdrawn from outside my lungs and I was fed with more oxygen. :) thank you Jesus. That is what You mean when Your best interest takes place from certain ordeals!

Back with Dr Beh, he decided he would use the saline drip to carry out both P53 and for the withdrawal of fluid outside the lungs. This was because a scan showed that there was still a lot of fluid which was adding pressure to the lungs still causing me breathlessness when I move around.

He poked from the same area as Dr Aaron Hew of Sg Buloh hospital did.  But it was all dry even after several poking. He said that means me the whiteness on the scan represents blood clot which is worse coz it is nothing Dr Beh can do. It hit me suddenly that is how God will show me when there is a turnaround, it is through His hand in whatever He will use or directly from His power. Now, it seems impossible to men but all things are possible with God. I put my hope and my trust in God because I AM HELPED! :) Praise the Lord! :)

We bought an oxygen machine and a heart and oxygen pacer from Maycare in Bangsar. Ethan is so cute. He loves to measure his oxygen level to 100 and quickly passes the pacer to me so that I can get 100 too! Such a joy. Without the pacer my reading for oxygen level is 92. Normal is between 95 to 100. My heart rate can be between 80 to 111 even resting! Currently with the oxygen tube on, my oxygen level is 98 and my heartbeat resting is 92.

Thank you for all your love, prayer and support even by visits from some of you. :) We feel so loved! :) Thank you so very much especially for Henry who must have gone through a lot each day running  up and down and even going back home each night and back every morning. 

Ethan says "poor thing" to me and I said "no" and he quickly corrects himself and say "mummy is strong and healthy in Jesus' name!" :) he is entertaining me now with lots of his art work, a heart, 2 combs, a fan and a flat lantern of cowboys and aliens all made of paper. Very entertaining. Nic is just happy I am home with them right now. I miss them all too. :)


  1. My deepest prayers and thoughts are with you always Liz... How I wish I am back home to be able to visit you and just give you a big warm loving hug..... *hugs*

  2. Dear Patricia,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. I am feeling stronger today. :)

    Love n hugs,

  3. Hey Liz, hope you are resting well. Please let us know when we are able to visit. All of our deepest prayers for your speedy recovery. Love to my Gd son and Nic.

  4. Dear Audrey,
    Hi hi u can come over anytime except my voice quite soft n tendency to cough at the moment but alert. :)
    Do tell pat the same. Thanks.

  5. Okie dokie but what would be a good time for you?

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