Friday, September 9, 2011

Update - P53 Gendicine treatment #5

Update - P53 Gendicine treatment #5

Day 1 - Treatment and Right after Gendicine treatment #5

Before the treatment, I was feeling so weak and I had poor appetite, only a quarter of a bowl of sphaghetti. At Heartscan Bangsar, it  took me awhile to climb the stairs. Although Henry let me watch "The Banquet", I was so tired most of the time. Towards the end, after the nurse gave me a snack, I felt energized. After the treatment #5, I immediately felt stronger, able to walk faster, appetite returned partly because voltran was injected into me. Henry and i even had dinner together to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary which was on 8 September! Prior to treatment we weren't sure whether we could celebrate and mummy wanted me to eat at home. But that ain't no celebration. It would seem everything is normal coz it would be over my leftover sphaghetti. Later at night, mild headache developed.  I took a panadol and an arcoxia. My voice was still like a whisper and mummy and Henry had to strain their ears to hear me. 

Day 2 - the morning after treatment #5

Surprise, surprise! The first thing Henry said when I woke up and spoke was that I am stronger today because my voice was stronger. :) Praise the Lord! I walked faster and I even wanted to go out for a very short walk. But as soon as I opened the gate and returned the keys to the house, I was panting again! So sweet of Henry who immediately encouraged that by next week, I would not be breathless anymore because Dr Beh said he will evaluate me on Monday and schedule a day to take out any fluid from my lungs. I would normally be afraid but after two years I am bold as a lion according to God's word! Still a bit fearful but I look towards God's words and His promises. 

That was my bunny self again trying to exercise again. I had to lie down and try again a few minutes to exercise again later. Alas it was drizzling! So, we guessed God did not want me to go out. I walked around the house and in the garden for a wee while and actually that was enough for me. Had to rest again. I started to cough quite a bit when swallowing the tablets. Funnily I was not in the mood in doing so and instead started a coughing frenzy. That made me weak again and my voice went back to a whisper. Sigh. Still I rest and went to tidy up my wardrobe. Imagine I could not do any of this before. I just have to keep resting in between so as not to overstrain myself. It is like going to gym and checking your heart rate now and then so as not to overstrain but imagine my level now! I observed that my appetite is back to good again ie a full breakfast and juice as well. Praise the Lord!

2 days ago while praying in the morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to Henry and gave him an idea to consider sending me to China if HITV is not then recommended by Dr Beh after Gendicine.. In China there is an added procedure with Gendicine to inject nitric liquid(.) into me to kill the tumour and to further clear it off with chemo. Chemo with Gendicine has much lesser side effects, that is the beauty off it. Henry had done some reading and he now has to ask the right doctors in China to make sure that it is workable as an alternative. That was how the holy spirit spoke to Henry 2 years ago when the holy spirit told me to tell Henry to fast and pray and as a result we told the fifth oncologist to use Tarceva instead. I think Dr Foo saw our determination that she never asked me to do a Tarceva test which would take another two weeks to get the results. Also, God had wanted me to start taking Tarceva immediately which tied to King Wai's burden to ask us to act immediately coz it was already two weeks after my first ct scan. And you remember the miracle that all aches and pain left me with only ONE tarceva pill which Dr Foo said was impossible. Praise the Lord! I know God is working something out for me now. Praise the Lord!

Do pray for me for next week's Gendicine treatment visits, on Monday and Thursday, blood test on Monday and the fluid withdrawal from the lungs next week. Thanking you all in advance. :)


  1. Hi Liz,
    I hope you will receive the message this round. Had a dream about you last night and we spent hours chatting. Well obviously you were strong enough to chat...amen. Just wanted to le,t you know that you are always in our prayers.

  2. Hi hi Audrey,
    So delighted to hear from u! Yes, got your message this round. We must chat soon. Feel strong enough today! :) God bless u.

    Love n Hugs

  3. Hi Liz,

    I wish to know where u get this treatment? any particular place or hospital in malaysia available for this treatment?

  4. Heartscan Bangsar please google for map. It is along Jalan maarof pop shell station. My landmark is exactly the 4 th building after maxim on your left from Bangsar shopping centre. Dr Beh is the specialist who can help u. God be with u and bless u.

  5. Sorry opposite shell petrol station I meant.

  6. Hi Bunnyexpress,

    Happy Chinese New Year.

    My husband has Lymphoma and we are planning to have Gendicine in Heartscan beginning next week.

    Any special advise from you?

    Thank you and May God Bless your high spirit.

    Thank you too for sharing your precious experience, providing hope to all.


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  8. Hi all,
    Best of luck & pray for god's blessing. My late wife undergone 5 treatment s of P 53 without sucess.
    We didn't get any choice anywhere.