Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update - P53 Gendicine treatment # 3

After the treatment on Friday, I felt strong at first but slowly developed headache at night. On Saturday, I felt stronger but towards the night, I had a sore bum from resting too much I guess. I massaged and massaged, popped an arcoxia and later 2 panadols but hours later till 4 am, I still could hardly sleep and each time I woke up, my bum still felt sore. I had no choice but popped DF 118 and how wonderful, I fell asleep immediately. This morning, I woke up pain free, strong and definitely strong enough to go to church.

We were blessed with more cheques today and well wishes, hugs and love. We have collected around RM180k todate, another RM70k to go! :) Praise the Lord! The target fund does not include the procedure in Japan as originally, Dr Beh wanted me to do HITV in Malaysia. However, since the results of the scan was worse than he thought, he has suggested for me to go to Japan now. We wait upon the Lord to see how He leads us in this area. There will be savings of approximately RM50k if it is done in Malaysia (not inclusive of savings of flight and accommodation in Japan).

I am truly truly touched by all your love gifts, even the lovely lady who made costume jewelry and forwarded all her proceeds for the day towards the fund. Thank you so very much to all of you, for your love and support to our family. Kok San's (who overcame a near death incident) wife shared with me today that in her case, she experienced God's providence too. I nodded my head profusely because it is nothing like experiencing God's love and miracle personally. It cannot be compared to listening to someone else's testimony. Somehow, when you hear someone else's journey, we sometimes doubt and think it is all a coincidence but when I experience it personally, I am totally in awe of God and all doubts leave me! I am so blessed to experience His love personally so much so that even when the journey is difficult, I find it an exciting adventure. I actually experienced His first miracle a few days after being diagnosed that I was filled with so much confidence that He will deliver me and i just wanted to share it all in this blog even though I can't see the end of it.

Now, I realize that there is no end to this journey because I am growing in Christ everyday! Even though I overcome this disease, there is more to experience and to glorify Him beyond it. And it goes on and on until I see Him! :)

Today's sermon by Mike Constantine was about being ordinary people on ordinary days in glorifying God. Alas, I learn the hard way in order to be blessed by Him. I had to be an ordinary person on EXTRAordinary days before I experience the many wonderful thingsHe has done in my life and I just naturally want to glorify Him.

I do pray that you take the easy way out and be that ordinary person on ORDINARY days to glorify Him. It is never out of our own strength though but from first experiencing His love, His amazing love, our King that would die for us. Thank you worship group that chose the song 'Amazing Love' today for it really speaks to me. :)

My next treatment is tomorrow at 2.15 pm and another treatment on Friday.

I must say after the first two treatments, I would be strong for a short while before weakness hits me on the second or third day. But this round, I find myself still strong even on the second day after treatment! Praise the Lord! That really encourages me. My sis noticed it too. She said last week she saw me lying down more than half the day and I can't hold a conversation long before getting breathless. Today, she observed I could sit up for quite sometime. I was in Church today, I had lunch at a shopping centre and when I got home my cousin and his wife visited me. So, I was up and about right up to 6 pm today with only an hour nap in between. All glory to God who sustains me and rescues me! :)

My group from bible class came over to my house to pray together yesterday morning. It is part of the Bachelor of Ministry program, even during term break. It has been getting really difficult for me and i wll have to speak to Lifeline Ministry for leeway during the next six months. If not, I might have no choice but to stop as it is getting very stressful for me. During prayers, we pray in understanding and also in tongues and take turns to share what we see or hear from God. We are not to judge but just encourage even if it is wrong since we are all practicing. But I am amazed by the response from the words of knowledge I share. Anyways, the girls, after praying for me saw the foollowing:

'You will be strong like a big tree trunk with beautiful leaves'
'I see love, joy and peace already filled in your heart'

Also, last night, Hamir shared with Henry what his vision was:
"I see peace within her and she will overcome this"

Thank you Lord for the many angels around me that you use to encourage me once again. It is true, You never leave nor forsake me even at this dark hour. I love You Lord !


  1. Dear Liz and Henry,

    I have not been well for the last 2 weeks, and though I thought drop by and see you, I changed my mine as I was and still coughing badly. I know you are undergoing treatment but I thought I should share with you on another form of treatment, which will be inexpensive. Please check this out, and you may want to communicate with the doctors there for further advice:

    I hope to see you real soon and pray with you. Got a cheque for you too. Uncle Allen

  2. Liz...pls read this as well because it makes alot of sense medically.

  3. Dear uncle Allen,
    Hi hi! Looking forward to seeing you. May God heal you quickly and make u strong again. Will do some reading from de links u gave me. Thanks so much! :)

  4. Hi Liz,

    Your 3rd para, last sentence, "....that He will deliver me and i just wanted to share it all in this blog even though I can't see the end of it." You forget, "YET".

    Next, I reproduce wholesale MY comment on a US church pastor's blog, of what truly is the blessing of God. More perhaps needs to be said, yet I believe this understanding is essential in our defence of our inner life from being thrown into disarray by the accusations of the Evil One:

    What is blessing? God’s love is blessing. God’s love for you is your blessing. Our blessing is NOT in the riches, NOT in our intelligence, NOT in our youthfulness or beauty, NOT in our status, NOT in our many admirers or flatterers, NOT in our power and authority, NOT in our health, NOT even in our physical life! One way of summarizing the point that Jesus was making in Luke 6:20-26, is our blessing is in the love of God for us. How can be poor be blessed (yah, that what Luke 6:20 says)? It is because in our poverty, the love of God is shown and known to us. In fact, I can also accept blessing is knowing God’s love for you. God loves us, whether we know it or NOT, in that sense, there is already a blessing, but that blessing becomes personal and more easily “internalizable” when we know and even experience personally, that love of God. Granted, some of that love of God we will only fully appreciate it when we meet Him, yet whenever we know (and internalize) through, say, experience, the love of God, we are indeed blessed.

    When you are rich, you lack NOT the comfort of life, so you experience NOT God’s love coming to grant you what you do NOT have; but the poor is different, for they lack, and in their lack, they experience God’s love coming to them to fill in the gap. In the same way, those in sickness or in affliction, compared with those with good health, and are doing fine in life, God’s love are poured forth on them in exceeding manner, more often; with greater realization (knowing and internalizing) our their part of God’s love being showered to them. You see, blessing is NOT the riches itself or the good health or lack of affliction in life, it is the realization of God is loving the person.

    I am NOT saying riches or good health or smooth-sailing life cannot be given by God, rather riches, per se is NOT the blessing, good health, per se or smooth-sailing life, per se is NOT the blessing; these things in themselves are largely neutral. Similarly, I am NOT saying poverty or ill-health or affliction of life is blessing of God, I say nothing of that sort. In fact, I am opposed to people saying that sickness is good, or poverty is great or afflictions of life are to be sought after. We find ourselves in different circumstances of life, many are not even our own doing; like a rich young man can be rich because he was born with a silver spoon, and another young man is desperately poor for the same reason, being born into a poverty stricken family. The crux of the matter is that in whatever circumstance that we find ourselves in, we are to realize that God is loving us; if in your riches, you truly realize the love of God for you, you are blessed; if in your poverty, you also realize the love of God for you, you are blessed; the same can also be said for health or state of affliction in life. Godliness with contentment is difficult to achieve if you do NOT yet understand this revelation. The poor, the ill-health, the afflicted, the despised, and the likes, God said that they are blessed relative to their counter-parties, or more blessed, why? Because they more readily count much blessing; in other words, they are quick to realize the love of God is extended out to them. It is NOT that the rich is NOT blessed as such, it is they do NOT readily count their riches as blessing, as love of God for them; rather often they attributed them to their own capabilities.

    Continue on the next comment ...

  5. Continue from preceding comment …

    The experience and realization of God’s love for one is priceless. Why? It is because love NOT only always hope (1 Cor 13:7), it gives hope, and if indeed it is a true love, it never fails (1 Cor 13:8). Because God loves us, He always hope (He hopes you will come to your senses, hopes you will turn back into the light and walk in the light, hopes you will come to know Him more, etc), and His love is what keeps our hope buoyant. The greater your realization of God’s love for you, the greater is your blessing, for the greater is your perseverance to cling on the higher level hopes, despite setbacks in life, even to the point of losing our loved ones or our life. Anthony Chia, high.expressions