Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update - treatment today at 2 pm

I have a treatment scheduled at 2 pm today. The drip takes about 2 hours each time and it is very comfortable coz the needle is small and painless and i would get a folder of CDs to choose from to watch!

Just to let you know the total number of Gendicine treatment is 10 times. I have gone for 2 so there are 8 more to go including today's.

The treatment takes place every 3 to 4 days maximum and it goes on until the 10th treatment. Thereafter another scan will take place. Sigh.

During these 10 treatments there will come a point, when I can take it, that the p53 will be injected directly to the artery of the liver and / or lungs. That is when there may be trauma but I know God will help me. :)

Do uphold me in your prayers. Thank you all so much. :) God bless you all abundantly.


  1. Hey Liz,
    How are you getting on? How is the treatments getting on? Be strong and have faith, God will always be by our side even at times when we feel that He isn´t there. :) *Hugs*

    Miss all of you back home. Send my love to Henry n the boys :) Will most probably be coming back next year in Feb for a week or 2 with the whole family :) Hope to see you all then *keeps fingers crossed*

    Patricia Tan

  2. Dear Patricia,
    Hugs to u n Amelia. :) I am feeling stronger today. ,an aged to go to church.raise de Lord! Yes, looking forward to seeing u in Feb! :) God bless u n your family.

    Lots of luv,