Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank You for the surprise Birthday Party!

Thank You for the surprise Birthday Party!

Some ex-CCF members from church gave me a surprise when they jumped out one by one from the stairs to greet me "Happy Birthday"! But this time most of them came with their children. Previously, we were all single except one couple. They earlier wanted to set the table and banner downstairs before inviting me down. But I almost messed up their plans because I surprised Henry and my mum earlier by coming downstairs unaided! :)

Ee Leng even popped foil streamers cracker In-house. :) What a lovely surprise! Cheng Yi baked my favorite orange poppy seed cake. Yummy! There were just surprise after surprise, food wise, people wise - everything! We also had freshly baked bread, melon balls salad, edamame salad, soba noodles and guacamole. Yummy!

Tzu Anne wanted to repeat the little 'performance' I was made to do way back on 19.9.1999 (the theme of the party was based on the TV series "Space 1999"). I was so inspired back then to hold my birthday party based on the TV series because of the number of rolling 9s. But it back fired when Tzu Anne made me wear a pointy bra made of silver foil! Tsk! Tsk! Thankfully for her compassionate this round. :)

Coincidentally, a few of my uncles and aunty, sis and nephew also showed up and we all had a good time together. What a lovely blessing from God! Thank you my dear friends for the lovely celebration together. I will always treasure this moment. :)


  1. hi liz!
    SORRY i couldn't be there to celebrate with you. Wasn't feeling so good myself. Thanks for blogging about it though at least i get to read about it since i couldn't be there.Get well soon. Love, tony

  2. Liz, I'm always inspired reading your blog or emails. Happy birthday and get well soon. Hou Yean

  3. Hey I can see Godson still loves his ultraman. Somethings just don't change.... Hope there is sone orange poppy seed cake left or else Cheng ee has to make more... A single devoted wish for you today...great days and many more ahead.

  4. Happy blessed birthday Liz!
    I still remember those wonderful CCF moments with you all and indeed treasure it alot! My best memories of life that kept me going during my darkest moments! *Hugs every one* especially during my break up...

    I never gotten the chance to thank every one of you guys whom I knew so well in CCF last time... for the good wonderful memories

    and yea.. I remember that time mostly not married n etc ;)

  5. Liz,

    In recent days, my heart has been reminding me of the 2 of you, you, liz, and Carolyn Quek (For your readers: Carolyn is also with stage 4 lung cancer). At times, I thought I should consider going to see you in Malaysia; I pray for Carolyn in person, almost every week back in Singapore. But I will continue to keep you in prayer.

    This morning, I found myself to be in intercessory singing for the 2 of you. A benediction song came of the session, here is what I have penned down(the annotations of "," and "." are my own way of remembering the melody the song; I sing for the Lord, but I am NOT at all trained by men):

    Benediction – May the grace of God
    May the grace, of God,, be.extended to you (4x)

    Father.God.extend your grace (3x)
    ..To, one)

    May the grace, of God,, be in you }
    ,Fills you }
    ,Heals you }
    And sus.tains. you } (2x)

    , (ending)

    Maybe, this song will be used as a benediction song for my healing meetings that you know I will be doing.

    Liz, you have encouraged many with your true love for the Lord. Lord, may I dare speak on behalf, that you love her, with your everlasting love. Amen.