Thursday, April 8, 2010

Childlike Faith - Part 2

Luke 7:9
When Jesus heard this, he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd following him, he said, "I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel."

I must share this with you! I was so encouraged to hear Alvin Foo's dad's second miracle. Even this journey had me thinking whether nutrition or chemo had a role in my recovery and at the end of the day I attribute it to God working through the nutrition and chemo for my case. But in Alvin Foo's dad's case, it's pure childlike faith which I blogged about in "Childlike Faith"! Alvin's dad is a stubborn man and he also loves his food. He especially loves his duck! When Alvin's dad was diagnosed with third stage colon cancer, he was on chemotherapy and it turned out so bad for him, he refused to do anymore. But he continued his normal diet, red meat, duck and all. No amount of persuasion would change his mind. If you ask him not to eat the duck he will stab 2 or 3 more pieces in defiance. But there is one thing he is also stubborn about. He has stubborn childlike faith that his God, Jesus Christ, will deliver him and heal him. All he did was declare every morning God's promises to him and rebuke the cancer cells daily. He had a book of prayers (to guide him along) given by his cell group to him and they also prayed for him. I was supposed to get a copy of that book too except Alvin's dad still relied on it for prayers! Anyway, God knows what is in our thoughts so as long as we can pray out aloud to Him he ain't gonna correct us for a few wrongly put words here and there.

Apparently, Alvin's dad is very loud when he declares out aloud in his morning prayers. I find it very amusing when I picture him praying aloud. Sorry, but I find uncle very fascinating, stubborn, with a stubborn child like faith and it's wonderful! I mean it's bad he does not change his diet but it's wonderful God hears his prayers and can see his faith like the centurion's faith in the bible! After awhile he returned to the hospital for another scope and the test revelaed that the cancer all left him! Praise the Lord! That was probably in 2008. In January 2010, the scope test showed some pink dots again. Alvin had told his dad that God had already given him a second chance in life and he should take more care in what he eats as it was obviously why the cancer returned. Since he could not take chemo the first time, the doctor in University Hospital just told him to return in a month or two. But there were delays after delays and finally he only had the scope done in March 2010.

The results? It's clear! No more pink dots! I am so amazed and so encouraged with his childlike faith. How do you explain what childlike faith is like? I think it's like Alvin's dad's faith. A surety in his heart that God will heal him. All Glory to God! All praises to our loving God who hears our cries for help. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us to be that perfect sacrifice for us so that all of God's wrath is directed at You so that now, you have made it possible for us to come boldly to Father God's throne of grace and talk to Him and cry out to Him!

Talk about faith, I am so happy to hear YC's progress in her walk with Christ as her faith is slowly increasing as she begins to walk closer with Him and have a personal experience with Him. She just shared with me that after 17 years she finally can speak in tongues! From my very own experience the ability to speak in tongues has drawn me even closer to God. I was very close to Him 11 years ago so I believe just because you can't speak in tongues it DOES NOT mean you can't walk close with God but to speak in tongues seems to keep me in touch with God the whole day especially if I feel myself drifting away. I picture it like the life line strands hanging down from the tree of life in the Avatar movie. The moment you touch it, you feel connected. Of course the holy spirit is NOT a tree of life with strands hanging off it but it is just an imagery I have in my mind of being connected - my spirit connected to the Holy spirit. So, I can really relate to YC's joy when she was sharing this news with me today. :)

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