Monday, April 19, 2010

The Power of the Holy Spirit/ Asean Beacon

I continue to be in awe how God works in my life. I was going to meet LP last Thursday who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a few weeks ago. I wasn't so sure what to say to her but I just knew God was using me to encourage her. So I asked for prayers from some of you. The power of the holy spirit was so evident when I met her. As I prayed for her just before going home, she started to tear. I told her that is the holy spirit moving because she was touched. I didn't expect it, but I was delighted when she decided to follow me to a christian bookshop to get a bible - her very first! Praise the Lord for His hand upon us. Please pray that God's word will speak to her and the eyes of her heart will open to see Jesus and that she will welcome Him into her heart. But most of all I was touched how God's hand was upon me all the time. I only realised it when I got to church that evening for Hebrews class, Doreen Chan stopped me and said she had been burdened to pray for me since two Sundays ago when during altar call, she saw my name flashed in front of her. She had been praying for me ever since until that Thursday, she read my testimony in Asean Beacon and she figured out why. Only then, did I realise that the article had been published in the April issue. I told her why I thought God wanted her to pray for me. It was really because I had a burden for LP and God summoned all his angelic host into action. Praise the Lord indeed. He knows our deepest desires. Thank you Jesus for everything!

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