Monday, April 19, 2010

Watching Ethan Praise God

Psalm 8: 2 You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you. (New Living Translation)

Psalm 8: 2 Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants. You have ordained strength, Because of Your enemies, That You may silence the enemy and the avenger. (King James Version)

I was so taken in by the effect of Mr Donut on Nic that I decided to get another "Donut Repair Club" cd for the boys. Well, it turned out that this time it was Ethan's turn to be smitten by the songs. He liked the part where Duncan the donut was thrown into the swimming pool to rescue a drowning boy. I wondered how a little donut would conduct his rescue. It turned out that Duncan expanded under water and became a float for the little boy! How funny. :)

I also watched Ethan following the kids in praising God "God is so good", his head swaying left to right, eyes half closed, looking above and singing. No wonder the psalmist wrote that God ordained praises from the mouths of babes and nursing infants to silence the enemy! It is so natural and my heart just melted when I saw Ethan praising God. It's so true that when we praise God with all our heart, soul and mind, the devil fleas and all is left is a love relationship between God and us.

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