Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lost My Voice

Yikes! I've lost my voice. Looks like the flu bug hit me and was feeling like I was coming down with sore throat on Saturday and by Sunday I was beginning to lose my voice. Little Davien next door shouted "Aunty Liz" this morning and I said "Good morning!" but without any sound! Ha Ha! Oh well, looks like praising God in songs this morning is also out of the agenda but reading psalms become more meaningful again. It's amazing how it works that way. When I am on a rock, there's no pit for Him to take me out of and when I am in the pit, then all the psalms come alive! When everything's fine, only the praises and future plans in the psalms make sense to me. But then, there are others that need our prayers and the psalms would be our guide. My church needs a lot of prayers right now. Yesterday, Cheng Chueng's prayer was the most heart felt, I started to cry. May our prayers be like that to God all the time - from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks Cheng Cheung.

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