Monday, April 4, 2011

More Curly Hair!

More Curly Hair!

When the hair stylist saw my hair last week, he asked "What happened?". My hair has gotten curlier since my last hair cut despite me not taking Tarceva since mid January this year.

I told him (another stylist) it is a gift from God. I had perfectly straight hair before. Interestingly, the curls aren't too tight in front and my mum says I look like I have lady Di's fringe.

The hair stylist told me he had to work with my curls to come up with my latest hairstyle. He said many would have to pay to get this permed look. So far, all who have commented on my hair think I have permed my hair. Apparently many who take chemo have their hair texture changed but none as curly like this.  It is not coarse, just curly. 

My mum took a picture of the back of my head where it is the curliest. She says she has to take a snap of it as proof else no one would believe her! Nic always liked me in longer hair so he wasn't too happy with this new look which he calls a broccoli! I love his comments. They're so innocent and yes, that is a very fair observation!

Thank you Jesus for curly hair. I love it. :)

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