Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Owe, I Pay

You owe, I pay

Romans 6:23
"For the wages of sin is death,.."

I learn something new everyday. I discovered that because of Romans 6:23 "for the wages of sin is death", God HAD TO DIE if He chose to forgive us. Father God did choose to forgive us. As the offended party, He had to bear the cost of forgiving us. He had to bear the consequence of sin ie death. 

God had to die BUT God cannot die! So, Father God sent Jesus whom he loved so much into the world to become man to die for our sins. That's why Jesus had to die for us for the forgiveness of our sins. I earlier thought He just must but since we cannot understand why, God had to slowly introduce to us the law, the tabernacle and the sacrificial system.

So, I asked this question to Leong Tien Fook who is currently teaching us on Isaiah. "Why is the consequences of sin death?"

"..because God is holy and cannot coexist with anything sinful. For human beings, not to exist anymore means physical death and then eternal death. This is reflected in God driving Adam and Eve out of Eden after they sinned. They could not coexist with God in the Garden anymore. And they would die because they no longer had access to the tree of life. 

But since God is everywhere in the universe, ultimately sinful people cannot exist in this universe at all. So in the new universe, called the new heavens and the new earth in the Bible, nothing unholy or sinful will exist. Meantime because of His mercy and grace He is allowing history to go on in the present universe because there are still people who would repent and believe in Him."

Imagine you sued someone who cheated you money. Later, you decide to forgive him and withdraw the suit but as a result, you have to bear the loss of the cheated sum. That is the concept of "You owe, I pay".

We sinned but God chose to forgive us AND pay for our sins. I pray you will experience the love of God all over again.

John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"

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