Monday, April 4, 2011


I think I over exerted myself last week with Pilate and qi gong. It wasn't even a full work out and I was taking it really slowly dancing to praise music. I suppose with so many arm rotations and hand lifting, it has caused me some discomforts in the chest area, near the arms. Saturday was quite a hectic day for me as Nic and Ethan attended their first swimming class. They really enjoyed themselves. I was worried that the pool would be too deep for Ethan but as soon as he got in and he found that the water level was near his shoulder level, he was so happy, confident and ready to learn! Then, it was off to boys brigade for Nic with Ethan tagging along. It was "Qing Ming" time for Henry so it was my turn to run around.

By Sunday, I just wanted to rest. Nic had no school on Monday because "Qing Ming" day is officially on 5 April in his school. It was lovely to have Nic with me the whole day. I realized his maths has gotten quite good and Chinese school must be credited for that! Only last year (Std 1), he would still say 16 comes after 14! He has had that problem ever since he began counting. Now, with some flashing of fingers and some deep thought, he can give an answer to double digit additions without any calculation on paper! Amazing!

While I watched him play the piano, I decided to try my hand at the guitar again. I can't move the chords fast enough but I managed to play and sing some praise songs. I ended up sweating! Must be all the endorphins flowing!

Oh, now I am so exhausted, I just slept most of the morning today. Please pray for the cough to go away and for all the aches and pain including the mild ache on the right side of my head, to go away. Actually, I was quite discouraged on Sunday and then I pulled myself together and shouted aloud "Thank you Lord for healing me!". Henry gave a big smile. We were in the car and further away, Henry said to look at the sky because there was an "E" in the sky. I looked up and yes, it was a capital "E" at an angle and the sun was setting and the letter "E" of the clouds caught the red and yellow lights from the sun. It was really beautiful and there again, God has spoken to me to encourage me on again! He never fails to do that and I was so touched. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for always being with me.

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