Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update - feeling better

Last night i had a difficult time sleeping. The right side of my head was aching so i used "guasa" to scrape my head. I think it was a bad idea to do it just before bed time because i felt my head throbbing and i could not sleep! I was terribly alert.

I did a few things this morning.

- managed to drag myself out of bed and out of the house to exercise. Yay!
- played praise music throughout morning
- locked myself in the room and cried out to God "Do not delay, come and save me o Lord!"
- napped with praise music on

I had a quick shower and then by mid morning, the pain left me. I had a stiff right shoulder too but it is all gone now.

Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for praying for me. What would I do without my friends. I really treasure you all. :)

It is so true when the bible says "There are new mercies every morning". Even though things may have been bad the past week or the past year or the past two years etc but because of His word, we can expect new mercies, new healing every morning, no matter how discouraging the circumstances. Thank you Jesus! :)

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