Thursday, April 21, 2011

O Kaduk Kaduk!

O Kaduk Kaduk!

It is  daun kaduk (piper sarmentosum ) day for me today. My mum says it is good to relieve cough.

She made the nasi ulam from only basil, mint, kaduk finely sliced and tossed in 10 grain rice and with a bit of salt. Other leaves that can be used are bunga kantan, cekor, shallots, tumeric leaves (kunyit ) and limau perut.

I looked up the benefits and initially it just said it was good for keeping you looking young, deworming, washing your private parts especially during menstruation. Hello? Where is the relieve for cough? After researching further it does confirm a remedy for cough, constipation and even malaria!

If Nasi ulam wasn't enough, I was given a bowl of hot soup with lots of daun kaduk in it later in the afterenoon. Oh man! The leaves weren't blanched enough and so it was chewy but it was alright. I feel like a guinea pig. One website says to grind the leaves, add some water and apply it on the neck to relieve the cough. Mummy! You're using it the wrong way!

More benefits of daunkadok can be found on this malay website.

The real Nasi ulam of course has roasted desiccated coconut and salted fish. You can try this recipe from this website:

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