Monday, July 11, 2011

New life, new curtains

New life, new curtains

One Utama had an exhibition recently and MY Curtains impressed me because they were willing to come to my house to measure and advise me on the curtains that I need to be changed even though it is for only one of two curtains! 

The exhibition is finally over and today they came to visit me. I am gong to change some curtains that I see everyday and experience a new life! It turned out one of the lady's dad was also diagnosed with lung cancer. He was and is still a smoker, not on chemo and still alive and kicking. She did not seem too disturbed because he is already 70 plus. She said I am strong. Praise the Lord!

I found out today that what I had done for my curtains are a real mish mash. Ha ha. I might be good at blending curtains to the furniture but not too good with providing contrast. Henry has a better eye for this. Anyway, I am relying on a professional this time and she told me to go for contrast so that I can really experience a change. I am really looking forward to the finished product!

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