Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silly me

Silly me

I do realize something about myself. I don't observe myself much so much so even when I take good stuff I can't tell whether it works for me. I am amazed when people can explain a reaction from taking something. But it is something I am working on. I made a silly mistake on Monday and it stems from not observing and learning from the past.

I did this stretching exercise on the legs, the one that you stretch both legs out and then you fold one leg behind you. I had done a similar one like that before two weeks before but with one leg fold in front of me and the result was I ended up limping. The massage lady at the club observed me and she wondered why a young lady like me was limping and she ended up massaging me for an hour for RM50.  Little did I know she had been there for years and I also did not realize that the ladies bathroom had a neat little room with three exercise machines. It is really all part of fear. It is really so silly of me. Now that I am bold as a lion, the whole world is opening up to me. I had a great time talking to the lady, her family and the food she eats. She has a daughter as old as I am and then she realized I am not so young after all. Ha ha!

Anyway, so two weeks later, I did the same stretching exercise and immediately as I got up, I started to limp again and I felt so weak the whole day. Yesterday, I also came down with fever. It was such a hot day yesterday that I hid myself in the aircond room but to no avail. My body was still feeling warm. Ah ha! I must be having fever. So, I popped 2 panadols and I felt so much better and I started sweating so much.  Ethan was diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease but the ones at the elbow is clearing off. Praise the Lord! I don't think I got it from him.

Anyway, I just want to say, I feel really good today. I am not limping anymore and I am not going to try that stretching again. Still, I need some stretching exercise for my legs! I know the holy spirit will lead me. 

This morning, during devotion, I hear Him saying to stay close to Him, meditate on His word, sing praises to Him. I started reading healing scriptures and played healing scriptures and even found a website that had a MP3 that I could listen to on a person's testimony on healing.  (http://www.savedhealed.com/healing.html). It really helps to listen to audio materials when i am weak because even putting the bible on my belly seem so heavy! I also need to live a normal life rather than just resting. Just go about the house and do stuff and move around. It is kind of difficult now because of the weakness I feel sometimes but today I feel there is a turn around. I do not consider how I feel but I continue to look at Jesus and confess His words, by His stripes I am healed.

Lord, give me wisdom to do the right things. Direct my path O Lord, in Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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