Monday, July 11, 2011

Update - Solamargine

Update - Solamargine

Henry's Aunt Faith told us about Solamargine and it is medically proven to work on particularly lung cancer. You can read about it here

Prof Kou from Taiwan established that the optimal quantity of solamargine (a natural herb) to consume is 800 bowls of boiled solamargine. This is not humanly possible human to consume but he managed to downsize it to 9 capsules a day. A course of it would be 270 capsules over 30 days and the cost is a whopping RM 4,800! It is terribly  expensive. Even if we could afford the first bottle, how could we afford the subsequent ones? Yet, I know God is Jehovah Jireh, God, our provider.

We met a homeopathy doctor, my very first. It wasn't a very pleasant one for me. I felt he was pushing me all the concentrated herbs that would do me good eg tycofinol, somenta, noni juice, solamargine and even chemotherapy all at once. I know he is Christian so I told him I believe in God, my faith is in Him. His healing can come through natural things, even a few blades of grass. It need not be expensive stuff. What if we do not have the money.  He was surprised I chose not to take chemotherapy even though he himself did not want his mum to take chemo when she had cancer and she survived!  When he finally realized my faith in God, he was burdened to pray for me and he did. Right at his clinic! It was a very powerful prayer for he claimed healing for me too. After he prayed, he said aloud to me that I will be alright. I claim it in Jesus' name. I take it as he prayed in the spirit, that is what he sensed from God. That was probably his best medicine for me! :) I was very touched indeed.

We are expecting the solamargine to arrive by courier tomorrow. Please join with me to pray for a miracle that with just this ONE bottle of solamargine, my body will be strengthened, the pain will be removed and healing will come quickly.

Henry was quite depressed after the session. He said all the feelings when we  first heard the news and talk of finances flooded back. I assured him that God is for us, He is God the provider. He can demonstrate his faith in God by trusting God and just giving a bit more than he usually does for tithing and watch God pour down His blessings from heaven. Henry has seen this before and I know he will experience it again. Within just a few days, not even having increased his tithe, he was beaming from ear to ear when he showed me that his monthly car allowance has doubled! Praise the Lord! We continue to experience God's providence in many ways. Like Elaine said to me, there is no need to worry of finances because we have Jesus. My hope is in God not on solamargine. Even without nutrients, He can heal me instantly but He does work through natural things. God is in control. He knows what I need.

When we trust in God, He directs our path and it is wonderful how this information on solamargine came to us. There are just so many treatments out there and not all may be suitable for us but it is God who will straighten our path.

According to Henry, 2 nights ago, Ethan was praying for me but he told his dad that since mummy is not coughing anymore, what is he going to pray now?! I smiled when he told me that. It is a sign that my cough has truly lessened. Last night, Ethan prayed to God for the pain to go away (discomfort from chest) and to make me strong again ( to strengthen my body). He is such a sweetheart. Previously, every time I coughed he would just ask God to take my cough in Jesus' name and this prayer has now been answered. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I claim your promises that by your stripes, I am completely healed! :)

Matthew 8:17
That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bore our sicknesses

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