Monday, July 4, 2011

Update - Nic and I

Update - Nic and I

Henry observed yesterday that I hardly cough these days. I noticed for the past two days too. I had more energy yesterday morning after I woke up. I was watering and cleaning the garden only to experience a very heavy downpour thereafter. I guess Father God is saying the plants need a whole lot of more water! I was moving about quite a bit yesterday and I think it was because I started out the early early morning with devotion. My bones were achy again and so I did a praise dance cum exercise to the Lord. I don't think God minds. He knows us in and out and even before we do anything.

I really felt good after that. I just want to thank God for restoring me back to health and making me stronger everyday. I thank everyone for standing in agreement with me that By Jesus' stripes, I am healed. Many times, we are taught to thank God only after we see improvement but the bible says even when we pray, we are to give thanksgiving to him together with our request to him (Phillipians 4:6). Also, when we pray, believe we have received it and when you stand in agreement with me, it is even more powerful because Matthew 18:19 says 'Again, I tell you if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be DONE for you by my Father in heaven'. Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much for praying for Nic for there has been improvement over the week. He came home telling us he likes his class monitor and wants to be friends with her. I am so happy he wants to make friends. On Saturday, during boys brigade, the squad leader for his team was absent so Nic was given the opportunity to be the squad leader for that day! Little things like these help build Nic's confidence. I thank the boys brigade for making Nic the assistant squad leader in the first place even though he is so quiet. 

Yesterday, during church, officer Karen told me he did a very good job on Saturday and that his whole attitude has changed ever since he was made assistant squad leader. Praise the Lord!

His English class had an open day yesterday and we managed to observe how he is at class. He listens very well but tends not to read so his teacher has to guide him instead. Teacher Ruth is very encouraging even down to the tone of her voice. Nic was very pleased to have us in his class. It makes him more secure I guess. It made me realize that the tone of voice is very important because the moment that Henry tried to correct Nic while teacher Ruth was not looking, Nic started his drama whine again in protest! I did not see that reaction with teacher Ruth.  So, now I know that we must speak to him in an encouraging tone even when correcting him. 

My aunt  Dolly just gave me a bag of noni fruits.  It is the first time I have seen what that fruit looks like. I heard it is a miracle fruit with anti cancer properties. Aunt Dolly told me that once the fruit is soft, to press the whole fruit against a strainer until the thick juice is squeezed out. Mix it with water and drink up. 

I tried it this morning but I mixed it with beet root, carrot, ginger, apple and pineapple just to mask the 'vomit smell' of the noni fruit. The smell is not too bad. Thank God! Maybe the next time I  will just drink it straight with water. It taste like lime.

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