Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update - The Pain Is Gone!

The pain is gone!

I am rejoicing at 3 am this morning (18 Jul 2011) because the pain from all the achy bones have left me. Last night we had a lovely birthday celebration for my mum at Oriental Banquet for her 70 th birthday. God's favor was upon us as I look back for the food was simply delicious, they had given us a room at no added cost,the service was excellent (we had our food apportioned the whole meal) and we even had a good time at karaoke at no added cost too!

However, I was feeling tired at the end of the dinner and even worse when I got to bed. Ethan prayed for me and then Henry prayed for me. Henry massaged my back especially the achy area while praying. He knows that God can heal me without all these supplements and vitamins, only God's creative word will do. And it did! Both of us woke up at 3 am, Henry because he suddenly had sniffles and I was awake because my heart was just full of praise for the pain that had left me. It must have been the third night that I felt all positions at bed time were uncomfortable and I have been tossing and turning a lot during bed time.

Today is day 6 taking solamargine. Earlier in the week I was still feeling breathless at times after I walk a short distance, some days i felt weak and it was discouraging me. The cough definitely has lessened. Praise the Lord! I felt the devil always had to cause some affliction so that I don't feel complete victory. Cough came back a bit more when I took Sabah snake grass on Day 2 and Aunt May said making some fenugreek tea would get rid of the phlegm. It made the cough more phlegmy though and Henry told me to stop taking the fenugreek. So I went back to cordiceps and the cough stopped again. Also, I did not take too much Sabah snake grass.

By Day 5, back ache was quite bad. Even in church yesterday, I kept rubbing my back and sitting at the pew was getting uncomfortable. I could not sit for the whole sermon and had to take a walk. Felt a bit weak as well but breathing is alright.

So, I am really rejoicing! All that pain has left me at 3 am this morning. I feel on top of the world and I have come downstairs to sing and praise God and thank Him for His miracle on me. Praise God! Praise God! I exalt Your name on high. Only You can do this Lord! Thank you for you are restoring me back to health and healing all my wounds. Thank you for answering our prayers! By Your stripes, I am healed. I will live and not die but declare God's wondrous works!

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