Monday, September 13, 2010

God is our Healer

God has given me a certain boldness. For the first time after receiving the news from the last ct scan, I wanted to give my testimony at Elpizo which I had attended once before. After His wondrous work on me and how clearly I heard from Him, it can only be God at work. I was hoping I could give my testimony and as soon as I got to Elpizo last week, I showed Sherri Lim the scan report and immediately she said I should give my testimony. Praise the Lord!

I hadn't planned what I wanted to say because this journey has been so wonderful and His wondrous work so numerous I just did not know where to start. I prayed for the holy spirit to guide me and He sure did. There were a few that came up to tell me they were blessed and even while on holiday there was a call who heard the testimony and wanted to find out more. All glory to God!

Psalm 105 says to "Give thanks to God, call on His name, tell all the nations what He has done, sing to Him sing praise to Him, tell all of His wonderful acts".

She gave these bible verses to chew on:
Matthew 15:13
1 Peter 2:24
Psalm 119:17
John 6:63
Psalm 27:13-14
2 Corinthians 12:19
2 Corinthians 5:7

When I reached home, I received a sms from Ying Chee who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer spread to her bones and brain. She thanked Jesus for the recent scan which showed that her lungs is now completely clear! Praise the Lord! Ying Chee contacted me early this year after reading my blog. She was to me a complete stranger. I was so burdened for her because she spoke to me with a heavy heart. She cried, she was fearful and did not have God's peace in her. I was completely lost not knowing what to say to her. I just closed my eyes and surrendered to God to minister to her. She said she felt peace after our conversation. Praise God! Her journey is nothing short of a miracle because Dr Foo called her a bad patient ie not listening to her advice. She deliberately missed her last chemo treatment! She eats what she likes - pork and mangoesteen which caused her to cough more. She prays to God to bless and sanctify the food that she eats. She goes for Jean Lim's ministry although I warned her to be careful as her situation deteriorated when she did not take any nutrients or go for any treatment earlier and Jean Lim's ministry would strictly tell her not to take medication. But interestingly she told me she went not so much for the "no medicine" talk but for the presence of God. She felt while she was there that even her voice cleared and she could praise God again. God works in mysterious ways. There is really no one way of healing from God. My mum wished that it was my good news instead but I told her God's ways are perfect and He has his own timing.

God is our healer, even if we use nutrients or chemo treatment, it is God working through those means that bring about healing but for Ying Chee it was none of that but just finally learning to trust God until the spirit of fear and death left her, until it sunk within her spirit that she is completely healed. Even then, physically she wasn't completely well yet though the scan report showed otherwise! Praise the Lord! All glory and honour belongs to Him!

You can read more about Elpizo in this latest Star clipping. Elpizo is at DUMC, Dream Centre, Section 13 PJ. Next session is on Sep 23rd at 10 am. Lunch (organic food) is provided.

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