Monday, September 13, 2010

Refreshing Spring Resort at Kg Gumut - Part 1

We stumbled upon a great place for a nearby relaxing getaway. It's only 45 mins from KL, between Tg Malim and Kuala Kubu Bahru at Kg Gumut opp the Caltex Station (yup that's your only land mark!). It's brand new, opened only for about 2 months. It's called Refreshing Springs Resorts. It occupies about 32 hectares and perfect for a quiet, close to nature getaway. Perfect even for church camps (though max capcity is only 112 pax for now). They have a dining hall, a conference hall, dorms, little chalets, plenty of 'pondok' and benches for morning devotion and lots and lots of streams and hot spring to soak in!

We had crabs, sama (jap) fish, hot dogs, chicken wings for bbq served with fried rice and curry chicken. I brought my multi grain rice with quinoa and had it with curry chicken. My, was it so hot and spicy for I haven't tasted curry chicken for a year!

Nic enjoying being towed along by the girls, Rachel and Amelia

Ooooo, nice hot spring to soak in. This pool leads to another pool which is less hot. That's the one Nic is in above. Ethan learned to blow bubbles underwater in this very hot pool. Thanks to Aunty Tracy from Uncle Allen's cell group.

This is another part of the resort. A cement beach leading into a pool where the waters can be controlled up to 12 feet deep at the deep end for diving lessons. The water is collllld here!

Refreshing Springs Resort, Kg Gumut Tambahan, Ulu Selangor

Directions to Refreshing Springs Resort:

Take PLUS highway. Turn off at Tg Malim. After toll, turn right towards Kuala Kubu Bahru/ Kuala Lumpur again. This is the old road to KKB. Drive straight. You will pass a little Caltex sign that says 5 km away. Keep an eye for this Caltex station on your right. Once you reach it, turn to your left into Kg Gumut. The road gets bumpy, not tarred. Follow a tiny sign that says "RSR" until you find the resort.

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  1. wow Liz...they should appoint you as their marketing rep lah....they will be blessed

  2. It is a really nice place. More people should experience it. :)

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  4. Hi, I was thinking to have my church camp there, but is it expensive.