Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunway Lagoon - Part 2

Wagon Wheel ride - i think God blessed us with an additional round because I saw the lady say whoops as our cart missed the exit mark so they had to let us go another round. Praise the Lord!
The raft cost us RM15. A lady tried to steal it from us but Henry caught her in time. They return a RM15 deposit to you when you are done. There's also a RM10 in the wrist band so we do not have to carry cash around.
This is the most awaited event at the wave pool. Everyone huddles below the pot of water and waits for the pot to fill up with water and all shout together as they get splashed. Ethan got up and ran away and never came back for more. Poor thing! That's Nic at the foreground.
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