Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exciting Week

It is only mid week but it has been very exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed bible class on Monday and Tuesday because it was so full of anointing under Ps Bernard. He spoke a lot about the book of Acts and encouraged us to read prayerfully each and every page of the Acts. He did that on bended knees and it took him a year to study it. If we are looking at growing our cell group or church planting, this book is very important because we can see the difference in the apostles before and after they were touched with the power of the holy spirit.

He said a lot of times, we are not delighting in the Lord, so we are not disciplined. We need to delight in God so we can have both faith and power. Many churches are on extreme ends. They concentrate on the word of God and so they have faith (because faith comes from hearing the word of God) but they leave out the holy spirit. On the extreme end, we have churches emphasizing on the holy spirit so they walk in power but they have no faith because they do not have the word of God in them. But to have both faith and power from hearing God's word and being led by the spirit, we will walk under the anointing as holy man/ woman of God!

Ps Bernard shared so many blessings upon him, his family and his church in Taiping. His church building is fully paid for (about 3 to 4 million) by small town folks. He said people's mindset in small town goes up to maybe RM200,000 for two shop lots for a church. If you talk about RM500,000, they rave about it. But God blessed his church and it grew and grew. There are no big businessmen to support the church he says. There was one time he found letters with cash adding up to RM100,000 in his letterbox. He comes from a very poor background so it was such a temptation to see so much cash but he did not even want to think , rationalize or pray about it but he just called the treasurer to bank the money for church building fund.

He emphasizes again and again to us that the church/ business/ family/ ministry wee build must be according to what Jesus wants it to be because everything we have belong to him even the fresh breath that we breath daily. If we understand this concept, then we will know that all we have is from God ALONE so that we do not boast in the middle of our ministry or business that it was our doing. There is a reason why He blesses us. It is a supernatural blessing. His wife asked him why he never revealed to her how poor he was when he dated her! He only had RM 5 in his account. Somedays she wonders how he could support their 3 children through school. They were driving past a very rich residence when they had this conversation. Suddenly, he saw RM10 pass his windscreen and he shouted "money". There wasn't anyone around to return the money to. A short distance later, another RM10 flew past his windscreen and a short distance away, a RM5 flew past his windscreen. It was God responding to them that He is the one that will provide for his three children. Today, he can stand before us that God provided scholarships to his 3 children. He dare not allocate which note was for which kid! Such supernatural blessings.

Based on the book of acts, he says the church should be
- a church of faith
- a church of power
- a praying church
- a loving church
- a giving church
- an obedient church
- a supernatural church or a victorious church

Faith will make all things possible if we believe.
Power will make all things work.

He imparted to us all that he had. We were so drunk in the spirit that night. It was awesome. Some cried, some laughed, some slain.

Then I received an SMS from brother Leong that he was making his way to KL again and he wanted to pray for a few people including me! We had to schedule appointments with him from tomorrow 3 pm to Saturday 12 noon so I booked his earliest slot. I will be going with Lai Ping to meet him. My mum is terribly excited because she saw his testimonies in a cd. For me, it is all about being in the presence of God. When we are united and in agreement, the presence of God is even greater. I would rather keep going for healing then to allow the devil to put doubts in my mind. Even if I don't feel any warmth rushing through me, I still believe and I know that God has granted me complete healing because He has said to me so many times in so many ways. How can I doubt my God. So, please pray for me and Lai Ping at 3 pm tomorrow (Thursday) when bro Leong prays for us.

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