Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update- white hair turned black!

I was at a family reunion 2 weeks ago and as soon as my cousin saw me she said "Did you dye your hair?". Why would I dye my hair? The chemicals would do more harm to my body. She said my hair has become darker and Aunty Dolly confirmed this.

Then, I remembered awhile back, Helen's husband had shared with me how his white hair turned black when he took the stem tech pills. I wasn't convinced then and the reason why I take stem tech is to allow my bone marrow to produce stem cells to repair all the organs in my body that needs repairing. Today, I was chatting with Ying Chee whose friend is also encouraging her to take stem tech. YC was diagnosed with lung cancer. I have also been encouraging her since it has done me good. Her friend demonstrated to her how her hair turned black as well. On the same strand of hair, the hair closest to the root turned black.

So, there must be some truth eh? Anyway, looks like I have new new hair now. No wonder, so many people have come to me to say I look better. It really is because the at the very first glance, they see your hair and if your hair looks good then, naturally, the first impression you get is good as well.

Now my cousin is considering trying stem tech just to get her hair to turn black..ha ha. I wouldn't if I were her but if she takes stem tech for better health and as a result get nicer hair, yeah, then by all means, buy it.

I say "Thank you Lord for Your gift to me. Thank you for a new crop of curly and black hair! Praise the Lord!"

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