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Exodus 15:26
He said, "If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you."

Joshua 21:45
Not a word failed of any good thing which the Lord had spoken to the house of Israel. All came to pass.

Jeremiah 30:17
'For I will restore you to health And I will heal you of your wounds'

I was coughing quite a bit just now, the itchy sort that can't seem to stop. I gargled my throat with salt water, took a concoction of grated ginger, lemon and honey, laid down and started reciting the above verses trying to memorize them and say it over and over again.

After reading the book "Bible in the light of our redemption" by EW Kenyon, he also helped me understand that as primarily spirit beings, we use our body and mind. So, it is not our mind that dominates our body. It is our spirit that dominates both our mind and body. So, that is how it works. That means when my mind is renewed after reading God's words, my spirit can command my mind and my body to align itself to God's words. So, when I am lazy to exercise or if symptoms show up like coughing, I can command the laziness and the cough to leave me and use scriptures to tell my mind and body what God says.

If I get too lazy to exercise, I will quote Philippians 4:13 "13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength." this morning was good. I managed to get out with little resistance but it started to drizzle so i had to head back. I will try the stairs later.

As I laid back to recite the scriptures after coughing, my body just calmed down and I did not cough anymore! In fact I went on to sing 50 times Psalm 59:16,17 amended to 'mercy' and 'Healer', I was quite surprised I could sing so long. Truly, it is the holy spirit at work just carrying me to worship God.

I will sing of your mercy Lord
In the morning I sing of your love
For you are my Healer in times of need
Oh Lord, I sing praises to You
You o God, are my Healer
my Loving God.

Praise the Lord for His healing touch and for the power in His word. His words are truly life to us And health to our flesh!

I learned two things from Elpizo this week:

1. Believe.  I walk by faith and not by sight. I gaze on not what is seen but what is unseen because what is seen is temporal but what is unseen is eternal. 1 Corinthians 4:16) God has already healed me in the spiritual realm.  By Jesus' stripes I am healed. I just continue to gaze on the unseen and have faith and it will be established.

2. Believe that the power of God is working in me to heal me. Yes, it is already at work in me. His word says He will restore me back to health and heal all my wounds.

As I walked into Elpizo this week, Maria came to me and said she had wanted to lay her hands on my lungs to pray for me out of obedience to what the holy spirit told her to do. She was supposed to do it two weeks ago but she was caught up in busyness and had not. I was so touched. I longed for her prayers for I was feeling anxious about my chest that few days but I have been binding and breaking myself. I thank God that she obeyed the holy spirit. I teared the whole time she was praying for me. That was all the anxiety leaving me knowing that God was thinking of me. She later confirmed that what i have been doing all this while is gazing at the unseen by faith. Praise the Lord! Praise God for her encouragement to me. :)

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