Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healing session with bro Leong Poh lye

Journaled on 12 May 2011

Healing session with Bro Leong Poh Lye

The first thing he said when he saw us (12 May 2011) he said "You are very brave". I think he means that we trust him to the extent that we come all the way to Shah Alam to find him. He asked us some questions as he was trying to understand in the spirit why we were diagnosed with cancer. He narrowed it down to unforgiveness towards my maid because I really hated her that time but I have since forgiven and released her. He had wanted me to hug and kiss her but I told him she has returned to Indonesia.

Lai Ping was sharing how she have never felt warmth or the way people talk about. Bro Leong was so confident she would experience it today. I wasn't so sure because really sometimes we do not feel anything and really there is nothing wrong with that because the holy spirit is gentle. Anyway, I stood behind her and Bro Leong asked her to imagine Jesus before her and he started praying without touching her. I started to see her slant backwards and then she started moving backwards and although I caught her she kept moving backwards across the room. She laughed. Bro Leong told her not to laugh but she said she could not help it because she was so happy. Bro Leong asked her what she experienced. She said raising her hands in the air "I felt the power of God! I am so happy. I felt warmth". She was so excited! He told her to try again but to just relax but she did it again..she just kept moving backwards as he prayed! Only the third time, she just fell backwards and she laid on the floor for awhile. During my turn, when he started praying, I saw a silhouette of Jesus and I was so overwhelmed by God's love, I started to cry and fell backwards, laying on the floor with tears streaming. He said both of us would be healed because of the anointing. He recommended no chemo for Lai Ping. He says sometimes the holy spirit will tell him to say no operation or chemo etc.

We were overjoyed and praised God. For me, I really knew the answer and this was another confirmation that God will completely heal me. Meanwhile, my mum was praying at home from 2 something to 3 something in the afternoon. She asked God for a sign to show her whether He will have mercy upon me and grant me healing. She thought to herself maybe thunder or lightning because that is something I really love and I always say that it shows the power of God. Immediately, she heard a very loud thunder and she knew God answered her prayer! She said it wasn't even raining then. It was a bit later and after a few rumbles later that it started to drizzle. I wasn't surprised at all because God answered me before by way of lightning when I asked for lightning to route the enemy. I was jumping with joy when my mum told me this.
It was such a wonderful time with bro Leong and to see Lai Ping's
experience, my own experience and my mum's experience. Later at night,
Henry showed me his twit about "a peal of thunder..looks like heavy
rain is coming". It was 3.14 pm. My mum was again delighted. Of all
people, even Henry confirmed hearing the thunder (a long distance from
where my mum was). it wasn't something she made up. Praise the Lord!
You are so awesome!

Bro Leong recorded his song from Psalm 59:16,17 on my handphone and I
played it to my mum to hear. She had wanted to learn the song which
bro Leong asked us to sing 150 times a day! In his cd, he only
instructed for 50 times! I was really skeptical at first because it
should not be works but I know he wants us to sing Psalm 59 because it
is God's words and there is power in God's words. The more you sing
the words of God, the more you come into His presence and enjoy
intimacy with Him and trusting God's words. That is the real purpose.
Bro Leong explained it is like reading God's love letter to you 50
times and calling God a loving God. Would it not tug His heart?  I
have tried it before singing 50 times but I found it extremely
difficult. I can do maybe 10 times but I did not get the tune right
either. But when he recorded his voice and when I got the tune right,
I found myself singing to God over and over again because i was
enjoying the tune too. Still, i wonder if I can reach 150 times. I
don't really want to count because it should be from the heart. He
said after awhile it becomes second nature to us. He told us about
this lady who sang it in the hospital and the nurses loved it and
asked her to continue singing it.  He said God told him to delete a
few words and to replace it with the word "healer" to make it into a
healing song. It goes like this:

I will sing of your mercy Lord
In the morning, I sing of your love
For you are my Healer
In times of need
O Lord, I sing praises to you
You O God, are my Healer
My loving God

It is a song of deliverance sung by David when his enemies pursued
him. The NIV 1984 version of this passage goes like this:

But I will sing of your strength,
in the morning I will sing of your love;
for you are my fortress,
my refuge in times of trouble.
O my Strength, I sing praise to you;
you, O God, are my fortress,
my loving God.

He says it is not sufficient to say "You are my Healer". More
importantly we cry out to God that "You are my loving God".

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