Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Low Dose Naltrexone and Alpha- Lipoic Acid

The story goes on... big institutions do not want to do things differently. They rather let their patients die. Thank God for Dr Burt Berkson and his Phd. He says people with Phd want to do things differently. He contradicts himself because he is also a MD. Anyway, he talks about the use of LDN together with ALA. Henry and I have heard of this for quite sometime now from the LDN discussion forums but we only realized last week that ALA is easily available in pharmacies. So, I began the combination of ALA with LDN on Monday. This LDN we believe is an open door for us from God and we have committed it to God. Listen to the interview with Dr Berkson at

Audio interview with Dr Berkson


  1. B vitamins, especially biotin, with each does of ALA.

  2. Thanks! I do take vit B with ALA. :)