Saturday, May 28, 2011


Quickened by the word of God

Psalm 119:93 KJV

"I will never forget your precepts: for with them you have quickened me."

This is so exciting. I received a revelation yesterday while reading the above bible verse and it brought me so much peace. This week during Elpizo, Ps Sylvia reminded us to believe according to Mark 11:24 but believe in what? Believe that the power is already at work in us. Sometimes, even though I believe, whenever symptoms show up, and I still ask for the holy spirit to come and quicken my mortal body, I think it is such a futile exercise because I am still feeling the discomfort. 

But the above verse from Psalm 119:93 shows that God's word is true. When He says he quickens, He means He quickens. There is no doubt about it. "Have quickened" is in the past tense. It is not that he is going to quicken, His words have quickened me. I found such assurance in Psalm 119:93! So, when discomfort hits me, I just repeat over and over again, "Your words O Lord have quickened me" and I will then say out aloud all the promises He has given me knowing that His words will indeed quicken me, His words will indeed give me life - God's life and His spirit will quicken my mortal body. :)

Whenever I see my bible on the table, I would normally say "later", but the past few days, i have an inner voice that tells me instead "there is power in God's words" and it is so true. Every time, I read it, He brings assurance to me and just the other day when I gave Alison a scripture that impressed me for her, she said God said the same to her! That is the holy spirit working! Wow! All glory to God! That is what God wants us to do for each other, to love one another, to share psalms, verses and spiritual songs with one another.

Ephesians 5:19 ESV
"addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart,"

All glory to God! Thank you Lord for your rhema word to me.


  1. If we live in pre-Fall time, once quickened, it probably would be a long, long time before we need another re-quickening, for in a near-perfect or perfect world, there is little or no dissipation. But in this fallen world, we need to be quickened and re-quickened over and over again due to all that are stacked against us by Satan or the fallen world. Even in heaven, it was possible for Lucifer to fall despite the perfectness of environment, so to speak, what more, we, in the fallen world. That is why, we need to repeat and repeat many things. For eg., worship is good for us, but we cannot just worship God once and expect the goodness accruing from it, would last us a life-time. The same with the reading of the Word or obeying His precepts, we cannot expect a singular act will do the trick, so to speak, and expect that washing and quickening by the Word will last us a life-time. There is just no escape, and people are just kidding themselves, if they think God has offered them a singular act that they will just do it, and then, everything will be heavenly.

    The redemption by our Lord is not an immediate translation of us to heaven; neither is it a promise that we are shielded from all storms of life. A Christian is NOT taken out of this world; he is still in the world and has to face the world, until such time that the Lord brings him home to heaven. An important works of the Lord's redemption is that - to enable us to follow Him to heaven when the time comes; this every Christian knows.

    But Jesus' redemption also provides for the refitting of new body to us, but that is only after this earthly life. That, of course, does NOT mean that God is not bothered with our current body, but our current body in this current world will break down, in its time. Until that time, we can believe that God will heal us for who He is (i.e. based on His Character), and there are ample evidences in Scripture of God healing people. Also, we have to believe that God is good, and what He intends for us, is good. There is no contradiction in God being good and intends only good for us, when we can still die, when we understand we are here only for a season, and our home is in heaven.

    Although, a better term might have been "purpose" redemption, I have preferred to refer to the same, as "works" redemption, deliberately, to counter false teachings against works. The 3rd aspect of the Lord's redemption is works or purpose redemption, in which, for our season here, we, besides doing our own stuff, are to do good works or do what God wants us to do. Because we are yet fully aligned with God, we are doing our own stuff and doing those of His, but it is a start, and we are to grow in that. I am NOT advocating working for one's health and healing from God, but the best thing for us to do is to embrace the totality of the Lord's 3-fold redemption so that in our season on earth, we walk in the fullness of what God intends for each of us, and when we are in that, we can expect to grow up in the spirit, receive help from God in our health, for we need that to do the good works, and be ready for heaven-living, which we know, will come when our body give away (and it will give away), or when Jesus comes back and we are raptured. For better understanding of the Lord’s 3-fold redemption, read,

  2. That is helpful Anthony. Thanks once again. Will check the 3 fold redemption. I was going to ask u what is that. :) God bless u.