Friday, May 21, 2010

Art in Hebrew Class

Alright, I will learn to sit like a lady in class next time.

Who would have thought that over and above a wonderful exposition of the "Book of Hebrews - The Defense of the Christian Hope" by Leong Tien Fook, we would also find an artist amongst us. The above is not even considered an art piece by Mun Loong but only doodling during class!
Imagine if he puts his mind into sketching a master piece. I've got his "art pieces" forever stuck in my Hebrew exercise book. Thanks Mun Loong! :) I know you had a hard day when you doodled Henry. I am not sure whether you actually relieved any stress by sketching him..ha ha.
Thank you so much to Chee Seng, Lisa and Mun Loong for the huge "Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament" by GK Beale and DA Carson. I read it as soon as I got home at 11 pm plus. It's very deep but I love the references to the old testament and with the tools that Leong Tien Fook has taught us I am looking forward to more digging. :)
Yesterday, marked the end of the Hebrew classes. Sob sob. I really did enjoy it very much and also the fact Leong Tien Fook took all my questions during break time which meant he had no break. Oops. I wish I could ask him more. He also recommended the same book to me as Marvin on Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I went to both Salvation and Evangel today in SS2 but none of them sold it. Anyway, you may be interested to know that Evangel is having a sale now.
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