Monday, May 10, 2010

Update - Swimming

During our family holiday in Port Dickson last December, I almost got the chill from wading in the cold pool. I was sniffling and had to quickly get out of the pool and dry off. During the Sg Gabai waterfall trip last March, I decided to take a plunge to see if I could withstand the icy cold water. Surprisingly, I could and it was also not necessary to wrap myself to keep warm. Ever since, I have been getting more adventurous, swimming with the kids and last week, I swam laps in the pool. Twice too! No sniffles. It's truly wonderful to be able to swim so long in the pool! There has been talks of chlorine, dirty water etc but my trust is in the Lord. As long as I am not pushing the limits, I believe God will take care of everything else. :)

Thank you Jesus for healing me and for strengthening me physically and spiritually. Thank you for introducing another form of exercise for me. You are my Lord, my Helper, My Healer! Amen!

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