Monday, May 31, 2010

Ethan begins to share Christ & Praising God

WoW! Ethan told me last week that he asked his friend whether he believed in Jesus. He asked in his broken english "Do you believe to Jesus?". It's amazing! How is it possible that they start so young? He is only 3 going to 4.

I taught Ethan an old hymn "Holy holy holy, Lord God almighty, Early in the morning, our songs shall rise to thee...". I was inspired by "Little Einstein" to use my fingers as a baton. I would sing the hymn as Ethan conducts. When his baton stops, I would stop singing too! He gets a good laugh when he conducts really fast and I have to speed up my singing. Nowadays, he can sing the first line and hum the tune too.

I've also been teaching him the song "Oooooo, heaven is in my heart" ( substituting "heaven" with "Father God", "Jesus" and "Holy Spirit". Surprisingly, he made a game out of it. He tells me to sing "Father God" and he would sing "Jesus". We mix them all up and we have a good time praising God. Last night, he surprised me when he said "God the spirit". I think he is beginning to understand the holy trinity! :)

I was overjoyed when Marvin spoke of praising God in his sermon yesterday. Indeed praising God prepares our heart for worship. It makes our spirit rise up and the best time to praise God is when we are angry or fearful because when we think of heavenly things and align ourselves to agree with God's words, our anger and fear disappears as we trust in God. Saturday's prayer advance at Deeper Life Seminar was beautiful, just praising him and praying in the spirit for 3 hours.

Ps Vernon Falls says our church lack praising God in the understanding. A lot of times we sing but we don't really understand what praising God means. It was DLS class that first taught me to praise God and I thought it was strange at first. If you don't know how to praise God, just say:
"Praise God, praise God, praise God" but as you read Psalms and even Revelation, you begin to observe how David and the angels praise God. So these days I may go like this:

"Praise God, praise God, praise God, praise Him, Praise Him, praise His glorious name, I bless your name, I extol you, I magnify you, I bless your Holy Name! Praise God Praise God Praise God, all the sun stars and moon praise you, all the flowers, bees and birds praise you, all the sea and everything in it praise you, I worship you, Praise God, praise God Praise God, generations upon generations declare your wondrous deeds, Halelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, Holy holy Holy Lord, Lord God Almighty, all heavens declare your wondrous works! All honour, all blessings, all glory belong to you! Praise the Loooooorrrrrrd!".

It just gets deeper and deeper the more you praise God and our spirit rise from within and prepares us to communicate with God and hear what He has to say to us. To me it is spirit to spirit (our spirit communicating with God) because we are both physical and spiritual beings.

I pray that this will encourage you to start praising God! :)

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