Monday, May 31, 2010

Update - Nic had Chicken Pox

Ethan enjoyed getting watered along with the plants.

Nic on his 6th day of chicken pox. What chicken pox? Overjoyed about eating pizza finally.

I can't believe it. Nic had chicken pox last Monday and I had to be jabbed with chicken pox immunity! I never liked needles and I had to look brave for the kids in the clinic. Nic was panicking, squimishly looking at the injection and I told him "Hello, it's me getting the jab!". Thank God it wasn't painful.

Praise the Lord that Nic never had fever although one of the symptoms of chicken pox is fever preceding the break out. Praise God that he only had a few spots and he could just be his active self. Although he started off with a poor appetite and he cleverly avoided rice, his appetite started to return by the fifth day.

I was full time mummy again for a week because Henry's mum was away on holiday. Thank God the chicken pox did not spoil our time together. The creative and tiring part was trying to get Nic to do different things throughout the day (while quarantined at home) without him watching too much television and not overly stressing myself out. There's always an instinct to pour all my time on the kids and forget God but I managed to go for a swim once, do my daily devotion and grocery shopping as well with Ethan on tow. One thing was definitely not touched - the computer! It was a taste of "normal life" and putting God first in my life again through it all.

I thank God for all His angels encamped around and about us throughout the week. Praise God for all He has done! Thank you Jesus!

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