Thursday, May 13, 2010

Juicing Daily

Received this from LP this morning recommended by a Melaka Health Farm. Thought I'd share it with you. I personally juice only twice a day but I end up drinking like 4 tall glasses of juices daily. Looks like the MHF is recommending small quantities of only 350 ml each time. Try it if you can!

Juicing 7 Times a Day
8.00am Apple 150ml + Guava 125ml + Green Papaya 75ml (350ml)
10.00am Grape 250ml + Green Papaya 100ml (350ml)
12.00pm Carrot 200ml + Broccoli 50ml + Asparagus 50ml + Pineapple Juice 50ml (350ml)
2.00pm Apple 150ml + Guava 125ml + Green Papaya 75ml (350ml)
4.00pm Carrot 200ml + Cucumber 50ml + Beetroot 50ml + Pineapple Juice 50ml (350ml)
6.00pm Carrot 175ml + Cabbage 100ml + Pineapple 75ml or Carrot 200ml + Cucumber 50ml + Green Vege 50ml + Pineapple 50ml (350ml)
8.00pm Grape 250ml + Green Papaya 100ml (350ml)

Here is your shopping list for this weekend :)

Asparagus *
Beetroot *
Cabbage *
Carrot *
Grapes (with seeds) *
Green apples *
Green papaya
Green Vege *
Pineapple *

Now, that's a lot! Honestly, only those with * has made it into my shopping cart thus far. Dr Ted gave me an article that for broccoli, it is best eaten and the water drank after you have steeped it in water between 60 to 80 degrees celcius (like steeping tea). This is so that the enzymes can be released. So, I have never chucked broccoli in the blender just like that.

Have a healthy week end! :)

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