Monday, May 10, 2010

Taking the time to share

After school, Nic took some time to chat with his school mate. His Ah Ma (grandma) hurried him along but Nic said "Wait, I want to ask my friend to come to church with me". Later, Nic asked his Ah Ma to go to church too but she replied that Jesus does not love her which he replied "No, Jesus loves everybody!".

Sweet little Nicholas is really living up to his name "Victory for his people". We had this in mind that he would reach out to his peers to share Christ with them that he may lead them to victory in Christ. I am so amazed it is happening so soon but I know it is the holy spirit guiding him. It comes naturally in all his conversation. He looked at the big moon in the sky one morning and Henry heard him commenting aloud to his friend in school "I think Father God created the moon".

God bless you little Nic and may all the angels encamp around and about you always. I bet each time you share Christ or praise God for His wondrous works, the angelic host are rejoicing with you.

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