Sunday, May 30, 2010

Father Goddddddddddd!

Early yesterday morning , Ethan and I were singing songs to God when suddenly Ethan said "Where is Father God? I can't hear him oso (also)." I've always told him Jesus is in our heart so I told him that Father God is in his heart too. I told Ethan "If you cry out to Father God you will hear him talking to you in your heart". To my surprise he started to calling out to God several times and very loudly and sincerely too like as if he was looking for Father God "Father Goddddddddddd!" Uh oh, I prayed that Father God will answer him because he was really calling out very loudly and wanting a reply!

So, after I brushed my teeth I went back to the room and asked Ethan "So, did Father God answer you?". Ethan nodded his head! Praise the Lord!! Like how I hear God, it must be how Ethan heard God too! I was so touched how Father God loves His children so much that He answers them all, big or small.

I was really really surprised by the answer so I couldn't help but ask Ethan again "So, did Father God answer you?" He nodded his head again. Praise the Lord! Praise His Holy name!


  1. that's wonderful! its so refreshing and encouraging when our heavenly father speaks to our children!

  2. I was afraid for a moment! But God is good and He is faithful. :)