Monday, May 3, 2010


I went for another check up at the hospital yesterday. This time it was for an x ray and the Zometa bone treatment. For the first time, the x-ray report had only 3 lines! The status is unchanged but it was like that for the past 2 reports, yet there's less said this time. Oh, I don't know the details. You will have to ask Henry.

When Dr Foo met me, she said I was looking good as my skin was clear and the side effects seem manageable. I asked again whether I could stop taking Tarceva as I wanted the nutrition to strengthen my immune system. She said taking Tarceva is independent from taking nutrition. Sigh. It inhibits the protein and keeps the cancer at bay. She also said it would have to be taken long term. Sigh. But I don't think I was surprised by her answer as traditional doctors do not bridge to nutrition whatsoever. I wonder why? Do they not see the potential in nutrition?

Apparently, news was out in the Star newspaper yesterday ( that the doctors have made Iressa (another targetted therapy similar to Tarceva) the first line of defence. I told Henry that he was the FIRST to discover this through the HOLY SPIRIT! Imagine! Through fasting and prayer, he found out the answer earlier than any doctors. The power of God!

So, with this confidence, I will wait upon the Lord as I believe He has given me this resting time for a purpose. To know Him, to rediscover Him all over again, to step out in faith to wherever He is leading me to.

Dr Foo did end on a high note. She said "You are doing well, you are doing very well".

All glory and praise to God for the disease is not progressing. Like Peter said "It is struck down and dead!" Yeh, I claim that in Jesus' name! Thank you Jesus for guiding me and giving me strength day after day!

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